Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

Since you’re here, that tells somewhere you have heard about free cell phone service for life unlimited. And you want to know is it actually true, how do I get it, what are the pros and cons, etc. Ain’t that right?

If that’s what you were thinking, congrats! You just found out what you were looking for. This guide is a piece of in-depth information about free cell phone service and all.

Buckle up, read through, and you’re going to everything about free cell phone services for a lifetime.

Can We Really Get Everything Unlimited With Free Cell Phones?

To be honest, “Everything unlimited” doesn’t actually exist. And some even come with a tagline like “ unlimited free cell phone services for life”. These are catchphrases companies use for promotion, nothing else.

Can We Really Get Everything Unlimited With Free Cell Phones

Yes, they offer free services like free classes, texts, and data plans. But they are not for a lifetime. Just think, if a company provides everyone free services for life long, then how is the company going to make a profit? It literally doesn’t add up, right?

The trick here is to get customers with such taglines and give free services for a while, and then charge a fee for services. However, there are companies that are true to their words and they provide good services as well.

Once you experience the service, you’ll find it worth spending on. Don’t worry, we’ll be walking you through a list of companies in a coming section that is worth considering.

Moving on!

Usually, wireless providers are what give such offers for the publicity of their company. That being said, there is a legit option for getting unlimited cell phone service for life which is called Life Assistance.

It is a government-supported program that funds some wireless service providers to provide their qualified customers free cell phone service lifelong. And it is true. With this service, you’ll get free calls, texts, and the internet as long as you remain qualified.

Having that said since it is a government program if the government will they can bring changes anytime. You should keep that in mind too.

Advantages of Free Cell Phones Service for Life Unlimited

Joining an unlimited free cell phone service for life is surely beneficial. Most of the homeless, unemployed, physically challenged, and eligible veterans have been benefiting from such programs over the year. However, let’s have a quick look at how will you be benefitting from these programs.

  • Not everyone has the strength to pay a handsome amount of telephone bill every month. Even though a large pool of people is unable to do so, they still need to be in touch with friends and family, work, etc. And the free cell phone service is an absolute opportunity for them to stay in touch without paying a dime.
  • Everyone has the right to be able to contact health care providers whenever needed. What about people who can’t pay for their telephone bills, hence they don’t even consider getting a phone? Free cell phone service benefits such people the best.
  • With unlimited free cell service, people can talk over the phone, text, and use the internet as much as they need without worrying about the bills.

Disadvantages of Free Cell Phones Service for Life Unlimited Everything

Well, to be honest, there are no disadvantages of using free cell phone service for life unlimited everything as long as you pick the right company. Or you choose programs like Life Assistance which is supported by the government.

So the question should be what problems might happen if we choose the wrong company. And here is what might happen…

  • There are few companies that offer phones that are preloaded with malware. Now, what’s the problem with Malware? Well, it makes the phone unusable with time. So it is best to seek for recommendation and choose a company that has been serving well for years.
  • Not all companies offer lifetime service. Even though they might say that but after a time they will put a charge. And there are some companies who offer lifetime service but they limit the talk time.
  • There are a bunch of fraud companies that show lucrative offers, take a small charge for the activation, and vanish.

Why Do Phone Companies Offer This Service?

The only reason why phone companies offer free cell phone service is to promote their business. You’ll find these companies having lucrative offers like Unlimited free call service for a lifetime or anything like that. These are just catch phrases they use to hook people.

Once they get people subscribed to their service, for a short period of time they offer the free service and they start charging for it. Almost all of the commercial telecommunication providers do it.

On the other hand, government-supported programs like Life assistance, their purpose is completely different. The life Assistance program is for people who are unemployed and poor.

The goal is to help them connect. Once having a phone was a luxury but now it has become a necessity. And the government through Life assistance is making sure everyone who is unable to pay for a phone gets one and connects to the world.

How Do I Qualify for Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything?

To qualify for the government-supported free cell phone service you have two ways, either through the Lifeline assistance program or a temporary emergency broadband benefit program. The latter one might seem new to you as it was started during the Covid-19 crisis. Let’s dive deeper!!!

