Vonage App For PC – How To Download On Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Vonage App For PC – How To Download On Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Vonage is a company known for its voice over Internet protocol-based (VoIP) communications services. This cloud communication company was founded in 2001. Its headquarters are in New Jersey in the United States.

Vonage is one of the pioneers in the VoIP communications business. It offers videoconferencing, team collaboration, text messaging, and other services to its customers. All of these services are incorporated into a single interface.

The Vonage app allows you to make free calls and texts to other Vonage users. However, calls to local and international phones come at a cost. The Vonage app offers lower rates than those provided by your mobile carrier. To use the Vonage app on your PC, you’re going to need an Android emulator. Bluestacks and MEmu are two of the best emulators to use for this purpose. Below, we’ll look at how you can install and use the Vonage app on your PC.

How to download the Vonage app on your PC?

Use one of the following ways to download the Vonage app:

Download and install Vonage app for PC using Bluestacks

Here are the steps using Bluestacks:

  1.  Go to the official website of Bluestacks, Download the file and Install it on your pc.
    How to download and install vonage app for pc using bluestacks
  2. After the installation, open Bluestacks.launch bluestacks to download vonage app for PC
  3. Go to the Play Store and search for the Vonage app.search for Vonage App For PC and mac
  4.  After that click on the “Install” button to begin the installation process.How to download the Vonage app on your PC
  5. Click Yes, when prompted.
  6. On completion, you are now ready to use the Vonage app using Bluestack.

Download and install Vonage app for PC using MEmu emulator

Here are the steps using the MEmu emulator:

  1. Download and install the MEmu emulator from its official website.
  2. When the installation is completed, the open MEmu
  3. Go here and download the Vonage app.
  4. Look in your download folder for the installation file.
  5. Click on the file and begin the installation
  6. Click Yes when prompted during the installation process
  7. When the installation is finished, then you can use the Vonage app using the MEmu emulator.

Features of the Vonage app

The Vonage app has several features which make it one of the best VoIP apps.

features of Vonage App For PC and mac

Call waiting and Voicemail:

With the Vonage app, you can take or make another call while you’re already on one call. Voicemail is also offered by Vonage, similar to your regular phone provider. You can also send video voicemail using this app.

A referral program:

With Vonage, you will receive money every time you refer a new customer. You will receive a $1 credit if the customer downloads and registers with the Vonage app. The program has a limit of $10 for each account.


Subject to a limit of 20MB, you can record videos outside of the Vonage app and send them through Chat. You can also share and your location and contact information. All chat services are free when communicating with other Vonage users.

Can link with up to 5 devices:

With the Vonage app, you can line up to 5  other devices. You can make calls from any of these linked devices. Additional calling time can be purchase and used on any of the connected devices. All connected devices can receive the same income calls at once.

Talk time and call credit:

Calls to other Vonage users are free. Calls to non-Vonage users are offered at low rates. You are billed through Google Play or the Apple Itune store accounts. You can buy and use extra calling time on any of your linked devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Vonage app

Vonage is one of the original VoIP apps. If you download this app, you will find that it comes with several advantages. Some of its best  bits include:

  • Free video messaging and calling.
  • You can make international calls at low rates.
  • High-definition calls. Calls are very high quality with this app.
  • You can do group message texts with up to 50

Some of the weaknesses include:

  • Although cheaper than standard carriers, it’s also more expensive than some of its rival VoIP providers.
  • It doesn’t have a few of the capabilities of its rivals.

Vonage app alternative

While Vonage may have been around for a very long time, there are some worthy rivals worth consideration. Here are a few of them.

1. Skype:

Skype is one of the top VoIP apps in the world. Like Vonage, you can call, text, video, and voice call other Skype users for free worldwide. You can also able to call mobile phones and landlines at a competitive rate. It’s also available for Apple Watch.Skype alternative

You can use tablets, smartphones, PCs, televisions, and Macs to communicate using Skype. You can use Skype to send voice recordings, videos messages, and photos to friends and family.

2. Mobilevoip:

With Mobilevoip, you can make free local calls from your iPhone. You can also make international calls at a low cost using this app. You can use WiFi, EDGE, UMTS, and GPRS to make free calls as well. You can also save on roaming costs since Mobilevoip uses a low bandwidth.Mobilevoip alternative

3. Telos:

Telos is a mobile app that has a free phone number. You can make unlimited texting and calling using this app. The number that you get when using Telos comes in any area code that you choose. Your contacts don’t need Telos for you to call them. Your primary phone number is hidden by a burner number.

Frequently asked questions

Is Vonage free?

Vonage is free if your contact also has Vonage on their device. You can make calls outside of Vonage, but it can be done at a low rate. The Vonage app is also free to download.

Is the Vonage app safe for your PC?

Calls and texts through Vonage are protected in transit. Communications over public networks are protected through strong cryptography. According to the company, regular audits are also done to identify any weaknesses in the security of their services.

Does the Vonage app work with WiFi?

The Vonage app is based on a voice over internet protocol. This fact means that it needs your broadband internet to function. So, the Vonage app will work with either your 3/4G or WiFi connection.


The Vonage app is a great VoIP solution to make and receive calls, texts, and video communications. The Vonage app is free and easy to download onto your computer.  It’s free when communicating with other Vonage customers and cost less than your regular phone provider. If your frequent contacts also use Vonage, then it makes sense to download and use this app. However, if you make many international calls, you may need to look at a cheaper alternative.

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