VPNify for PC 2022 – How To Install (Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac)

The perfect way to hide your identity on the Internet is by using a VPN known as a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is one that allows secure, encrypted connections between a private network and remote-access users. You can use many on your PC, but vpnify for pc seems to be the best from the lists.

VPNify is a VPN that protects you from connection losses, hides your IP address, and encrypts Internet traffic using the AES-256 military standard protocol. It is easy to use and easy to set up, so you can protect your privacy and security on all of your devices.

You will get to learn more about vpnify, its usefulness, and how you can download it on your PC for unrestricted internet access.

What is the VPNify App?

The VPNify app helps protect the privacy and security of your Internet connection. It can be used on computers, tablets, smartphones, and gaming devices. The VPNify app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

VPNify for PC – Download for PC, Windows & Mac

We know you care about your privacy and security when using the internet, so you should consider the use of the VPNify app. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows any device to securely access or share data over a private network connection remotely.

In other words, it creates a secure tunnel through which your internet service provider can’t see what you are doing while you browse the web. On all grounds, it is the simplest way to safeguard your online privacy. Surf the web anonymously, and unblock geo-restricted content.

Can You Use the VPNify App for Your PC/windows & Mac?

Yes, you can use vpnify on your PC or Mac. VPNify for Windows is simple to use. Download the VPNify for Mac app if you have a Mac. It works the same way as on your phone and secures all of your data in the same way, is easy to use, and provides access to more content.

Can You Use the VPNify App for Your PC, windows & Mac

The VPN can be used anywhere in the world on multiple devices. You just need to create an account, and you are ready to secure your online presence.

Also, VPNify is the world’s best VPN service provider that is fast, secured, and reliable. You can also use our free VPN software to protect your computer against attacks from hackers and intruders. So say goodbye to Internet censorship with VPN for smartphones and tablets.

App information

App Name  Vpnify VPN
Latest Version Check and ensure you download the latest version
App category  VPN
License  Free App
Android version  4.2 and above
Current installs  10 million
File size  6.1MB

How to Download VPNify for PC Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac?

VPNify is the best free VPN for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac. Follow this step-by-step guide to download a VPN on your computer.

Method 1: Download VPNify App on PC Using BlueStacks

Step 1: Download the android emulator software BlueStacks, and it is available for free. Download if you do not have it on your PC, and if you do, you can skip the step.

Download VPNify App on PC Using BlueStacks

Step 2: Start the installation of BlueStacks

how to install VPNify App on PC Using BlueStacks

Step 3: When the software is installed, start it and complete the sign-up procedure, and log in with your Google account.

Step 4: Sign in to play store app and use its search tool to download VPNify.

search for VPNify on play store

Step 5: Find VPNify and start the installation.

how to Download and Install vpnify for pc

Step 6: Launch the VPNify on pc

Step 7: Sign up to create an account, and then you can go-ahead to use the app

Method 2: download VPNify App on PC using NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is a free Android emulator you can use to bring the best experience for users to use mobile apps on PC. If you are unfamiliar with NoxPlayer, follow the steps below to download VPNify App on PC using NoxPlayer:

Step 1: Go to your PC and open any browser that you have

Step 2: Download the NoxPlayer, a free Android emulator

Step 3: After downloading, install NoxPlayer on your PC

Step 4: Complete the setup, run and log in using your Google account

Step 5: Once logged in, go to Google Play Store and search for VPNify app, then download and install

Step 6: Run VPNify on NoxPlayer and enjoy.

Features of VPNify app

  • VPNify allows making secured and fast connections to any server
  • VPNify is the best-unlimited VPN proxy for Android.
  • You do not have to alter anything in your settings, and you will have a robust yet simple solution to all of your data theft problems.
  • Browse anonymously, protect your privacy, unblock sites, and surf privately.
  • You get the peace of mind you want when using public Wi-Fi
  • VPNify is a super-fast, easy to use app for streaming, browsing, and protecting your online identity
  • It helps to hide your IP address from websites, surf the web anonymously
  • Get access to geo-restricted sites
  • Simple one-touch interface for connecting and disconnecting
  • It gives you access to web content without censorship or geographical restrictions.
  • No bandwidth limits, totally secure and truly anonymous

Related Apps of VPNify

Check out these Alternative Apps to VPNify. The followings are good for your consideration.

Hola VPN for PC

You might know Hola as a popular app for unblocking websites and changing your IP address. But did you know there’s also an awesome version of Hola available for Windows? It is an easy-to-use and very effective VPN that doesn’t require you to pay for the service, and you can use it on your PC.

Hola VPN for PC windows and mac

Gecko VPN for PC

Gecko VPN for PC is a fast, safe and stable VPN with no pay and unlimited access. It allows you to navigate websites that use wi-fi and cellular data networks while keeping your mobile actions anonymous, private, and safe.

Gecko VPN for PC windows and mac

FishVPN for PC

Fishvpn provides a secure VPN connection to protect your privacy and bypass internet censorship and regional restrictions. With FishVPN, you can protect your privacy, unblock web content, and access blocked videos or sites from anywhere. Also, you can download it for free.

FishVPN for PC windows and mac

Frequently asked questions

Is VPNify Unlimited?

Of course, VPNify is unlimited for all their customers, no matter what plan you purchase. You can even upgrade or downgrade your account from one plan to another or cancel anytime. In addition, each VPNify account comes with a free 30-day trial that includes a no-questions-asked refund policy just in case our service is not for you.

Why Do You Need Vpnify VPN for PC?

You need Vpnify VPN for PC because it helps you secure your Wi-Fi connection, encrypt all your connections, and hide your IP address from hackers. It secures your device and encrypts all of your Internet traffic. As a result, you have your data protected anonymously against hackers and 3rd parties with top-notch encryption.

Does Vpnify VPN Hide IP Addresses?

Yes, Vpnify VPN does hide IP addresses. That is its primary function, and it does it well.


There are reasons you should use VPN most times you get on an open wi-fi network. It helps secure your information and ensures no one gets access to your files. There are many methods that hackers can get through to anyone, and the easiest is through the internet.

With the use of VPN and the one which is our focus on this page, known as vpnify, you can always keep your information secured. So, on this page, you get to learn ways you can download the vpnify for pc to secure your connection whenever you are active online.

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