DU Screen Recorder for PC – Download On windows 7/8/10 & Mac

DU Recorder All is one of the best screen recorders out there. DU Recorder can be used on PC and Mac to create high-quality videos that are easy to share with friends, family, and your followers. It’s a great tool for people who want to show off gameplay or communicate ideas via video.

You can install Du Recorder on your PC and Mac using android emulators such as BlueStacks and Nox Player or the official Windows and Mac apps on the app stores of each operating system. With the android emulators, download and install your favorite emulator on the computer then log into the Google Play Store. Search for the DU Recorder All app then install it on the computer.

With this app, you can record the activities of your screen without any interruptions. Record for as long as you want with all recordings happening in the background to eliminate any distractions you might have.

How to Install Du Recorder All on PC and Mac?

You can use either Nox Player or BlueStacks to use Du Recorder All on PC. To use the mobile app on your computer, you need an Android emulator installed first.

1. Install DU Recorder All with Nox Player

The first method to have the DU Recorder All app on your PC or Mac is to use the Nox Player android emulator as follows:

  1. Download and install the Nox App Player android emulator on your computer.How to Install Du screen Recorder on PC and Mac uisng emulator
  2. Log into the Google Play Store on the Nox Player.sign in with gmail to download Du screen Recorder on PC and Mac
  3. Search for the ‘Du Recorder All‘ app on the Google Play Store.search for Du Recorder All on PC and Mac to download
  4. Install it on your computer.How to Install Du Recorder All on PC and Mac using nox player
  5. When done, launch it from the Nox Player’s app library.
  6. Provide the necessary permissions then use the app as you would on an android device.

This procedure is the same whether you’re on a Windows or macOS computer.

2. Install DU Recorder All with BlueStacks

The second method is to use BlueStacks as follows:

  1. Download and Install the BlueStacks android emulator on your computer.
  2. Log into the Google Play Store on BlueStacks.
  3. Search for the ‘Du Recorder All‘ app on the Google Play Store.
  4. Install it on your computer.
  5. When it finishes installing, launch it from the BlueStacks app library.
  6. Provide the necessary permissions then use the app as you would on an android device.

Use DU Recorder in order to record videos, calls, audios and any other media content you want with ease. Using it is exactly like using an app in a smartphone but instead, with these steps, you’re doing so with your Windows PC or macOS Computer device.

3. Install DU Recorder All with the Windows App

Du Recorder All has an official Windows app which can be downloaded from their website and installed on your computer as follows:

  1. Go to the Du Recorder website.
  2. Scroll down the page and click on Install DU Recorder All for PC.
  3. Click Install to download it directly into your computer’s app store.
  4. Once installed, open the program from My Apps in your Windows Start menu or by searching with Cortana (search programs and files).
  5. You will be prompted to sign-in using a Gmail account so that you can access Du Recorder All across all of your devices through Google Play Games. If this is not something you want, please see alternate installation steps above.
  6. Logging onto Google may take some time depending on internet speeds. Just leave this window up until it finishes loading. This process does NOT turn Google accounts into spam email that sends out advertisements or anything like that. Everything associated with signing in is 100% secure and safe.
  1. Now you can begin recording by clicking on the ‘Record’ button at the top of the screen. A red dot will indicate when recording.

You will be able to access the Du Recorder All app just as you would any other Windows program. You can even pin it to the task bar for ease of access.

4. Install DU Recorder All with the macOS App

With the macOS (formerly OS X) app, you use the following steps:

  1. Launch the Mac App Store.
  2. Search for the ‘DU Recorder: Screen Recorder’ app.
  3. Click on the ‘Get’ button to download the app to your Mac computer.
  4. Once installed, go to Finder app on your Mac. On the left side, click on the ‘Applications’ button to go to all the applications.
  5. Find the DU Recorder: Screen Recorder app then double-click on it to launch it.

Use the app as you would any other app on your computer. If you do not want to install the macOS app, then using DU Recorder All on your computer is as easy as downloading an Android emulator and installing the software from there.

DU Recorder All System Requirements

System Requirements Recommended Requirements Minimum Requirements
Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit) or macOS High Sierra or higher Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or OS X Mountain Lion higher
Graphics Card AMD Radeon R9 270, NVIDIA GTX 660 or higher AMD Radeon HD6570, NVIDIA GT 630 or higher
Display resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher 1280 x 800
GPU 4 gigabytes GPU VRAM 2 gigabytes GPU VRAM
Storage 10 gigabytes 10 gigabytes
RAM 8 gigabytes 4 gigabytes

DU Recorder All Features

Some of the features that make the Du Recorder All app a must-have include the following:Features of DU screen Recorder for pc

Record gameplay videos:

The Du Recorder All app allows you to record gameplay videos for later viewing. You will be able to easily keep up with all of your progress in the game, no matter how long it takes. Of course, the Du Recorder All app also allows you to take screenshots and edit them on-the-go. This means that, if there is an epic moment in one of your games which requires a screenshot, then this can be done with ease using the DU Record All app.

