iDMSS Plus for PC – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10, & Mac

iDMSS is a remote surveillance app. With this app, you can monitor IP cams connected to the internet. iDMSS will allow you to monitor important places from any remote location. It can also control your webcam, digital video recorder, and network recorder.

Since iDMSS requires Android, you’ll have to use an Android emulator to use this app on your PC. An Android emulator is software that creates an Android environment on your PC. Two of the best Android emulators include Nox Player and Bluestacks. We’re going to download and use both of these emulators to download and use the iDMSS Plus app.

Details of iDMSS Plus APK download details

Name iDMSS Plus
App Version 4.90.000
Category Tools
App Size 73 MB
Supported Android Version 4.1 and higher
Last Update November 1, 2019
License Type Free

How to download iDMSS Plus on your PC and MAC

Here we’ll go through two methods to download and use iDMSS Plus on your PC and MAC.

Method 1: Download iDMSS Plus on PC laptop using Nox Player

Here are the steps to download iDMSS Plus on your PC using Nox Player

  1. Go here to download Nox Player to download the emulatorHow to download iDMSS Plus for PC using nox player
  2. Open the download folder and then click on the Nox Player installer to start the to install iDMSS Plus using nox player
  3. When the installation is finished, then launch Nox Player
  4. Log into the Google Play Store.sign with a gmail to install tiDMSS Plus For PC or Mac
  5. Type iDMSS Plus into your search bar.
  6. Select gDMSS Plus and click Install (gDMSS is the name for iDMSS in the Google Play store).how to download iDMSS Plus for pc
  7. After the installation is completed, you will be able to use iDMSS Plus using the Nox Player.

Method 2: Download iDMSS Plus on PC laptop using Bluestacks

Here are the steps to download iDMSS Plus using Bluestacks;

  1. Go to download Bluestacks official website to download the emulator
  2. Open the download folder to locate the Bluestacks Installer
  3. Click on the installer to start the installation.
  4. After the installation, Bluestack will launch automatically.
  5. Log into the Google Play Store.
  6. Type iDMSS Plus into your search bar.
  7. Select gDMSS and click Install
  8. When the installation is completed, then you’ll be able to use iDMSS in the Bluestacks emulator.

Features of  iDMSS Plus

Some of the best features of iDMSS Plus include:features of iDMSS Plus for pc

It can support several cameras on one screen

iDMSS Plus allows you to view multiple cameras on a single screen. You won’t have to move from screen to screen to see different cameras.

Playback as well as live viewing of stored clips and recordings

iDMSS Plus allows you to view clips and recordings that are stored in its memory. You can also see live videos of added devices.

Cloud recordings

With a paid subscription, iDMSS Plus can give you access to its cloud storage services. You’ll be able to access recordings of 3, 7, and 30 days. The cameras used must be able to support this functionality, however.


Push notifications are received by your device when activity is detected.

Other security devices can be integrated

The iDMSS Plus app can manage multiple devices, including CCTV, devices alarm systems from Dahua, and access control devices.

Alternatives to iDMSS Plus

Alternatives to iDMSS Plus on the market include the following apps:


DMSS is another mobile surveillance app alternative to iDMSS Plus. This app has the functions such as remote configuration, device initialization, push notifications, video playback, and remote monitoring. New devices can also be added to the DMSS app.DMSS alternative

2. ProControl+

ProControl+ combines Intrusion systems and CCTV in one app. Some features of ProControl+ include the ability to disarm and arm your security system, open and close your gate, and turn your sprinklers off and on. You can also control up to 30 gadgets and see your system status. You will be able to control your security systems from anywhere in the world using the ProControl+ app.ProControl+ alternative

3. Ivideon

Ivideon is one of the top surveillance apps out there. This app has over 2 million users in the form of businesses and individuals. It can quickly expand to any quantity of cameras. Ivideon will allow you to share cameral links over social networks, receive email and push notifications of suspicious activity, reliably store and record video in the cloud, and securely transfer and store data.

Frequently asked questions

Is gDMSS the same as iDMSS?

Yes, gDMSS and iDMSS are the same apps. gDMSS is the name used in the Google Play store, while iDMSSis the term used in the Apple App Store.

Is iDMSS free?

iDMSS Plus has been free since May 3, 2018. Before that time, it cost $4.99

Is iDMSS safe? deemed it not safe as it had a score of 13.5/100


Suppose you’re using Dahua CCTV cameras and devices. In that case, iDMSS Plus is the recommended surveillance app for you to use to control and monitor your systems. The app also has many features that will give you peace of mind about the security of the areas guarded by your CCTV. You’ll also view your cameras on your laptop screen by using the methods outlined in this article.

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