Download & Install Mr.Patrol for PC 2022 (Windows/Mac)

Download & Install Mr.Patrol for PC 2022 (Windows/Mac)

The Internet is filled with several applications which work with surveillance and camera management, but not all are reliable. While others are average, others don’t work well with most devices.

Things are beginning to change with Mr Patrol for PC, because it offers something different from other camera surveillance apps. When seeking ideal safety and security applications that are perfect for your home, Mr. Patrol App comes to mind.

The importance of using an application which allows you to easily manage and check your camera from any location cannot be underrated. The Mr. Patrol app comes with numerous features which make it a perfect fit for you to track all your cameras.

These features include flexibility, simple Ui and UX design, Snapshot, live channels free amongst many others. Users of this application can check playback and save their files directly to their phones and export them easily.

You can easily customize settings by adding and removing features based on your needs. The Mr. Patrol android and ios application makes surveillance easy and simple. Mr. Patrol software is available in android, iOS, Windows and Mac PC. To make installation on your smartphone easier, you can install using excellent emulators.

In this guide, I will be discussing the steps of installing this app using BlueStacks and Memu emulator. Read on.

Can You Use Mr. Patrol For Pc/ Mac And Windows?

Mr Patrol is a great option when considering home and office video management. This is great news if you are interstsed in surveillance and security. You don’t need to be a security expect to use this tool, it’s simple and affordable.

Yes, you can use the Mr. Patrol app for Your Mac and Windows PC, however you will need the help of android emulators like BlueStacks and memu to install them on your system.

However, it doesn’t work on outdated operating systems, therefore ensure your OS is updated.

What is Mr. Patrol?

Mr. Patrol is a Web application created by RNC Network under the package name : com.rncnetwork.mrpatrol . It is a business category application and has about more than 130 alternatives on android.

What is Mr. Patrol

You can download Mr. Patrol for Windows, mac and ios using emulators of your choice. This application can be downloaded and used free on Android 4.4 enabled phones upward.

This app allows users to check all your cameras online, and it is very simple to use. It is designed to make surveillance cheaper and simpler for everyone. While it isn’t designed for PC use, you can use various emulators like nok, Memu and BlueStacks emulators to use them.

Download Mr. Patrol for PC Latest Version

The developers of Mr. Patrol designed it for Android and Ios devices only, therefore it can’t be used on PC. Thankfully, there are good emulators which make it easy to use on your Windows and Mac PC.

Download Mr. Patrol for PC latest version

You will need to go to the Windows online store or the Mac store to get the emulators. Let’s look at how to use some excellent emulators to download the latest versions.

Mr. Patrol Download for PC Windows 7/8/10: BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks application is a popular emulator which allows you to use phone based applications on your systems. Before you can use a BlueStacks on your computer, your PC should have the following minimum requirement :

  • Operating system : Windows 7/Mac OS 10 11 or above.
  • OS capacity :64-bit.
  • Processor : Intel core duo or AMD celeron or above.
  • Graphics : Dedicated memory of 4gb and above
  • Storage space : At least 10 GB free hard drive space.
  • Direct X: Version 10 or above.

When you have downloaded BlueStacks on your systems, here are the steps to install Mr. Patrol using BlueStacks.

Step 1: Install the BlueStacks emulator and open when installation is complete. Be patient with BlueStacks, it might take a while to load completely.

Mr. Patrol Download for PC Windows 7,8,10 BlueStacks Emulator

Step 2: Once it opens, go to the home screen and look for the Google play store. You will need to sign in to access apps in the store. Search for ‘Mr. Patrol” and install once you find it.

mr. patrol search on google play

Step 3: However, sometimes finding the Mr. Patrol app might be difficult, if this is the case, download an APK installer and use it to find the Mr.Patrol app.

Step 4: Once you have installed the Mr. Patrol application, using it is straightforward.

installed the Mr. Patrol application

Mr. Patrol Download for PC Windows 7/8/10: Memu Emulator

Memu is a great android emulator which allows you to play and use lots of android games on your PC. With the Memu emulator you can download and install your Mr. Patrol for Mac application on your system. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to their website and download and install the Memu emulator on your Windows or Mac system.

memu emulator download

  • Step 2: When the installation process is completed, you will see the Memu emulator icon on your desktop. Open it.
  • Step 3: On the home page of the menu emulator, you will see the Google play icon on the dashboard. Click on the icon.
  • Step 4: Log into your Gmail account to search for the Mr. Patrol app at the Google store.
  • Step 5: When you find the app, click to install. It shouldn’t take nothing less than 20-35 seconds.

To run memu emulator easily, ensure your system has a minimum requirement of:

  • Processor : 2.0 ghz.
  • Memory:2gb.
  • Storage: 3 GB free space.
  • Graphics card memory: Minimum of 1 GB dedicated memory.

Features of Mr. Patrol for PC

The Mr. Patrol app comes with many features which include :

Features of Mr. Patrol for PC

1. User Friendliness

Anybody can use the Mr. Patrol app because it is very flexible. The use-interface is friendly to both the young and old. It is neither very complicated nor difficult to use.