How Do I Qualify for Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

Lifeline Process

In the United States there used to be a program called “Obamaphone Program”, if you have lived there for a long, you must have heard about it. Well, the thing is the name is not correct, because the lifeline program started in the 1930s, way before Obama became president.

It is a program made to help people who live on a low income. And it funds some cell phone providers and those providers provide people with free cell phones and unlimited services. The lifeline program is available for one person in the family and it is non-transferable. And the program is available in all the states, territories, and tribal lands.

Whoever meets the qualification below is found eligible for Lifeline programs.

Eligibility Based on Income

Anyone who is living in the United States and has an earning under 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, is eligible for a lifeline-free cell phone program. When applying you will need proof of income. It could be the tax return documents or 3 consecutive pay stubs which will prove the eligibility.

Eligibility Based on GAP

GAP stands for, government assistance program. Another way to get yourself qualified for the free cell phone service is by participating in some federal assistance programs.

Not you, if any of your family members are involved in such programs, one person from your family will be held eligible for the lifeline program. Here are the assistance programs that one needs to get involved in…

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Also known as Food Stamps

  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors benefits
  • FPHA (Federal Public Housing Assistance)

And people who live on tribal lands, they can also get into the Lifeline program if their monthly income is below the federal poverty guidelines. Or they are involved in any of the tribal assistance programs mentioned below…

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy families.
  • Food Distribution Program on an Indian reservation.

In order to for the Free cell service, you’ll need to show proof of participation in any of the mentioned programs.

Emergency Broadband Benefit Process

Even though it is like the Lifeline assistance program but it is different. EBB is a program that is temporary and was started to help people during the covid-19 crisis. And it is not completely free. In EBB they offer big discounts which make using the internet way too affordable.

How To Get Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything?

There are a bunch of wireless companies that provide free cell phone services. Even though different companies have different offers but lifeline programs that are supported by the Government offer free cell phone and unlimited call, text, and internet service to the eligible people.

How To Get Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

And some companies charge very little money for the service. So how would you get the free cell service depends on you. If you are someone who is thinking about getting the government’s lifeline service then you need to check for the following requirements.

  • The family income needs to be under the federal poverty guideline.
  • Or one of the family members needs to be involved in the Federal assistance programs.

And then follow the given steps to apply for the service…

  • Choose a good provider that is true to its word. Spend as much as time possible in this stage.
  • Get the documents of the eligibility. Either tax return or the proof of participation in the Federal assistance programs.
  • Now you will have to sign up with the lifeline provider through a form. That could be done both online and offline.
  • That’s all. Once you get verified, you will be able to use the service.

10 Best Free Cell Phone Service For Unlimited Everything

As we have mentioned a couple of times, there are a bunch of companies that offer free cell phone services. And among those some claims to offer free service for a lifetime which is not the case. Whatever, it is here we have come up with a list of the 10 best free cell phone services for unlimited everything.

Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

The prices you’ll see below might fluctuate a bit, as companies keep changing their plans and prices but they should be around.

1. T-Mobile Base Essential Plan

Hands down, T-Mobile base essential plan is one of the best plans you will find right now that comes cheap and offers good service as well. If you don’t need 3 or 4 lines, and looking for a cheap option, then go for the essential plan. The plan includes…

  • Unlimited Talk time.
  • Unlimited text.
  • 50GB of mobile data each month.
  • Paramount + subscription for 1-year in the US.

The data speed is pretty high, it will only get slower when it is past the due time for the bill.

2. AT&T Unlimited Extra Plan

AT&T is a reliable wireless provider that has been serving pretty well. They have 3 plans right now, and this Unlimited plan is the middle one which comes with a reasonable price and good offers too. With this unlimited plan, you get 4 lines.

This plan includes…

  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited text.
  • 50 GB premium mobile data each month.
  • 5G access.
  • 15 GB hotspot data.
  • Standard definition streaming.
  • Stadia Pro subscription for 6-month in the US.

3. Verizon Play More

The Verizon play charges around $45 for a single line. However, they offer some kind of discount on that. They have 4 plans and the play more plan is the middle one coming with usable features.

