Snapbridge For PC – How To Download For Windows 7,8, 10 & Mac

Snapbridge For PC – How To Download For Windows 7,8, 10 & Mac

Snapbridge is a photographic app that allows you to share videos and photos from your camera to different devices after you take them. It’s the easiest way to get pictures from your camera to your PC.

The Snapbridge app is synced to your camera when they are close to each other. Contact is kept consistent between the camera and app through BLE ( Bluetooth low energy). Taking a photo or video with your camera is instantly transferred to the Snapbridge app.

The Snapbridg app requires an Android device to function. However, you can use it on your PC by downloading an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or ARChon.

How to download Snapbridge for PC?

We will look at two methods of download and installing the Snapbridge app on your PC.

How to download and install the Snapbridge using Bluestacks

To download and using Snapbridge using Bluestacks, use the following steps:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks from its official websiteHow to download and install the Snapbridge using Bluestacks
  2. Open the emulator after the installation is completed
  3. Log into Google Play Storesign in to download snapbridge for pc and mac
  4. Type in Snapbridge appsearch for Snapbridge on pc and mac
  5. Click Installhow to download Snapbridge for pc and mac
  6. Follow the set-up wizard
  7.  At the completion of the installation, then you can open the Snapbridge app in Bluestacks.

How to download and then install Snapbridge for PC using ARChon Android Emulator

The ARChon Android emulator is a Chrome extension. You will be able to use ARChon in your Chrome browser when you have downloaded it. To get started, use the following steps:

  1. Go here to download ARChon
  2. After you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need a zip extractor to unzip the file.
  3. After the extraction, go to the Chrome extension page and enable Developer mode.
  4. You will be prompted to Load unpacked extension
  5. Select the unzipped ARChon folder you had downloaded to start the installation
  6. After the install, ARChon will be ready for use in Chrome.
  7. Log into Google Play
  8. Type in Snapbridge app
  9. Click Install
  10. Follow the instructions from the set-up wizard
  11. After the installation is completed, you will be able to open the Snapbridge app in your Chrome browser.

Main features of the Snapbridge app

Some of the main features that make the Snapbridge app so useful are;features of Snapbridge for pc and mac

Photos move automatically from camera to app

When the camera is close to the Snapbride app, your photos will flow from camera to app as you take them. You can also manually select which pictures you want to transfer, as large RAW files and JPEG can be shared in this way.

The Snapbridge app can be paired with up to five Nikon cameras

You can use the Snapbridge app to switch between up to five cameras. The app can do this quickly and easily.

Your camera settings can be adjusted with the Snapbride app

No need to switch to adjust the settings on the cameras manually. You can change settings using the Snapbridge app. If you’re switching between cameras, this is a very convenient feature to have.

It will automatically upload photos to the cloud

Your pictures will be automatically uploaded to Nikon Image Space. This cloud-based photo share service is free. You can share, manage and store all your photos using this cloud service by Nikon.

Add text and photo information to your photos

The Snapbridge app will allow you to insert text and photo information on all your pictures. You will be able to add hashtags, copyright information, as well as captions to your photos.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Snapbridge app?

Some of the advantages of the Snapbridge app include:

  • It uses Bluetooth or WiFi to transfer photos. No inconvenient cables are necessary when you use Snapbridge with your camera.
  • The app is synced to your camera. As you take a photo or video, it is instantly transferred.
  • Easy to use.
  • Photos can be shared on your social media site or through email.

All is not rosy, however. Here are several of the disadvantages of the Snapbridge app:

  • Some reviewers found it not to be reliable.
  • Some said the connection between camera and app was slow.

Related alternatives to Snapbridge for PC

There are several similar alternatives to Snapbridge for PC. Here are a few:

1. qDslrDashboard:

qDslrDashboard is a photo-sharing app like Snapbridge. Like Snapbridge, it works with Nikon cameras. However, it also works with Sony and Canon cameras. To communicate with its paired camera, it uses PTP and PTP/IP protocol. qDslrDashboard will work with Android, Linux, IOS, OSX, and Windows.qDslrDashboard alternative

2. Framelapse Pro:

Framelapse Pro’s strength is creating great time-lapse videos. Most of its features are geared towards producing high-quality videos. Making high-quality video clips can be done with ease and little effort.

3. FilMic Firstlight:

FilMic Firstlight is a photo app that is great at producing film simulations and adaptive film grain. Live photos will be a lot of fun when you use this app. FilMic Firstlight is intuitive and easy to use.FilMic Firstlight alternative

Frequently asked questions

Does Snapbridge work without WiFi?

The Snapbridge app uses Bluetooth to connect to its paired devices. Although the app can use WiFi, it can work without it, especially if you don’t have to pair the devices together.

Is the Snapbridge app free?

The Snapbridge app is free to download from the Google Play store. Make sure to download an Android emulator (also free) to use this app on your PC.

Is it safe to use Snapbride for PC?

According to, Snapbridge is very safe to use. Their opinion is based on 37,100 reviews of Snapbridge users.


Snapbridge is an excellent photo app to use if you own a Nikon camera. It’s full of features that can help you transfer all your photos to your PC. You will be able to share, add texts, and customize your pictures with the Snapbridge app.

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