Free Download SwannView Plus For PC Windows 8/10/11 & MAC

The software is for video management helping you monitor and control CCTV cameras.

The Swannview plus for PC is an excellent software to monitor and manage CCTV cameras. It is advanced software that is installed on your PC for easy CCTV footage monitoring.

It boasts excellent features like camera management, playback, user management, and live monitoring. Swannview plus for computers is one of the many software by Swann CCTV to manage CCTV cameras.

But wait, the Swann Plus app is not available for Mac and Windows PC. So, how do you download and install it? You need to run an emulator on your computer first.

In this post, I’ll show you how to install an emulator so that you can run this android app on your PC. The two commonly used emulators are Bluestacks and the Nox Player.

Can You Use The Swannview Plus App For Your Pc / Windows & Mac?

First, it’s important to note that the Swannview plus app is designed for Android operating systems. However, you can still use it for your PC, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

The 3.0 Version of the application was released in 2018 and requires Android operating systems. This means first installing an emulator to get the software working on your PC.

About Swannview Plus

Swannview plus for pc online is one of the many software by Swann CCTV to manage CCTV cameras. It is an advanced application that allows for remote monitoring via PC. The application allows users to watch, monitor, and control CCTV cameras through Windows or Mac PCs.

About Swannview Plus

You can watch live feeds and see recordings on your PC via the Swannview plus for computers. The application gives you the freedom to add and delete users. You can also configure cameras by adding color and brightness.

However, you must first get the program installed on your PC. You can do this by the official Swann company software or using an emulator.

Download Swannview Plus For Pc For Windows 7, 8, 10, And Mac

If you want Swannview plus for windows, there are two ways to download it. You can either use Bluestack or Memu Play emulators. These are applications that can be found on Mac Store or Windows Appstore.

SwannView Plus For PC

The Swannview plus for Mac can only be installed after choosing one of these emulators from the Mac Store. Below are common steps to follow to download and install Swannview plus for Mac and Windows.

Install Swannview Plus For Pc Via Bluestacks Emulator

The first thing you want is to download and install the Bluestack app on your PC. You need to visit the Windows Appstore or Mac store and search for the Bluestack application.

Install Swannview Plus For Pc Via Bluestacks Emulator

Click on the app and download it to your computer. With the emulator downloaded, go to the download folder and locate it. You should see the Swannview plus apk download on the download folder.

Click on it and install it. You need to follow the subsequent installation steps for the process to complete. Accept the license agreement and proceed.

If you follow the steps correctly, the Bluestacks emulator should install in a few minutes. With the emulator running on your PC, open it and create a Google account. The steps are the same for both Windows PC and Mac.

Next, you need to open the emulator and click on the search bar. Type Swannview plus in the search bar and click search. You should be able to see a Swannvew plus application. Click on it and press the install button.

The application should download normally as it does on Android and iPhone devices. Locate the icon containing all apps. The downloaded Bluestacks application should be found there. You can click on it and start using it.

Bluestacks is the best application and one that is highly recommended. It’s stable and most solutions can be found online.

Install swannview plus For PC Via Memu Play Emulator

You can also download and install the Swannview plus apk for pc using the Memu Play. The Memu emulator is another excellent way to install Swannview plus on your PC and Mac computers.

Install swannview plus For PC Via Memu Play Emulator

The emulator is known for its fast operations and optimal performance. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Memu official website and download the Memu play application. You can search Memu player on Google.
  • Click on the download link to download it.
  • Open the Memu app and run it on your computer.
  • Once fully installed, open the Memu play and log into your Google account. If you don’t have one, create one for free.
  • Search for the Swannview plus on the Memu play and install it
  • Once the Swannview plus is installed, click on it and open it.
  • You can now monitor your CCTV cameras remotely using the Swannview plus via the memu play.

There are a few requirements for the proper configuration of the Memu play on your computer. The Memu emulator should be compatible with your PC. Here are some of the requirements to meet.

  • Mac and Windows 7 and above operating systems
  • 8GB or higher of RAM
  • AMD or Intel processor
  • A minimum of 4GB HDD
  • Broadband internet connection or just any internet connectivity

Installing the Memu emulator is pretty easy. However, I don’t recommend installing the Memu emulator if there is another emulator on the same computer.

Swannview Plus Advantages

Is Swannview plus any good? What are some of the advantages of Swannview plus?

Swannview Plus Advantages

  • Supports multi-channel viewing. You can connect up to 16 cameras on the same screen.
  • Captures live videos from the camera for live viewing. It also supports playback for later viewing
  • Supports several setting configurations
  • Captures images
  • Remote camera control. You can zoom, tilt and pan your camera

Swannview Plus Alternatives

Are there alternatives for Swannview plus? Here are some alternatives to monitor your CCTV cameras.

GPlayer App

The GPlayer App is another excellent Android app for camera footage monitoring. It’s a free app that you can download and install. The app can playback, zoom, resize and play on multiple windows. It also supports video popups and subtitles for a better user experience.

GPlayer App

Cute Cut App

You can also consider the Cute Cut app which supports video monitoring. It’s a versatile app that supports move editing and easy video uploads. It allows persons with CCTV cameras to monitor their cameras remotely.

Cute Cut App

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Swannview Plus Free?

The Swannview plus application is free to download and install. The company sells devices that might cost you some initial installation fees. However, for Windows and Mac monitoring, the downloads and app usage are free.

Can I Fix Error Code 90 On Swannview Plus?

Yes, you can fix the code 90 error on Swannview plus by rebooting the router and recorder. You can also fix the error by updating the app and firmware. In most cases, the code 90 error is a network problem.

Does Swannview Plus Cameras Need Internet?

Swannview plus cameras require an internet connection to work seamlessly with your PC. However, in a few cases, you can connect the cameras directly using a cable. For wireless cameras, you need a stable internet connection to monitor on your PC.

Can I Connect Swannview Plus To My Computer?

Yes, you can connect Swannview to your computer and directly monitor cameras. However, you need an emulator to download and install the Swannview plus app on your phone.


Overall, it is pretty easy to monitor and control your CCTV cameras remotely using the Swannview plus app. The application installs on Windows and Mac PC via emulators. Check the emulator requirements before installing.

Once the emulator is fully installed, down the Swannview plus app on the emulator. You can use it normally as you do on android phones.

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