The plan includes…

  • 5G total access.
  • 25GB premium mobile hotspot data.
  • Up to 50% discount on Verizon home internet.
  • Apple Music for 6 months in the US.
  • Unlimited talk time
  • Unlimited texts.
  • International texting.
  • 4G lite.

4. Qlink Wireless

Qlink wireless has a lifeline plan which is supported by the Government. It is a free plan and suitable for people who have income under the federal poverty guidelines or people who are involved in federal assistance programs.

However, unlike many telecommunication companies, the lifeline plan offers unlimited phone service for a lifetime as long as you remain eligible. The plan includes…

  • Unlimited Data.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited text.
  • Nationwide calling.

5. Virgin Mobile Inner Circle Plan

The best part about Virgin Mobile is, that they don’t add click baits as other companies do. They are straightforward and clearly mentioned that they will be offering service only for 1 buck for the first 6-months. And after that the client will be charged 50 bucks a month.

And they require A fee of $9.99, it’s an upfront cost for the service. Their plan includes…

  • Unlimited Mobile data.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited Texts.
  • International calling at $10 a month.

However, one drawback we think is that they offer this service for only those who use iPhone 6 or the latest models.

6. Xfinity Mobile

If you are a Comcast internet user and looking for a free cell service plan, then Xfinity mobile is going to be a great option for you. Xfinity mobile has two plans, unlimited and pay by gig.

With the unlimited plan, you get…

  • Nationwide access.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited text.
  • Unlimited Mobile data.
  • 5G ultra wideband.
  • Standard quality streaming resolution.
  • HD pass for higher quality cellular service.

And the pay by Gig is a little bit different. With this plan, you pay as much as you use.

7. Mintmobile Unlimited Plan

The Mint mobile unlimited plan is available for 3, 6, and 12 months. The longer the subscription you take the bigger discount you get. The unlimited plan includes…

  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited text.
  • Unlimited mobile data.
  • 5GB mobile hotspot data.
  • 3 in 1 Simcard kit.

The mobile data speed will get reduced once you cross using 35 GB data. This could have been a downside of Mintmobile but the price outweighs that.

8. Visible

Visible is a wireless company that is powered by Verizon. It has only one plan and covers everything that other wireless providers offer. Here is what you get with Visible…

  • Unlimited mobile hotspot.
  • Unlimited 4G and 5G data.
  • Unlimited talk time and text.
  • No annual contract.
  • Texting and calling to Mexico and Canada.
  • No activation cost.

9. Standup Wireless

Standup wireless is also a lifeline program launched for poor people who don’t have the ability to afford phones or pay for phone bills. The requirements are the same as any other lifeline program.

You have to submit the documents and once you are held eligible, you’ll be allowed to sign up. Standup wireless lifeline plan includes…

  • A free phone.
  • 10GB high-speed mobile data.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • Unlimited additional data.

10. Metro PCS Unlimited

The ultimate plan is the priciest plan of the Metro PSC. And you can expect to get satisfying service from this wireless provider. The unlimited plan includes…

  • Unlimited calls and texts.
  • Unlimited high-speed data.
  • T-mobile 5G network access.
  • 15 GB hotspot data.
  • Amazon prime membership.
  • 100GB google one membership.

Key Points

  • Unless it is a government-supported program, don’t expect the free mobile service would be for a lifetime.
  • Due to the Lifeline programs, many people under the poverty line will have the ability to contact health care or 911 for emergencies.
  • Private wireless providers offer this service for promotional purposes. Whereas lifeline assistance programs are for helping poor people connect to the world.
  • To qualify for the lifeline program, either you need to have an income that is below the federal poverty guideline. Or any of your family members need to be involved in Federal programs.
  • In order to sign up for the Lifeline program, you’ll have to prove your eligibility by submitting needed documents.


If you want free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, then lifeline or life assistance programs that are supported by the government are your best bet. Otherwise private wireless providers don’t offer lifetime service.

Whatever it is, hope this article enlightened you enough about free cell phone services.

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