You will never have to worry about getting distracted by the app during important moments when recording or taking screenshots because DU Record enables background recording so that you don’t miss anything.

Record video calls:

You can also record video calls at the same time you are recording audio. Recordings made in this way not only have good quality sound but also clear video with a resolution of up to 720p and 60 FPS.

This way, the app also allows users to record their favorite lectures or interview sessions without any interruption, so they can focus on what is being said instead of worrying about following along with notes or an outline. Users who produce content for online tutorials may find DU Recorder useful as well because it enables them to create high-quality tutorial videos that go beyond simple screencasts by offering great visual clarity too.

Record sessions on live apps:

With apps such as Big Live and Periscope, there is a need to record these sessions for proof and sharing. DU Recorder All lets you do this with ease, as it records what’s happening on your screen in real time.

Offers different video resolutions, bit rates and frame rates:

This app, like other screen recorders, offers the ability to capture and save in-app audio. Users can also change what resolution they want their video recordings in, including Full HD or higher resolutions.

Offering these high-quality options makes DU Recorder All a good option for people who want more than just simple recording capabilities out of an app. This app is specifically designed to do just that.

You can use the front camera during recordings:

The facecam feature allows you to use the front camera during a recording. You can also change the angle and size of your facecam as well as enable or disable audio from it, all in real time.

Easily pause and resume screen recordings:

This app also makes it easy to set the video resolution for your recordings. DU Recorder All is free to use, but there are some ads in it so you can purchase a premium version of this app if you want to use some premium features.

The app includes the shaking feature that allows users to stop recording their screen by simply shaking the device. Users can also click on an icon in order to pause or resume recordings, which is convenient for those who are looking for a simple solution without having to launch or find the app to stop the screen recording.

You can also control the screen recording session either through a floating window on the screen or through the notification bar. Quite neat using it.

Record external sounds:

With the DU Recorder All app, you can record external sounds from your microphone. Record phone calls, meetings, classes and more. DU Recorder All also allows you to add a voice note along with the recording. You can then share these recordings via email or upload them directly to Dropbox for safe-keeping.

Display the click operations while recording:

The app also allows for the recording of any click operations. Displaying the click operations while recording allows for a better user experience as apps are optimized to reduce latency between clicks and to prevent lag when navigating through an app.

Make a GIF from the video:

You can also make a GIF from the video you have recorded. Make sure your device is connected to DU recorder All for PC and then go ahead with these following steps:

  1. Open the “Video” tab on top of the screen and click on “+”.
  2. Select any part or all of your recording and choose an output format like MPV, AVI, FLV etc., as well as setting the FPS (frames per second), resolution according to your requirements.
  3. After that, hit the “Trim” button located at bottom right corner. You can also use this option if only some parts are useful for you out of what you actually recorded by ticking the mark in front of those specific portion(s).
  4. Press Next > Finish after selecting where to save your new video file.
  1. Make the GIF by pressing down on “GIF” button located at bottom left corner of DU Recorder for PC then selecting any portion you want to capture in your new animated image. Click on red arrow/play icon after hitting “Start” tab.
  2. Save it as a .gif file which is saved in Pictures > du_recorder folder in the Pictures library (on Windows). In case there are no such folders, please create them manually.

Making a GIF from a video on the DU Recorder app is easy for both the native desktop app and the app installed through an android emulator.

No watermark on screen recordings:

With this app, you can record your computer screen and no watermark will appear on the video. It may be a small detail but it’s not an insignificant one when you want to create tutorial videos or let users know about your app.

Easy to use:

DU Recorder All for PC doesn’t require any complicated processes making it easy to use by everyone (beginner or expert). Just like other similar apps, this software is available in free and pro version. If you do not need all features of the application, we recommend using its free version since it’s enough for most people’s needs.

No ads:

Unlike many other apps in the same category, this screen recorder does not store ads inside recorded files. If you ever used such tools before in order to capture your desktop activity and found out that they also added some extra banners or notifications, you know how frustrating this can be. No need to worry about that with DU Recorder as it’s ad-free.

Videos synced with cloud storage:

At the same time, all your captured videos are saved on your favorite cloud storage service so there is no risk in losing them when the computer crashes. This feature allows users to continue recording from where they left off even if their PC reboots unexpectedly.

No time limit on the recordings:

You don’t have to worry about time limits when you’re using DU Recorder All. The application will let you record for as long as needed which is great if the situation calls for it or if there’s something lengthy that needs recording.

DU Recorder All Disadvantages

Some of the most common problems with the DU Recorder All app include the following:

May hang on some devices

On some low-end devices, the app may crash or fail to work properly.

