Front Cloud For PC – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10, And Mac

The Front Cloud PC App is a top secure software program that may be used with an edge and system surveillance system to increase security. This monitoring software works well on PCs using mobile emulators for mobile apps. The FRONT security system created this app, which is continuously updated in order to provide optimum effectiveness. This program is utilized for front security and edge.

You can install the Front Cloud app on your PC or Mac by installing an android emulator on your computer, logging in with your Google Play Store and installing the app on your device. The way you use it on your computer is similar to how you use it on your mobile device.

The process is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. You’ll find everything you need below, so follow along and get your copy of Front Cloud today.

Front Cloud for PC – System Requirements

The Front Cloud app can only run on a PC or Mac with the following minimum system requirements:

  • OS – Windows 7 or macOS High Sierra or higher
  • Processor – Dual Core Intel or AMD
  • Memory – 4 GB RAM
  • Storage – 2GB of free disk space
  • Video – Supports OpenGL 2.0 or higher

Most modern computers will have these requirements and chances are that your computer already meets these requirements. No need to upgrade before enjoying the app.

How To Download Front Cloud For PC?

The Front Cloud app can be downloaded to your Mac or PC, as well as to numerous other platforms. The app may also be installed on your computer using Android emulators, as illustrated in the sections below.

How To Download & Install Front Cloud for PC Using Android BlueStacks  Emulator

To install Front Cloud with BlueStacks, follow these steps:

  1. On your PC, download and install the BlueStacks Android Emulator after which move on to the next step.How to download Front Cloud app for pc using Bluestacks
  2. On BlueStacks, launch the Google Play Store and sign in.sign in to download Front Cloud for pc and mac
  3. On the Google Play Store, look for “Front Cloud” Install the program on your to download Front Cloud app for pc and mac
  4. After installation is finished, open the BlueStacks app library and find the application.
  5. After that, launch the app on your PC and follow the prompts. Then, once you’ve installed it, log in and grant permissions as though you’re using an Android device.

When you install Front Cloud on your computer, it will appear to have the same user interface and capabilities as the phone.

How To Download & Install Front Cloud for PC with ARChon Android Emulator

If you wish to install Front Cloud on PC or Mac, download it using the ARChon Android Emulator. The following are the steps for installing it:

  1. On your computer, download the ARChon Android Emulator and install it.
  2. On the ARChon emulator, log in to the Google Play Store.
  3. To get started, download the ‘Front Cloud‘ app from the Google Play Store then install imo on your computer.
  4. To access the downloaded file, open the ARChon app library.
  5. On your computer, download and open the software. After that, install all of the necessary permissions, and utilize it as you would on an Android smartphone.

The procedure for installing the app is the same for both Windows and macOS.

Front Cloud APK File Details

For the Front Cloud app to run on your computer, you need the following system requirements:

Name Front Cloud
App Version V3.4.7
Category Tools
App Size 67 MB
Supported Android Version Android 5.1 and above
Last Update July 2021
License Type Free

With these requirements, your app should run without any issues.

Main Features of the Front Cloud App

Some of the features which make the Front Cloud app one of the best include the following:features of Front Cloud app for pc and mac

Real-time video monitoring:

The app enables you to monitor what is going on in your home or office, live using your smartphone. Real-time monitoring ensures that nothing escapes from being noted and therefore no detail will be missed during important events such as a break-in attempt at night when everyone is asleep.

The app offers cloud storage for recorded video data with day and night recording so it is not limited by lighting conditions which might affect its performance. You can set up customizable alerts via push notifications whenever motion is detected by the Front Cam so you never miss an opportunity to see something interesting happening even if you are busy at work all day long.

Save surveillance videos:

With Front Cloud, you can keep your surveillance videos in a cloud storage. It will allow you to view and share the video from there, whenever needed. Front Cloud have been designed with an aim to provide best-in-class security solution for home, business premises or any other organizations by empowering them with complete control over their property at all times through real time monitoring of every entry point.

Take video snapshots:

You can also take a snapshot whenever you want with the click of a button. If you feel like recording something interesting, either from your computer or mobile device’s camera, then Front Cloud is here to help. Take video snapshots anytime and anywhere. With the snapshots, you can also do a lot more. Take them from the Front Cloud App and use them as you want. Edit them, make collages with multiple shots to fit your needs. You can even share them when there is need for evidence after a robbery for example.

Save voice recordings and snapshots:

The app allows you to record your voice and take snapshots. You can then save these files to the cloud drive for easy access on any device that is supported by Front App (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). When saving files in one of these devices it will also make sure they are properly named so there won’t be any problems when trying to open them later on or sharing/sending them via email or text message.

