TinyCam Pro For Pc (2022) – Free Download For Windows 10, 8, 7

TinyCam Pro comes with excellent surveillance features for your camera. You can download the pro version and remotely monitor cameras. It is a versatile application for security-centric users.

There are two versions of TinyCam, the free version, and the Pro version. The free version has only basic features while the pro version comes with additional features.

Tinycam pro for pc lets you monitor network, IP, and CCTV cameras remotely. You just need to download it, install it, and establish a one-time connection. Once functional, you can travel anywhere and have complete control of your camera from anywhere in the world.

Can You Use Tinycam Pro For Your Pc/Windows & Mac?

Yes, you can use tinyCam pro for your Windows, and Mac PC. While TinyCam does not have an official PC version, you can still install the Android Version on your PC. You need to follow a few steps to achieve the tinyCam Pro PC Version Download.

Can You Use Tinycam Pro For Your Pc/Windows & Mac?

Once downloaded, run the tinyCam Pro apk for pc and install it. There are two ways to install  the TinyCam Pro App for PC, Bluestacks, and Nox app player.

Brief Overview Of Tinycam Pro

Before you download the app and use it, let’s know how it works. First, TinyCam is a surveillance application that is available in two versions. The application records videos and supports playback.

Unlike most camera applications, TinyCam features cloud storage. You can upload and store videos and photos online. This is a remote surveillance app that connects to any security camera. It allows for remote monitoring and control of your cameras.

The app requires a one-time connection before you can operate it from anywhere in the world. However, you need the same internet connection for the first-time connection. The app is versatile and connects to multiple cameras for seamless control and monitoring.

TinyCam Pro For Pc

The application home screen can show up to four cameras simultaneously. What’s more, the app supports cameras from various CCTV manufacturers. Once you install it, the app can show some default dummy cameras installed by TinyCam for educational purposes.

In addition, TinyCam comes with Motion-detection, two-way communication alarm notifications, and PTZ control. You can even view a live cam in portrait or landscape mode.

TinyCam Pro for windows is designed for portability purposes. You don’t have to sit in front of the LCD camera to view camera recordings. It takes away the need to watch all videos. Instead, you get alerts and notifications when there is something of concern.

Generally, tinyCam Pro for computers – Swiss Knife to monitor cameras remains one of the best apps for android users. It’s highly rated and remains one of the best ways to monitor and control cameras wireless.

Use Cases Of Tinycam Pro

By now, you know what TinyCam Pro is and what it does. The app brings camera monitoring technology to your fingertips. With just a one-time payment, users can select any camera linked to the app and access the live view.

Use Cases Of Tinycam Pro

It is a user-friendly app, with a quick-access panel. Below are some of the main uses of TinyCam Pro.

  • The app can help you monitor cameras installed at the home, office, or any workplace remotely.
  • You can monitor cameras from any region in the world as long there is internet access
  • The app features automated features. It can send alerts in case of motion detection
  • Takes away the need to sit in front of large LCD screens at home to view videos
  • Supports two-way communication. You can see and talk to persons on the camera side
  • Upgrades your security to a whole new level

Overall, the app makes it a lot easier to monitor and control CCTV cameras. You don’t have to spend hours on CCTV home screens to know what’s happening. You can have peace of mind wherever you go while still having access to live feeds.

Requirements To Get Tinycam Pro On Pc

There are a few requirements to meet to download and install tinyCam on a PC. Here are the requirements one must meet.

Requirements To Get Tinycam Pro On Pc

  • A laptop or desktop PC
  • Mac OS or Windows 11/10/8/7
  • A network camera installed at your home or office (CCTV/IP/DVR)
  • Configuration information about your camera, IP address, and name
  • Same internet connection for your computer/laptop and camera
  • A Google account. If you don’t have one, it’s free to open
  • Android Emulators. You can download Bluestacks or Nox player. Bluestack is ideal for stable performances
  • Download the emulator and set it u using the Google account
  • With Bluestacks or Nox player installed and set up with a Google account, you can move to the next steps and down tinycam Pro for the computer.

Follow the next steps below to finish the TinyCan Pro apk download and installation.

Steps to Download & Install Tinycam Pro PC

The next step is downloading and installing tinycam Pro to your PC. As indicated earlier, you can download it via Bluestacks or Nox Player.

Download & Install Tinycam Pro PC Via Bluestacks

Bluestack is our first choice Emulator and the best with stable performances. Bluestack is versatile and even available for TinyCam Pro for Mac.

Download & Install Tinycam Pro PC Via Bluestacks

Here are the steps to follow when downloading and installing TinyCam Pro for PC via Bluestacks.

  • The first step is downloading and installing Bluestack on PC. (We’ve already seen how this is done)
  • Next, open the Bluestacks App on PC and log into your Google Account
  • Launch the app and tap on my App button on the emulator
  • Search for the TinyCam Pro app
  • Click on it and install
  • Remember, you have to log into your Google account to download apps from Playstore on Bluestacks

Well, that’s it! You’re now ready to use your TinyCam app in the same way you use normal Android apps. Just visit Bluestacks and double-click on the app icon. Access the TinyCam app and use it.

Download & Install Tinycam Pro PC Via Nox Player

To download and install TinyCam Pro via Nox player, follow the steps below.

Download & Install Tinycam Pro PC Via Nox Player

  • Nox Player is an Android Emulator. After downloading it, install and run it on your PC.
  • You can then log into your Google account
  • Go to the Search tab and type the TinyCam Pro
  • Install the TinyCam Pro on the Nox Emulator
  • Once fully installed, you can use TinyCam on the Nox Player without any issues

TinyCam Pro Features

The following are some of the common features of the TinyCam Pro:

  • Real-time audio processing for audio-graph or baby monitoring
  • Face detection
  • Video player with playback option
  • On-camera and in-app motion detection
  • Front and rear
  • Automatic cam detection due to a LAN scanner
  • Gaming controller and PTZ control
  • Background audio
  • Humidity and temperature sensor support
  • Easy remote access due to an internal webserver
  • Multiple camera audio monitoring
  • Easy cast to android
  • Camera grouping through tags
  • Home automation due to tasker plugin
  • Selection of play mode through the speaker
  • Widget addition to the home screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tiny Cam Pro free?

It all depends on the version you want to use. You can opt for the free version with basic features or the Pro Version with advanced additional features. The free version is free but one must pay a one-time fee for the Pro Version.

Can I use the tinyCam monitor app?

Yes, you can use the TinyCam Monitor app to view and control CCTV recordings. The monitor app allows you to view live camera feeds, communicate, zoom in and zoom out images. You can also playback videos and see what’s recorded.

Does tinyCam pro record?

TinyCam Pro records and allows users to playback videos. The app records live feeds for future reference and support cloud storage. You can review images at a later date for reference purposes.

Does tinyCam work on Chromebook?

TinyCam works on Chromebook perfectly helping you monitor and control camera feeds. However, you need to download the TinyCam Pro for ios for compatibility.

Can I add a camera to tinyCam pro?

You can add up to 4 cameras and TinyCam Pro and monitor them simultaneously. It is a versatile app that supports up to 4 cameras at once. The app monitor splits the screen up to 4 times for efficient monitoring and control.


There you have it, folks. You can now download the TinyCam Pro PC version for Windows and Mac without any issues. It is a reliable application that ensures seamless camera monitoring and control. Get to know what’s happening at home or the office remotely.

You don’t have to be glued to CCTV screens to know what’s happening at home or the office. Down and install tinyCam Pro for pc online today to enjoy flexible monitoring.

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