PixelLab For PC 2022 – How To Download & Use On PC

PixelLab is a photo editor that allows the user to add various elements to their images. Texts can be added with different fonts, colors, and effects. 3D texts can also be added and overlaid on your photos.

The PixelLab app was created in 2008 by App Holdings, a company in the United States. PixelLab is a top-rated photo editor app and has over 50,000,000 installs from the Google App store. It’s Android-based, and you’ll need an Android emulator to use it on your PC

The download procedure of PixelLab for PC using Android emulator

We will look at two Android emulators that we can download to use PixelLab on. They are LDPlayer and Nox player. Here are the procedures to download both of these emulators.

Procedure 1: Install PixelLab using LDPlayer emulator

Here are the steps to install PixelLab using LDPlayer:

  1. Download LDPlayer from its official website.how to install pixelLab for pc using ldplayer
  2. Choose the location where you’re going to save the file.
  3. Go to where you saved the file .
  4. Click Install Now on the file to start installing the emulator
  5. After the installation, then Launch the emulator.launch ldplayer to download pixellab
  6. Log into the Google Play storesign with a gmail to download pixellab For PC
  7. Type PixelLab in the search barType PixelLab in the search bar
  8. Select PixelLab-Text on Pictures app
  9. Click Installhow to download pixelLab for pc and mac
  10. After the installation, you’ll be able to use PixelLab in the LDPlayer emulator.

Procedure 2: Install PixelLab using Nox player emulator

Here are the steps to install PixelLab using the Nox player emulator:

  1. Go here to download the Nox player.
  2. Click on the app installer to begin the installation.
  3. Follow the commands from the installer to complete the install
  4. Launch Nox player when the installation is complete.
  5. Log into the Google Play store
  6. Search Pixellab
  7. Select PixelLab-Text on Pictures
  8. Press Install
  9. When the installment is finished, then you can use PixelLab in the Nox player emulator.

PixelLab for PC – Technical Specification

Name PixelLab – Text on Pictures
Category Photography
File size Varies with device
Installations 50,000,000+
Developed by App Holdings
App Package

PixelLab – Text on Pictures is on the top of the list of photography apps on Google Playstore. It has got excellent rating points and reviews. PixelLab has over 50,000,000 app installations and a 4.4 rating in the average user review rating points.

Main highlights of the PixelLab app

The main highlights of the PixelLab app include:features of pixelLab for pc and mac

Add and customize texts:

This PixelLab app allows you to create 3D texts and add them as an overlay on your image. You can also have other text effects such as shadow, stroke, background, emboss, masks, and inner shadow.

Get rid of the background:

The background of your photos can be replaced by using the PixelLab app. You can add any color background instead of the original background in your images.

Add images from the Gallery:

The PixelLab app will allow you to add pictures from your Gallery. Whether you want to combine two images or import your stickers, you can do this using PixelLab.


PixelLab allows you to select over 100 different fonts to add texts to your photos. You can even use your fonts for this purpose.

Create memes:

PixelLab has a Meme preset. Using this feature, you can create a meme in a short time to share on your social media platform.

Pros and cons of the PixelLab Text on Pictures app

Some of the upsides of using the PixelLab Text on Pictures app include:

  • PixelLab has easy access to its wide array of photo editing tools
  • Over 60 photo editing tools are available, with more scheduled to be added later.
  • Considered a viable alternative to premium photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Streamlined interface for easy access to its tools.
  • Has its own import/export service. All popular image formats can be handled by this service.

Some of the downsides of PixelLab include:

  • Problems with the quality of some of its features.
  • No option for redo and undo.
  • It could use some more features.

PixelLab Alternatives app

As good as PixelLab is, there are several alternative apps you could consider.


PICFY is another photo editing software with a wide variety of photo editing features. PICFY or Square Fit Photo Editor is used worldwide, and it gives you everything using a single platform. With this app, you can create a lot of customizations to satisfy your needs. PICFY can facilitate readymade designs, pic collage making, photo layouts, as well as photo editing

2. Text on Photos by Top Dog Developer:

Text on Photos enjoys a worldwide audience with its exciting features. There are a wide variety of fonts and colors in its collection of photo editing tools. You can also perform tasks such as delete, set as wallpaper, share, and view details amongst its many features. Stickers, artwork, picture frames, and filters can also be combined at the same time.

3. Tapet:

Tapet is another alternative photo editing app. This app can produce backgrounds of high quality without you having to do anything. Tapet can also make wallpaper for your tablets and other mobile equipment with little effort on your part. You will never see the same wallpaper more than once you set the app to display new wallpaper hourly or daily.

Frequently asked questions

Is PixelLab easy to use for beginners?

PixelLab is easy to download and start using. Its’ among one of the easiest photo editing apps to use. The user will be able to produce professional results from using PixelLab on their projects.

How to import pictures in the PixelLab app on PC?

To import images:

  1. Open the app
  2. From the right-hand corner, click the three dots
  3. Click on Import Images.
  4. This will allow you to import your images in the background of the app.

Is PixelLab safe to use on a PC?

You should check reviews in the Google Play store to determine if an app has an issue with its behavior before downloading it. PixelLab has overall satisfactory reviews from its users. It also has a 4.4 rating in the Google Play Store. However, it would help if you took precautions as with downloading any other app on your device.


The PixelLab for PC app is a great app to use for photo editing. It’s free and easy to use for beginners. PixelLab is just as good as many premium photo editing apps. There is very little lacking in the wide variety of tools and other features available for you to use. PixelLab will make produce results like a professional when you use it.

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