Uses PTZ cameras:

The system uses PTZ cameras that are available on the market. The PTZ or “pan-tilt-zoom” camera allows for remote control of pan, tilt and zoom functions to monitor an area from different angles.

The Front Cloud app can be installed in any terminal device with internet access which includes PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This enables users to easily connect their devices without having to worry about compatibility issues between software versions or hardware types.

What Are the Positive Side and Negative Side of the Front Cloud App For PC?

The Front Cloud app, like most other cloud apps, has its benefits and downsides as well. They are as follows:

  • Cloud hosting allows businesses to save money on infrastructure. Everything may be done in the cloud, so there is less for the local systems to handle.
  • Front Cloud computing’s greatest benefit is access to the cloud not just from a system, but also through other exciting choices. Tablets, iPads, netbooks, and even mobile phones are among these options.
  • The high software expenditures of enterprises would be reduced by cloud infrastructure. The cloud servers already contain the counts of software. It eliminates the need for purchasing pricey software and paying for licensing fees.
  • The cost of hiring new people is not affected by the applications’ creation, installation, or organization of a new device.
  • Cloud computing for businesses eliminates the significant expenses at the front of the company’s servers. The increased memory, hard drive space, and processing power required to meet demands are all removed.
  • The centralized data of cloud services is another significant advantage.
  • Cloud computing services make it possible for data backup to be automated on the cloud system.
  • You may now store, access, and share all of your important papers and materials whenever you want.
  • The cloud service provider only uses the most secure data centers for your information.
  • To access your vital data, you’ll need an internet connection for cloud computing.
  • The advantages of Cloud computing are useless in a low-bandwidth network.
  • When a lot of people use the internet at the same time, the quality of your Cloud computing connection can be harmed.
  • A firm’s computers and data may be compromised.
  • You may be charged extra for features that you don’t want.

Even with these weaknesses, the Front Cloud app is one of the best when it comes to managing your front security.

Alternative Apps for Front Cloud For PC

Some other apps you can use in the place of the Front Cloud app include the following:

1. Keye App:

The Keye App is a great alternative to the Front Cloud app. Keye does not provide as many features as the original, but it is still an excellent tool for capturing and analyzing your data. Keyes allows you to create custom dashboards that give you access to all of your important metrics in one place. You can even use Keye with other tools like Slack, Segment, and Pagerduty so that you will never miss another notification again.keye app alternative

2. EagleEyes:

EagleEyes is a tool that enables the EagleEyes users to access and control their EagleEyes devices on their PC. With EagleEyes, those with limited or no vision can read webpages articles displayed on their computer monitor by using the mouse as an alternative for reading text out loud.EagleEyes alternative

The app also enables EagleEyes users to control their EagleEyes device using the PC. The app is only compatible with EagleEyes devices that are connected via Bluetooth, USB cable or Infrared (IR).

3. XDV App:

The XDV App was developed for all XDV users without Front Cloud. It is now possible to use XDV on your mobile device, desktop or laptop; wherever you are! XDV works with the same functionality as Front Cloud does and ensures an optimal user experience.

This program, like Front Cloud, is a surveillance solution that allows you to use live video surveillance and control your cameras remotely. XDV is a well-known security and monitoring interface that may be used for business offices, homes, and other places. You get full camera control with this software, including white balance, exposure, and all of the other elements of your monitoring camera.

4. MZone Fleet:

MZone Fleet MZone Mzone is a new company that has taken on the task of revamping some existing applications and creating new ones for business owners. MZone Fleet Mzone app allows you to track your vehicles, gas usage, mileage reimbursement at tax time, preventative maintenance scheduling, accident reporting all in one place. The best part about this program is it was designed with small businesses in mind so everything can be done from our phones or tablets versus having an expensive system put into each vehicle.

5. Blurams:

Blurams are also known as Blur-Ams. Blurams are the best alternative apps for Front Cloud for PC that work on PC, Android and iOS devices. You can access your Bluram through web browser or by downloading an app for your device. Your Bluram will have all of same great features you’ve come to love about Front cloud including notification mirroring, screen sharing & remote-control capabilities.

However, you will be able to blur any window with ease using our new Blurb feature which allows users to select a specific application they want blurred before starting their presentation! This is extremely useful when there is sensitive information displayed in an open tab behind your front cloud view.


The Front Cloud app is great for Front Security System & edge surveillance system. It’s great because it gives you a secure and easy to use method of controlling your security system from anywhere, anytime.

However, I would like Front Cloud for PC in order to be able to control my home when I am away from the house on travel or something else. Maybe they will have one soon? But until then this is definitely an app worth checking out.

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