May not be compatible with all devices running the Android OS

You need to make sure that your device is running on at least the Jelly Bean (Android v.16) operating system before installing this recorder, as it has been known to cause issues for users who have phones and tablets powered by older versions of Google’s mobile software. Some people are able to install DU Recorder All without any problem while others experience various problems after downloading which include crashes, installation errors, lagging performance, etc… The user ratings seem pretty positive overall but many low star reviews indicate multiple cases of buggy behavior in some instances.

Alternatives to DU Recorder All

Other apps you can use in the place of DU Recorder All include the following:

1. Snagit:

The first alternative to consider is Snagit by Techsmith. Snagit can be used on Windows and Mac machines, so you’ll have no problems using it regardless of your computer type. The app comes with a ton of features for taking screenshots that are just as capable as DU Recorder All’s tools. There are more advanced ones like annotation capabilities.alternative of DU screen Recorder snagit

Snagit also has some great screen recording options in addition to its extensive screenshot functionality which makes it an extremely versatile option if you plan to use the tool often across many different types of media production projects. This is great especially since these most functions can be used simultaneously. Snagit is designed for professional power users and offers a free trial period after which plans start at $49/year or $11/month. It’s also available for iOS devices so you can have a Snagit app on both your computer and smartphone to manage projects from either platform at any time.

2. ConnectWise Control:

Another popular screen recording, screen sharing and remote access solution is ConnectWise Control. ConnectWise Control can be accessed on either a Mac or PC. Like TeamViewer, Connectwise offers Windows (version 12), macOS (version 14) and Linux versions of their product as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.alternative of DU screen Recorder onnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control provides many essential tools for IT help desk technicians such as file transfer abilities, chat functions to communicate with clients in real time and video calling capabilities that allow users to hold face-to-face meetings right from their desktop computers without having to travel anywhere. Additionally, ConnectWise control supports SSL encryption which basically means all communication between your client’s machine and ConnectWise Control is kept safe.


CloudApp is a great way to share files on your computer. CloudApp records the screen of whatever you are working on, including videos and voice recordings. CloudApp is especially helpful when someone asks you how to do something or if there’s an error that needs to be showed rather than talked about over the phone/skype/etc.alternative of DU screen Recorder CloudApp

This application is very useful for tech support purposes as well. CloudApper also allows users to annotate their screens with sticky notes so it makes sharing screenshots concise and easy. It can record video in HD quality which really helps people understand what they need help with more clearly too.

4. Camtasia:

With Camtasia, you can record your screen for a video tutorial, presentation or demo. Camtasia is powerful and an easy-to use software that will make the creation of digital recordings from within windows applications as well as games much easier. You can also edit videos with Camtasia to include images, music and voice overs.alternative of DU screen Recorder Camtasia

Included in Camtasia are tons of features such as a high-speed recording frame rate capability up to 60fps (frames per second), image capture via either webcam or DVR/VCR input device, support for DVD output on Windows Media Center editions and many more.

5. RecordIt:

RecordIt also helps record computer screens among other features. Another RecordIt feature that is useful to enhance your video recording experience is the RecordIt Cloud. RecordIt has a cloud-storage service where you can upload, save and access videos on their website. This means that if you need to change phones or just want an extra copy of your recorded video, it’s always available for download in its original high-definition quality with no loss of quality.

RecordIt provides training online through webinars hosted by professional trainers who are experts in teaching what they do best so users get the most out of using RecordIt. Recordings from these sessions are also made publicly available on YouTube which come highly recommended as a great source for learning how to use RecordIt more efficiently and productively.


Is DU Recorder available for PC?

DU Recorder is a video recording software for Windows, Android, and Mac OS. Because it is available on Google Play, you can also install DU Recorder app on your PC or Mac using an android emulator.

How can I download DU recordings in Windows 10?

Open the LDPlayer program and click on the 3 dots, then select APK. Go to the downloaded file and pick it, then wait for a while before du recorder is installed on your computer.

Is DU recorder safe?

At first sight, DU Recorder appears to be a safe and effective tool for screen recording. However, we’ve come across numerous complaints from a variety of users who claim that the software infected their devices and even seemed to independently change other programs, something that isn’t supposed to happen.

Does DU Recorder have a watermark?

The app does not have the watermark when you create and record videos with it. This is why this application has now become popular among people who need something reliable without having advertisements all over the user interface.

What is an android emulator?

An android emulator is a program that creates an environment, in which you are able to run Android apps. The emulator normally acts as the operating system of your computer and mimics it’s functionality.


In conclusion, DU Recorder All is a great app. It’s easy to use and it will record your screen sessions perfectly. It has many different ways to install on the PC or Mac including the use of android emulators such as BlueStacks and the Nox App Player. With a long list of applications which can serve as alternatives to the DU Recorder app, you can choose the one that best fits your needs if Du Recorder falls short of your expectations.

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