While it can be obtained in Google store, you can easily download Mr. Patrol APK file on several reputable APK websites.

2. Gallery Mode

This app offers quick and easy storage for all videos directly to your smartphones. Also, this allows seamless export of these videos using a USB cable, Bluetooth or xender.

This galley feature is great because you can keep all recorded footage for record purposes. Moreover, anytime you need any specific footage, you can get them easily.

3. Monitor size difference

An important feature of this app is that it adjusts well for your PC, making you view all your CCTV surveillance easily in HD views.

4. Excellent zooming capabilities

Mr. Patrol app allows you to zoom in all directions to have a better view. It allows you to zoom on live feeds easily and has great views.

5. P2P Connection

You can use a peer-to-peer connection to connect your Mr. Patrol app on several devices. These features allow seamless transfer amongst colleagues, friends and family members.

You can share the same account and view the same videos in real time. In case anyone edits any parts of the video, you will be notified immediately.

6. Security Alarm

There is a security alarm which beeps immediately. there is any motion detection noticed. This helps you when you are at work or sleeping, so nothing passes you by.

It is a great security feature which you can connect even to devices like smart watches and phones.

7. Take a big snapshot

You can download Mr. Patrol for PC Windows and snap easily on your PC, just by clicking on your mouse. It allows you to snap big shots in your videos easily.

Allows you save multimedia files on HDD. You can save videos and images easily on your hard drive. This can be pre-programmed so that you can view files easily when you are not around.

8. Unlimited storage capabilities

Using the Mr. Patrol app allows you to store unlimited images and videos on your PC easily. You can also transfer these files in mp3, MP4 and MKV formats easily.

9. Supports multiple devices

The Mr. Patrol for ios, android and Windows allows support with numerous devices despite being in free mode. Therefore, you can use the same account for your smartphone, PC and phone Pad simultaneously.

10. PTZ control

PTZ refers to Pan tilt and Zoom. This feature allows users you cover camera with rotating lens which can  zoom in and out of any video in real-time. This is a unique surveillance feature which helps keep us safe.

11. Playback and edit settings

Did you just miss a scene in your camera, with Mr. Patrol for android , you can easily rewind and playback the video. You can also edit the settings to suit your preferences.

Alternatives Apps of Mr. Patrol for PC

There are several alternatives apps you can use to view your camera scenes from anywhere using your PC. Here are two options:

1. IDMSS Plus App

IDMSS plus application is a great tool for your PC to monitor live videos for your CCTV. This tool also has a lite version which works perfectly well and shows clear life footage from your cameras.

IDMSS Plus App

2. Hik-Connect App

This alternative app to Mr. Patrol is created to work with cameras, DVRs, NVRs and security systems. It offers seamless real-life video surveillance from your home or office. It offers immediate notification when an alarm is triggered.

Hik-Connect App

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mr. Patrol App Free?

Yes, Mr. Patrol app can be used free without any form of payment. It is among the few camera management solutions which offer free services which allow you to access videos and footage at no cost.

Is it safe to download Mr. Patrol app for PC using BlueStacks?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to download the Mr. Patrol app using BlueStacks emulator. However, to avoid viruses and trojans during download, ensure you have an active antivirus software.

Can I add a camera on Mr. Patrol app?

Yes, you can add a camera on the app, in fact you can add more than a camera to the Mr. Patrol app. This helps to stabilize video footage and live feeds.

Can I use Mr. Patrol app offline?

Yes, it is possible to use the Mr. Patrol app offline. To do this, you will need to record all videos, send them to your smartphone or save them on your PC hard drive.

Can I connect my IP camera with Mr. Patrol by scanning?

Yes, you can connect your IP camera with Mr. Patrol by scanning, because it has an inbuilt QR scanner. This QR feature allows the app to connect easily with cameras.


The Mr Patrol for PC application has shown itself a different camera management system unlike others. Although it was developed initially for only android smartphones, due to different emulators it can now efficiently run in Windows and Mac systems.

This app comes with great functions and features like simple user interface, gallery mode, zooming capabilities and snapshot. These functions makes it a unique tool to beat amongst its peers.

Moreover, Mr.Patrol is a free app which can be used with more than one device. You can connect it to your apple watch, phones and ipad. Those with IP camera have nothing to fear, because it has an inbuilt QR scanning features which allows you scan easily.

We have shown you the steps which you can use to download the BlueStacks and MEMU emulators to run the Mr. Patrol app. Asides, these two common options, Noxplayer is another ideal emulator which you can use to run the app.

You have to ensure that your system configurations are able to run the application properly. To avoid slowness, ensure you have enough system memory, video graphic memory and hard disk space.

Moreover, while Mr. Patrol app remains an ideal video camera app there are other alternatives camera surveillance apps you can use, which can perform similar functions, they are ;  IDMSS PLUS and Hik Connect apps.

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