Huawei Health for PC – Free Download On Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Huawei Health is a health app for Huawei smartphones that helps you track your weight, sleep schedule, and fitness goals. This article will show how to install the Huawei Health App on your PC or Mac so that you can start tracking your daily activities now.

To use the Huawei Health app on your Mac or PC, download and install an android emulator such as BlueStacks or the Nox App Player on your computer. Log into the Google Play Store, search for the app and install it. Use its features the same way you do on a mobile device.

The Huawei Health app is an excellent way to monitor your fitness goals and track important health metrics. As long as you have Huawei smartphone, you can connect it with the app.

System Requirements to Run Huawei Health App on Your PC

For the Huawei Health app to run on your PC or Mac, you need to install the latest version of your android emulator of choice. Most android emulators such as BlueStacks require the following system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
OS MS Windows 7 or higher

MacOS High Sierra or higher

MS Windows 10 or higher

MacOS High Sierra or higher

Storage At least 5 GB of free storage At least 5 GB of free storage on an SSD (solid state storage) drive
RAM At least 4 GB of RAM At least 8 GB of RAM
Other requirements Have administrative access to your computer to install programs

High quality graphics

Internet connection

Have administrative access to your computer to install programs

High quality graphics

Internet connection

How To Download & Install Huawei Health For PC?

You may use the Huawei Health app on PC with Nox Player or BlueStacks. You’ll need an Android emulator installed before using the mobile app on your computer.

The Procedure of Downloading Huawei Health App for PC with BlueStacks

The quickest method to install the Instagram app on your PC or Mac is with the BlueStacks Android Emulator:

  1. On your PC, download and install BlueStacks.How to download huawei health for pc using Bluestacks
  2. Use your Google account credentials to log in on the Play Store.sign in to download huawei health for pc and mac
  3. On the Google Play Store, search for “Huawei Health” Install it on your to download and install Huawei Health for pc and mac
  4. After that, open it from the BlueStacks app library.

You’ll be prompted to allow certain permissions when you first install the software on your PC, and then again after you’ve activated it. Follow the same procedures as for an Android device to use the Huawei Health program on your PC.

The Procedure of Downloading Huawei Health App for Pc Using Nox Player

The second approach is to use the Nox Player as follows:

  • Go to the Play Store or Google Play and download and install Nox Player on your computer.
  • Open the Google Play Store on the Nox Player and log in.
  • On the Google Play Store, look for “Huawei Health
  • On your computer, download and install the program.
  • After the Android application has been completed, open it from the Nox Player app library.

Simply grant the required permissions, then use the program as you would on a typical Android device. This is also true for both Windows and macOS computers.

Features Of Huawei Health App For PC

The Huawei Health app has many different features which make it one of the best. They include the following:features of Huawei Health for pc

Tracks the distance covered:

The app tracks the distance covered by a person through their footsteps. It also tracks the number of calories one has burned in a day and tells them how much more they have to do so that they can achieve their daily fitness goals.

The app also uses GPS to track user’s movements when they go for a run, walk or cycle ride outside. The data collected by it can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook so users are able to get an idea of how far their friends have gone compared to them. They will also see where their friends went during these short outdoor adventures which may give them ideas about places they never thought existed near their homes but were actually there all along.

Tracks sleep quality:

One thing this app does is it tracks your sleeping patterns so you can see what kind of pattern works for you when falling asleep better or staying awake longer at night. This comes in handy because people tend to wake up sometimes during different times in the night which affects their overall rest time leading to health issues such as anxiety, depression among other things. Tracking these hours makes sure that there is enough rest each night and gives insight into how to improve it for a better life.

Tracks the amount of calories:

Tracks the number of steps taken each day and calculates this into an approximate value which tells you what your daily goal should be for yourself or your family so that they can live a healthier lifestyle. It also tracks the overall weight one has gained or lost in a certain period as well as calculating BMI levels over time which is important when trying to maintain good health.

These features make Huawei Health app very useful especially since there are many different options included with just one download on any Android phone, iPhone device among other things such as smartwatch devices giving them more insight into their own personal fitness results making sure they stay healthy at all times no matter where they are.

Has an exercise diary:

With this app, it is possible to create a daily exercise diary. The app can also analyze your walking, running and cycling activities so the data you collect will be helpful when it comes to maintaining or losing weight.

This helps you plan your workout routine and view the progress you’ve made over time. This is a great way to keep track of all the activities that contribute towards your fitness journey and motivate you for sticking with it.

Compiles all fitness data:

Another useful feature of Huawei Health is its ability to integrate data collected from other health apps such as Google Fit or Apple’s own Health App. Most wearable devices will only collect activity information without offering any analysis tools but by using this app, you’ll get complete insight into how active (or lazy) you are throughout the day which allows you make better decisions about what kind of exercise plan works best for achieving your goal weight.

