Pixel Gun 3D For PC 2022 – How To Download and Install On PC

Pixel Gun 3D is a free FPS shooter online video game with multiplayer action. The game is played by selecting a pixelated block character who scores as many kills as possible with his pixel gun. Pixel Gun 3D is the premier Pixel Gun game to be released on mobile devices.

Pixel Gun 3D is played in a battle royal game mode. In this mode, the player tries to be the last man standing. The enemy in the game is a horde of zombies. You stay alive by firing your gun at anyone who comes in your way. Being a multiplayer game, Pixel Gun can be played against other players from anywhere in the world.

Why do you need a Pixel Gun 3D for PC?

Pixel Gun 3D was initially built for Android, Windows, and IOS devices. If you want to play the game, you’re going to need an Android emulator. Bluestacks is the best platform to play Pixel Gun 3D on. However, Remix OS Player is also an excellent alternative to Bluestack.

How to download and Pixel Gun 3D for PC?

We’ll demonstrate how to download and install Pixel Gun 3D for PC using Bluestack and Remix OS Player.

Method 1: How to download and play Pixel Gun 3D with Bluestacks

Use the following steps to use Bluestacks:

  1. Download Bluestacks from its official websiteHow to download Pixel Gun 3D for PC using Bluestacks
  2. Press the Install buttonHow to install Pixel Gun 3D for PC using bluestacks
  3. After the installation is finished, then log into the Google Play Store.sign in to download Pixel Gun 3D for PC and mac
  4. Type into the search barsearch for Pixel Gun 3D for PC
  5. Press Install when the app comes uphow to downlod Pixel Gun 3D for PC
  6. After the completion of the installation, then you will be ready to play Pixel Gun in Bluestacks.

Method 2: How to download and play Pixel Gun 3D using Remix OS Player

Here are the steps using Remix OS Player:

  1. Go here to download Remix OS Player.
  2. Extract the file to your preferred location.
  3. Click on the exe file after the installation is finished.
  4. Click on Advanced Settings from the Welcome screen that will come up.
  5. Select the CPU cores, RAM amount, and display resolution that you want.
  6. Press Start
  7. Click on your desired language.
  8. Now, you’ll be ready to play Pixel Gun 3D using the Remix emulator. 

Pixel Gun 3D for PC – System requirements

  Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
OS Microsoft Windows 7  Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit
Processor 2GHZ Intel Core 2 QuadQ6600 2.4 GHZ/AMD Penom 11 x4 900E
RAM  At least 1 GB of RAM 2 GB
Storage 2 GB free disk space HDD 2 GB
Others Broadband Internet connection Direct 11 Compatible graphics card
  Direct X version 11 Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7470 or NVIDIA GeForce GT710

What are the main features of Pixel Gun 3D Game

Some of the main features of Pixel Gun 3D for PC include:features of Pixel Gun 3D for PC

Great selection of weapons:

Pixel Gun 3D has a lethal armory of weapons. You will have access to weapons like revolvers, sniper rifles with scope, light machine guns, and shotguns at your disposal.

Up to 8 players per game:

As many as eight players can play in one game in Pixel Gun 3D for Pc.

Access to Chat:

You can talk to your friends using this feature in Pixel Gun 3D. You can use this to discuss battle strategies or just friendly banter.

Access to 35 maps:

Pixel Gun 3D has 35 unique maps of different sizes and shapes. Bridges, Castle, and Crash are just a few of the maps you will find in Pixel Gun. These maps add an element of strategy and make the game even more enjoyable. 

A special hardcore gameplay:

For the more serious players, Pixel Gun 3D has a hardcore mode.

How to fix Pixel Gun 3D for PC not working problem on PC

If your Pixel Gun 3D for PC isn’t working, you can use the following solutions:

  1. Go to Settings in the Android emulator
  2. Click on Manage Apps
  3. Find the Pixel Gun app
  4. Click Force Stop
  5. Clear cache and clear data
  6. Log into the Playstore
  7. Update the Pixel Gun app
  8. Restart the Android emulator

Another reason Pixel Gun 3D might not be working is because your computer might not meet the minimum requirements for either running the emulator or the app.

Pixel Gun 3D for PC game alternatives

There are similar games to Pixel Gun 3D that you can download and play. Here are a few of the alternatives:

1. Zombie Survival:

Zombie Survival is a 3D game based on a zombie theme. The objective is to survive the attacks of bloodthirsty zombies. Your job is to kill the attacking zombies and stay alive as long as possible. Collect resources like food, water, and vehicles, along the way to help keep you alive.Zombie Survival alternative

2. Combat 5:

Combat 5 is another multiplayer game. The object of this game is to kill all your foes and become the leader. You will have a wide array of weapons to use in Combat 5. You will select a room to play in varied maps and game modes. You can either start your team or join a multiplayer battle that has already begun.Combat 5 alternative

3. War Brokers:

War Brokers is a multiplayer war game. You will have control of a myriad of weapons and war vehicles, such as tanks, helicopters, and battle trucks, to name a few. You select a block character to take part in the battles in this game. This game is based on teamwork to overcome the enemy.

Frequently asked questions

Is Pixel Gun 3D on Microsoft Store?

Pixel Gun 3D Battle Royal FPS and Pixel Gun 3D 5 Royal Battle Survival are available from the Microsoft Store.

What is the best weapon for Block Crash in Pixel Gun 3D?

The best weapons to use in Block Crash mode are Rocket jump weapons. These types of weapons can annihilate the blocks under them in one shot. The three best rocket jump weapons include the Killer Whale, the Spark Shark, and Oxbadcode. Any one of these three would be your best bet when in Block Crash mode.

Can you play Pixel Gun 3D on PC with a controller?

Pixel Gun 3D on PC doesn’t support use with a controller. To date, however, the IOS version does support use with a controller.


Pixel Gun 3D is an exciting online game that you can play against multiple players. The game has many features that you can enjoy while playing this game.

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