Houseparty For Pc – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

Houseparty For Pc – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

If you’re a fan of the Houseparty app and want to get it on your PC or Mac, then this article is for you. Houseparty allows users to have group video chats from their computers. It’s been downloaded more than 10 million times and has been ranked as one of the top apps in the US. There are many benefits to using Houseparty such as being able to watch YouTube videos together with friends while chatting or playing games.

You can use the Houseparty app on your computer by installing an android emulator such as BlueStacks, logging into your Google Play Store account then searching for the app. Install it then invite your friends for some fun.

This article will show you how get Housepartly on your PC/Mac using an android emulator, so get ready for some good chat time.

How to Download and install Houseparty for PC Windows and Mac

Android emulators allow you to run android apps on other operating systems such as Windows and macOS. Since Houseparty has no official Windows app, this is the best method to run the app on your computer.

Download Houseparty for PC With MEmu Emulator

The MEmu Emulator is an Android emulator that you may use, and it’s made up of the following steps:

  1. On your PC or Mac, install MEmu.Download and install Houseparty for PC and Mac using memu player
  2. Go to the Play Store and sign in using your Google account.sign with a gmail to download houseparty For Pc
  3. Locate “Houseparty” in the MEmu emulator and open the Play Store page for the application. Once you’ve found it, open the Play Store page for the for Houseparty For Pc
  4. Go to the menu bar and select Install. Click on the green ‘Install’ button to install to download and install Houseparty For Pc

After downloading and installing the program, launch Houseparty from your home screen or apps list. If you don’t see an icon on the MEmu emulator’s home screen, close and restart it again before going any further.

Download Houseparty for PC With BlueStacks Emulator

You follow these steps when you download and run the program on your phone with BlueStacks Android Emulator:

  1. On your computer, download and install BlueStacks.
  2. Create a Google Play Store account and log in.
  3. Search for “Houseparty” in BlueStacks and launch the app. Start by visiting the Play Store page of the software.
  4. Find a green button that says “Install” in the upper left corner of your screen. Click on this button to install the program.

Open Houseparty from the home screen or the apps menu after installation is completed. If you don’t see a Houseparty icon for either of your locations, try shutting down BlueStacks and restarting it again before continuing.

Download Houseparty for Mac with Official App

Houseparty also has a native app for macOS which can be installed as follows:

  1. Go to the Mac App Store on your Mac.
  2. Search for Houseparty in the search box at the top of the screen.
  3. Download the app on your PC or Mac respectively.

The app can be used as you would on a mobile device. You can also use the Houseparty app as a browser page but only on the Google Chrome browser.

Some Special Features of Houseparty App

If you’re considering using this app, some of the most outstanding features include the following:features of Houseparty For Pc

Free video chat with friends:

The Houseparty app is completely Free. It doesn’t require any subscription fee either monthly or annually, which makes it an ideal choice for most users. Users can invite up to eight of their friends on the app by simply entering in that person’s name and phone number into their contact list before starting a group chat session with them all at once.

There are no complicated procedures involved in sending invitations through this app since inviting your contacts is just as simple as opening your existing contacts list and typing in the names you want to include one after another until they’ve been added onto the Houseparty friend request list. Once someone has accepted the invitation sent out via Houseparty, both parties can immediately start using its free video function right away. They don’t have to wait for the other person’s permission before starting a video chat session.

Casual, passive atmosphere makes chatting feel more intimate:

The app also allows you to create a group chat with up to eight people, which is great if you want casual and intimate conversations. The app also allows you to create a group chat with up to eight people, which makes casual chats feel more at ease.

No one person controls the conversation flow and everyone has equal say in what’s going on. Since there isn’t anyone commanding control of the whole experience like in most other messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger), it feels much more laid back and casual than traditional social media outlets. As such, users will feel that their ideas are taken into account equally when compared with other apps.

Built-in social minigames:

The Houseparty app provides many minigames which are built-in with its system. The game is like a chat room where you can meet new friends and play games together in one place.

One of the most popular minigame on Houseparty app is “Never Have I Ever”, also known as “Truth or Drink”. You will be given questions that must answer it before your time runs out, but if you lied then drink. If you didn’t lie yet when the timer ends and you pass to the next player who has not drunk yet. It’s simple but very fun to see how much people lying about their real lives.

Lets you swap between an infinite number of chat rooms:

You can swipe to the left or right on your screen while you’re in a Houseparty chat room and then tap another person’s face. This will open up that user’s Room Party so you can jump into it, if they have one running at the same time as yours.

Houseparty for PCl lets you swap between an infinite number of chat rooms. You can swipe to the left or right on your screen while you’re in a Houseparty chat room and then tap another person’s face. This will open up that user’s Room Party so you can jump into it if they have one running at the same time as yours.

Easy to use with a simple interface:

This social media app is easy to use and has a simple interface. You can chat with one or more friends at the same time on this app. It is great for many college students, as they will be able to communicate easily from their own devices without needing someone else’s phone number.

Houseparty works in real time, so when you are in the group chat it is just like being there. You can also choose to watch someone’s live video and they will watch yours. This app is great for catching up with my classmates because you are able to interact by sending videos or photos privately. Easy file sharing makes this one of the best apps on my phone.

Houseparty weaknesses

Besides the many benefits detailed above, Houseparty also has a few weaknesses including the following:

Only eight people per room:

Houseparty only allows eight people to be in a room at one time which can make it difficult for those looking to connect with larger groups. This limits what users can do, such as play games or partake in any other activities.

