How to Fix Pixelated Videos on Android?

How to Fix Pixelated Videos on Android?

Capturing moments is an exciting task, especially with the advent of android smartphones. Memories are made for various reasons, and getting them well preserved is highly important. However, with all the excitement, getting blurred videos or pictures is inevitable. With some of those moments impossible to recreate, it is necessary to get it right the first time. The truth, however, is that that is not always possible. One of the reasons for this is your pictures may not come out as captivating as you want. To fix this, it is important to know how to fix pixelated videos on android

Using a camera can be for the fun of it and relieving the moments repeatedly, and the availability of smartphones has made it easier for everyone. From the device used to capture the lighting, a blurry video can be made. Knowing how to fix pixelated videos on android becomes imperative. This guide will clarify possible methods of fixing blurry videos.

What Does Pixelation Look Like?

Photographs and videos are media contents made from the reflection of light in varying amounts called pixels which are transferred and viewed on a digital device. Pixels, simply put, are the smallest part of a picture that can be viewed on a digital device. It can be small or large depending on the resolutions available and the capture medium. An example of pixelation is a movie where the images appear divided in boxes.

What Does Pixelation Look Like

Since videos and pictures are made of pixels, what then is pixelation? Pixelation is when the pixels show on the viewing device such that they can be seen with the naked eye. Pixelation would appear in the form of an entire image cut into boxes and an image that is not clear. It is not impossible to have one at one point or the other in the course of a video that is shot continuously.

Can You Fix A Pixelated Video?

Pixelated videos can be fixed and moments retrieved to a great extent. That is good news, especially when only one video captured the moment. While the moment may not be recreated and there is a blurred video, finding a solution is inevitable.

Why Do My Videos Become Pixelated?

With the excitement and bubbles, it is impossible not to move while making a video. The gadget being used also has its effect on the video quality. There are various reasons for videos to become pixelated, and the rate at which they are pixelated matters as well. Knowing the source or reason for a pixelated video goes a long way in forestalling future occurrences. Here are some reasons for pixelation of videos:

Why Do My Videos Become Pixelated

Long Capture

when shooting a video for a long time without a break, it inevitably becomes blurred. With the mindset of not wanting to miss any moment or movie scenes, the camera is left rolling until it gets tired and starts glitching. And of course, this may be unknown to the person behind the camera until after the moment ends.

To this end, it is advisable to capture moments and have a break in between for better video output. For events, however, the only choice to have a video that is not pixelated is to have some moments missed for a better video. When possible, a part may be taken again or restructured to have a complete viewing. That can be available on events planned to be on videos.

Camera Quality

Android smartphones have different quality and outputs. The camera’s resolution can alter the output and pixelate the video images. A camera with a lower aperture and a higher ISO camera will produce pixelated video, while a good resolution camera will produce a good video.

Transmission And Saving Mode

having made a video without glitches, it needs to be sent to others. The mode or method of transmission is important for the quality achieved while making the video remain upon receipt by others. Sending videos on social media can affect the quality at the receiver’s end. For photographs, a jpeg image loses quality, unlike a doc format.

Incompatible Player

A video may appear pixelated due to incompatibility with the player. The same video will show on another device or when viewed with another player. It is important to check the compatibility of video and video players before concluding the video.

Sudden Movement And Gestures

In making a video, anything can cause pixelation of videos, from a straying fly to dust particles. A sudden jerk or movement can distort light and blurry vision. Dust particles in the air can also affect how the camera sees an image.

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How To Fix Pixelated Videos On Android?

From changing some camera settings on the phone to editing apps, Pixelated videos can be fixed. Solutions vary from device to device, while some features may differ. To fix a pixelated video, here are some tips:

How To Fix Pixelated Videos On Android

Try Restarting The Phone:

This is a troubleshooting step for many apps on the phone, and it works fine for fixing pixelated videos. If the mobile device hangs while using the camera, it can be powered off, or a reboot would do the trick and get it fixed.

Editing Apps:

there are many apps to fix videos images and improve the quality. Depending on the quality the video is intended to have, an app may be the only thing necessary. Apps that can fix pixelated videos include Recoverit, PowerDirector, Avidemux, among others. Some only fix Pixelated videos and do not improve on the quality. Using an editing app can be simple and done in 3 quick steps.

  • Step1: Open the app for repairing the video
  • Step 2: Select the pixelated video and start the process
  • Step 3: Preview the new file and save it.


When capturing videos, the camera settings should be high quality and filtered. The camera should also be properly cleaned and the picture stabilization feature disabled. The mode of capture is important as insufficient lighting can pose a problem.


Blurry videos can be avoided with some settings changed on the android device. Pixelated videos can be fixed using editing apps and moments recaptured.

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