Nextplus For PC 2022 – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

Nextplus For PC 2022 – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

Nextplus is a low-cost downloadable messaging app. It was started and developed by the popular messaging app, Textplus. Like Textplus, you don’t need to buy one of those expensive contracts associated with traditional carriers.

You can call anybody that has access to WiFi anywhere in the world. And this is all free of cost. Although similar to Textplus, Nextplus has more advanced features. These include more advanced GIFs, call and texting, and better WiFi.

Like other messaging apps, you only pay for calls to regular phones. It’s free when you’re sending messages or making calls to others with the app.

How to download and install Nextplus for PC

Downloading Nextplus to your smartphone is simple. Most phone apps are usually found in Google Store. However, to download Nextplus to your PC, you will have to use one of the following methods below.

The procedure of downloading the Nextplus app for PC with Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator used to download Android programs to PC. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac. Use the following steps:

  1. Download the Bluestacks app from here: https://www.bluestacks.comHow to download and install Nextplus for PC using bluestacks
  2. Open the installer after the download.How to install Nextplus for PC. using bluestacks
  3. Bluestacks will open after the download has been completed.
  4. Open the Google Store on your Pc.launch playstore to download Nextplus for PC
  5. Search for the Nextplus appsearch for Nextplus for PC
  6. Click on Install. If you’ve skipped 1 to 3, it will not install onto your PC.How to download and install Nextplus for PC
  7. After the install is completed, you’ll be able to use Nextplus from the Bluestacks screen.

The procedure of downloading the Nextplus app for PC with Nox Player

Nox Player is an alternative Android emulator to Bluestacks. It has fewer features than Bluestacks but is more user-friendly. Use the following steps:

  1. Download the Nox player from here:
  2. Launch the installer after it has finished downloading.
  3. Nox Player will open after the completion of the download
  4. Look for the Nextplus app in Google Store.
  5. Click Install
  6. You’ll be able to use Nextplus from Nox Player after the install has been completed.

Nextplus for PC – Technical Specifications

Name Nextplus
Category Communication
File size 60M
Installations 10,000,000+
Developed by textplus
August 30, 2021

 The features of the Nextplus App

The Nextplus app comes with several features which make it one of the more popular messaging app. Some of these features include:features of Nextplus for PC

No carrier plan is necessary:

With Nextplus on your PC, you can call or text anybody, anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be paying an expensive contract with any of the major carriers. Even if they don’t have Nextplus as well, calling and texting will be free.

Lots of multimedia features:

Not only can the user have his own custom avatar, but he’ll also have access to a multitude of:

  • Animated GIF
  • Stickers
  • Emojis

You’ll be able to have a conversation using most of these features and few actual words.

Automatic backup of calls and texts:

Not only does Nextplus backup all your calls and messages, but it syncs them when you use other devices with Nextplus. You’ll be able to have a conversation on your laptop with an associate one minute and pick it up on your smartphone the next.

Dedicated phone number:

Nextplus gives you a dedicated phone number. You can call anybody in Canada or the United States from this number from anywhere in the world. With a dedicated number, friends and business associates will be able to call you as well.

You will find this number under your profile picture when you go into the Nextplus menu.

Works across multiple devices:

Nextplus can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Although it was designed for Android devices, it can also be used on PCs by installing Bluestack or Nox Player, as previously explained.

Alternatives to the Nextplus Apps

There are some other great alternatives to Nextplus. They include:

1. Textnow:

Similar to Nextplus, Textnow is a free communication app. It also offers the user a number and the capability of calling and texting over WiFi. All of this is free of cost.Textnow alternative

Textnow can also be used on your tablet, PC, and smartphone. Just like Nextplus. It has 50,000,000 installs. This number compares quite favorably to the 10,000,000 installs of Nextplus. It can now also be used with WiFi. In the absence of WiFi, Nextplus can be used over their Nationwide Wireless network.

2. Telos:

Telos is another free communication app. Like Nextplus, the user also gets a free number. Calls and text are free, as with most communications apps. This app also allows you to make international calls.

Telos, like Nextplus, can record calls and texts made. Using Telos, your phone can be used as a Walkie Talkie. This app has 5,000,000 installs—only half as many as Nextplus.

3. Textme:

Textme gives you the option of having several numbers from one account. Like its previously mentioned competitors, it also offers free text and calls. All accessible from either smartphone, PC, or tablet.Textme alternative

With Textme, you also have the option of a Premium service. This service offers calls to the US and Canada, and 40 other countries throughout the world. It also provides many other features, including the ability to send pictures by MMS, text message reminders, free WiFi, and video call, to name a few.

This app has 10,000,000 plus installations.

Frequently asked questions

 Can I use Nextplus on my laptop?

You can use Nextplus on your laptop. Install Bluestacks or Nox Player first. Then you can download Nextplus and begin to enjoy the benefits of free calling and texting.

Is Nextplus free?

The Nextplus app is free to download. It will allow you to make unlimited free calls and texts. The receiver doesn’t have to have Nextplus to get your all.

Is Nextplus safe to use?

Nextplus allows you to make calls without the receiver seeing your number. You’re also able to block calls from other numbers.


If you’re looking for a free communication app, Nextplus should be a consideration for you. You will be able to text or call, not only from your smartphone or tablet but from your PC as well. With its wealth of GIFs and emojis, texting becomes an enjoyable experience.

Forget expensive carrier contracts. This app is not only free to download, but all your communication is free when using Nextplus. There are other similar alternatives, but check out this app. Not only does it have the experience of Textplus, but it’s a more advanced communication app.

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