Only works with some cameras:

Houseparty only allows for participants to use their smartphone camera and not all computers’ webcams. This makes the experience less authentic and personal than it could be if there were no limitations on what devices could be used within Houseparty rooms.

Only available for iOS and Android phones (not all desktop computers):

At this time, Houseparty is only compatible with Apple iPhones running iOS 11+, Google Androids running Nougat OS+, the Google Chrome browser and the macOS operating system. Desktop support has yet to be made fully available, which may pose problems when trying to reach people who don’t own smartphones or never access social media applications from mobile devices.

Fortnite functionality doesn’t work on all consoles:

Houseparty is a popular application that allows users to see and talk with their friends on-screen. Fortnite functionality doesn’t work on all consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, however this is not a fault of Houseparty as it is simply because Fortnight was never built for those platforms. This means that if you are playing Fortnite or any other game through your console then you will be unable to use Houseparty at the same time.

Alternatives to Houseparty App

Some of the apps you can use in the place of Houseparty include the following:

1. Discord:

Discord is a chat app that is very heavily geared towards gamers. Discord allows you to create servers for different games and in each server, you can communicate with other users by voice or text. It has also added the capability of video calling in their latest update which is quite impressive considering how early they are into this technology.Discord alternative

Discord also has a paid version that unlocks some cool features including the Discord Nitro which allows you to upload custom emoji, use an animated avatar and show off your Discord tag.

2. Skype:

Another alternative to Houseparty App would be Skype. With Skype, not only do you have the ability to call your friends on their phones just like Houseparty but it also gives you access to messaging them through instant messages or even having group chats together. While Discord does allow these options too, many people still prefer using Skype because it’s been around since 2003 whereas Discord was started back in 2015.Skype alternative houseparty

Skype also does not require you to pay for anything and plus it works on both iOS and Android devices where Houseparty is only available on some devices. However, Skype does have its limitations such as the fact that call quality might sometimes be poor depending on your internet connection or there may be a bit of lag while playing games with skype users.

3. Facebook Messenger:

The last alternative to Houseparty would be Facebook. While it is not a dedicated video chat app, you can still have group chats with your friends and meet up in different rooms depending on what you are talking about. One advantage with using Facebook is that many people already have an account so they don’t need to download anything else onto their phones. However, Discord does allow more customization options when building servers for different games whereas on Facebook all the rooms are just groups which are created by whoever starts one first.

With Facebook Messenger, you can do much more than just video chat. Facebook Messenger also has a desktop version, so if you miss the days of when phones were able to be plugged into your computer and charge while using it as a modem for internet access then Facebook is the perfect solution.

4. Rave:

Another alternative to Houseparty for PC is Rave. Rave can be used on a computer, laptop or mobile device and lets you share fun photos with friends in real time. It’s free to download for either iOS or Android devices from the App Store and Google Play respectively. Rave provides a significantly different experience compared to the Houseparty app but it still has features that may make it worth checking out if you like having live conversations with multiple people at once.

Rave uses ‘rave bubbles’ instead of text messages so users can send short audio clips along with their message which makes it easier to express yourself when typing isn’t an option (such as during video chats). Raves are also recorded automatically meaning there’s no need to worry losing your conversation forever if something goes wrong during a Rave.

5. Bunch:

Bunch is one of the alternatives to Houseparty App. Bunch allows users to “hang” with friends in video chats, play games together and even send pictures! Bunch was created by a company called Batch which is based out of Los Angeles. They are most well known for their app Vamo which lets you watch YouTube videos with your friends while chatting about them at the same time.

Bunch has some pretty neat features that will surely make it stand out from other apps like the HouseParty app. For example, Bunch offers group voice chat where up to 12 people can be on an audio call all talking at once plus more than 120 emojis so everyone knows what you mean when no words can explain how happy or sad you are. Bunch also allows you to share pictures, watch videos and play games all at the same time. Bunchis a company that was created by former MySpace employees who wanted to make a new social network for people aged 18-24 years old which makes Bunch even more appealing. This is because it’s made specifically for young adults between those ages as well as older crowds too.

All the apps mentioned here are great alternatives to Houseparty and many people use them on their laptops or computers instead. Some may even prefer Facebook over Discord because they already have an account whereas others like how customizable Discord is compared to Facebook’s limited features. It really depends on what kind of person you are and which app will suit your needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Houseparty safe on PC?

All Houseparty accounts are secure since the service has never been hacked and doesn’t capture passwords for other sites.

Can my laptop use Houseparty app?

Yes, you can play games on PC using Houseparty. For playing games over mobile video chatting with friends, it’s very popular, but it may also be used to play games on a PC, whether you’re using a Desktop or Laptop. To get started, all you need is a Chrome browser.

Does the Houseparty cost money?

The software is completely free and does not feature any in-app purchases. Video chatting has additional functions such as adjusting the camera perspective or turning off the microphone.

How do I add friends in Houseparty?

You can add people to your contacts list or group them together into a “Houseparty” for group calls by tapping the + symbol in the top right corner. Alternatively, you may select Add Friends from the emoticon in the upper left corner by tapping it.

Can you play Houseparty on mobile?

Houseparty is now accessible on Android and iOS devices, as well as Chrome and macOS. Although the games are mostly intended for mobile usage.


The Houseparty app is simple and easy to use, making it a good app for those who want instant messaging services. It is completely free as well which makes the service even more appealing to consumers.

Houseparty has many benefits that can be seen in this review of Houseparty PC/Mac download. Compared to some of its alternatives, it’s among the best communication apps you can use at the moment.

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