Pros And Cons of the Huawei Health App For PC

The Huawei Health app is a great app although it comes with its own weaknesses as shall be seen in the sections below.

  • It’s free
  • Compatible with android devices
  • Easy to personalize
  • High rating on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store
  • Small app size
  • No ads in the app
  • Has support for widgets
  • Many languages supported
  • Has some device syncing issues
  • Some features don’t work on all devices

This app clearly has lots of positives and very few negatives. It’s thus one of the best health apps on the market.

Huawei Healths App Alternatives

Some of the apps you can use in the place of the Huawei Health app include the following:

1. Speedometer:

The Speedometer app is a GPS based speedometer, altimeter and tracker. It is compatible with Android devices running version v-ary/v_r/, including Marshmallow for Speedometer v_. Speedometer provides high quality maps that are available in low connectivity areas. Speedometer allows you to check your location on the map along with altitude data, time of day and average moving speed using this single app even when there is no internet connection. The Speedometer App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple’s App store at free of cost.

2. Radarbot Free:

Radarbot Free is an alternative to Huawei Health that comes without the cost. Radarbot Free allows you to track your steps through Bluetooth, sleep quality, and exercises. Radarbot is compatible with any Android Wear watch like Huawei Watch or Gear S series watches. You can also use Radarbot on Google Fit for most mobile devices running android version of at least Jelly Bean (version number >= 21). This app does not require Root access nor special permissions in order to work correctly which makes it one of the safest apps available today.

3. Mi Fit:

Mi Fit is another popular app for Mi Band users. However, the Mi Fit version is not available on PC therefore it may be less suitable to some users who mainly use their computer or laptop when they work out.Mi Fit alternative

From a design perspective Mi Fit has also been changed drastically with its new look being more modern and sleeker which will appeal to most fitness enthusiasts. There are just as many features included in this latest version of the app including sleep monitoring, step counter etc.

4. Samsung Health:

Samsung Health is Samsung’s official fitness and health app. It is aimed at mobile phone users, but it also works on PC with Samsung Health for Samsung PC. The Samsung Health App has a lot of features which makes it quite popular among many smartphone owners as well as those who have the Samsung Gear Fit or other devices from the company.

5. iHealth:

The iHealth app can actually be used by anyone who wants a great way to keep track of their daily activities including steps taken, heart rate variability, sleep patterns and even blood pressure levels! All this data will then be synced automatically into your Apple device thanks to an application that you install first on your computer before going into the iOS Store where you’ll find iHealth there as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Is Huawei Health App?

You can add information about your workout if you exercise (e.g., jogging, swimming, cycling). This allows the device to provide more precise data, such as the number of calories burned. Google Play has a higher rating for the app, indicating its overall quality and user satisfaction. The lowest mark is 1:5 is the greatest score.

Is Huawei Health App Safe?

Huawei has denied that it has ever been asked to spy on the US government, and “categorically” rejects any such request. In March 2019, the company stated that it had not discovered evidence of malicious Chinese state activity, although it did identify some significant software engineering and cyber-security flaws.

What app can sync with Huawei Health?

If you haven’t done so already, install the free Google Fit app from the Google Play Store on your phone. Connect your Huawei Health account to Google Fit after that. Select “Me” under Settings > Data Sharing > Google Fit in the Huawei Health app.

How to I fix my Huawei Health app?

App Gallery may be another approach to repair Huawei smartwatch connectivity difficulties. Step 1: Remove the Health and Huawei Mobile apps from your phone. Step 2: Download AppGallery APK from Huawei’s website. Step 4: Install the Huawei Health app via App Gallery if you downloaded it previously.

How do I update my Huawei Health on my iPhone?

If you want to upgrade your software, go into the Health app and select Devices. Select Firmware update from the drop-down menu. Your phone will check for any available updates and display a message if any are found. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your device.

How Do I Check My Heart Rate on My Huawei Health App?

Open the Huawei Health app on your phone, go to Device settings, select Health monitoring > Continuous heart rate monitoring, and enable it. Viewing your heart rate: To view your heart rate on your watch, go to the app list and choose Heart rate.


The Huawei Health app is great for people who want to track their fitness activities and get a more accurate reading on what they are doing. The app is very easy to use, it keeps you healthy with great tips of how to keep yourself in great shape, and the readings themselves are always accurately done.

Besides that, it is great to be able to track not only your steps but also how many flights of stairs you are climbing. The Huawei Health app is great for the fact that it keeps track of nearly everything you do, allows you great tips on how to stay fit and healthy, and tracks all of this very accurately with great readings.

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