Memrise for Pc – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac

Perhaps you must have been wondering if it were possible to download Memrise for PC. And as a result of the exciting features of quick video clips—and a daily five-minute language training game that the Android app offers—millions and millions of people, even language experts, testify of how it simplifies the process of mastering new languages.

But more of a greater experience will it be on PCs. From the benefit of a larger screen view of video clips to the access of quicker navigation and fast clicks through the app on PCs—users will enjoy more stress-free and easy learning.
Though the PC version of this incredible app is yet to be developed; Memrise developers, at some point, discovered that Memrise on PCs will make learning easier and quicker for its users.

Therefore, they took it upon themselves to procure a quick means of getting this very informative app on PCs. And after a series of thorough research, they found out that it’s possible with the use of emulators. Walk this thrilling adventure, and uncover the simple step-by-step process of Memrise for PC download for Windows 7,8,10,11, and mac quickly.

Can You Use A Memrise For Your PC/ Windows & Mac?

This question has been pending in the minds of passionate and lenient users of Android Memrise. And they’ll get an answer to it today. The quick answer is yes. You can now open and run Memrise on your PC— Windows and Mac. Plus, the good side of it is that the process of installation needs no technical experience.

Memrise for Pc

Compared to the direct download of the Memrise app from the Google Play store on mobiles, downloading it on PCs requires a different approach. It requires the use of Android emulators to add Memrise to the list of your PC apps. It’s in two ways, using either Bluestack emulator or Nox player emulator.


  • App name: Learn languages with Memrise.
  • Latest version: 2.94_25019_memrise.
  • Updated last: January 28, 2021.
  • Filespace: 21MB
  • Developed by: Memrise
  • License: premium
  • Android version: 5.0 upwards.
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Rated reviews: 4.6/5
  • Total reviews: 1.3 M +
  • App purpose: Education
  • Ads technique: No ads
  • Pricing: In-app purchase.

About Memrise App

Being a language learning app, founded in 2010, it takes the opposite of a classroom type of learning— making the adventure of learning a new language fun and interesting. As of now, its users are close to 60 million+ from over 180 different countries. And millions and millions of them positively commend the effective learning technique Memrise offers.

About Memrise App

Here they are:

Real-life and native language learning

Memrise offers a form of learning that goes beyond boring classroom-like learning with its real-life exposures. Its team of linguists is not only professional, but they put in strong passion into teaching you the languages they speak themselves day-in, day-out in their lives.

They practically take you by the hand through your journey of mastering any language of your choice. To beautify the exposure, they offer thousands of local video clips from natives around the globe— from different countries

— from residential locations, speaking their languages. As a result, there will be ease in learning accents. Apart from that, you’ll also get yourself exposed to various cultures and people.

A blend of science and tech

Memrise is created with a blend of science and technology that sprouts your mind. Its team discovered that repeating the same word, again and again, can be boring. Therefore, to spur a spark of life in your mind while learning your language— they set up the language coaching in a way that you apply your knowledge in diverse ways and various situations.

It’s Fun

With access to different races of individuals, from different countries, Memrise makes language learning fun. Its team tests each and every content thoroughly before putting them up in the apps for the million users, to ensure fun is preserved.

How to Download Memrise For PC Using Bluestacks Emulator

As you already know, you will be using Android emulators to install Memrise on your PC. One of the best emulators you can use is Bluestack.

Bluestack is a globally known and trusted android emulator, accessible for Windows and Macs. What makes it a hype of the market is its incredible speed. Let’s see how you can use it to install Memrise on PC.

  • First, download Bluestacks on your PC from its site.
  • Install the app on your PC by double-clicking on the downloaded file, blue stacks.exe.
  • Now, click on the Bluestack app, and step back for a few minutes for the emulator to load for start.
  • Next, after its installation, make sure you log in with your Google Account details.
  • Afterward, type and search for Google Play Store app on the home page of Bluestacks; then, click on it.
  • Immediately the Play Store opens, type for Memrise app; then, click on the search icon.
  • After that, you’ll see a page similar to the looks of the Play Store on mobiles; click on “install”. Upon installation, you’ll find the Memrise icon in Bluestacks’ app folder.
  • It’s ready. Click on it, and enjoy the fun and learning.

How To Download Memrise For PC Using Nox Player Emulator

Now, let’s begin with complete steps on how to install Memrise for PC using Nox Player. Follow these:

How To Download Memrise For PC Using Nox Player Emulator

  1. First, download an updated version of the Nox player from its site.
  2. Next, double click on the downloaded file to install the Nox player on your PC. Step back for some minutes to finish the installation.
  3. From the desktop home, open the emulator by clicking its icon.
  4. After that, the Nox player home page will appear with a Play Store icon. Now, click on it. (Note: Nox player has Play Store in it by default)
  5. To log in to the Play store, use your Gmail details.
  6. Afterward, the Play Store page appears like it is on Mobile Phones, displaying many Android apps. Search for ” Memrise” and click “install”
  7. Wait for the installation to complete.
  8. Finally, it’s ready. Click on Memrise to open it on your PC.

Features Of Memrise App

On the path of learning any language of your choice on this app, here are some features you’ll enjoy:

Features Of Memrise App

  • This application offers you simple techniques to recall new words to speed your learning process.
  • Real native speakers of their cultural language speak the words.
  • It offers a five-minute training game that you can use to daily sharpen your listening skills and understand difficult words.
  • Memrise app can help you to get the language accent and enable good pronunciation.
  • Since it can read your phone’s microphone, headphone, or headset, you can record yourself, speaking your desired language; then, get feedback analysis from Memrise— whether your pronunciation is right or wrong. Then, it corrects if needed.
  • You can easily download a course for offline reading later without an internet connection.
  • You can choose from the varieties of languages they offer.
  • Premium subscription offers you all its features and course.

Related Apps Of Memrise for PC/ Windows.

Not all individuals will fancy the Memrise app for one reason or the other. If you’re one of them, here are some other options on the table:

1. Rosetta Stone App

With different speaking lessons and features, quick pronunciation correction with the cultural accent, a remarkable record of millions of confident speaking users, the Rosetta Stone app can be a good catch for you.

Rosetta Stone App

2. Busuu App

Try the Busuu Android app, as it offers speaking lessons and practice, writing lessons, memory sharpening techniques, and more. With it, you can learn international languages like German, Portuguese, Polish, French, Chinese, Spanish, and more.

3. Duolingo


This is one of the top-rated language learning apps in the world. It offers over 50 languages, selected tools to speed up the learning process as well as linguist experts that suit your budget. You can download it for Android, IOS, or PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paying for Memrise worth it?

Memrise is very good for beginners. Besides, millions of users around the world commend the app’s impact. Therefore, paying for Memrise is worth it.

Is Memrise better than Duolingo?

While Memrise is more effective for the memory of words and phrases, Duolingo is better for mastering how to put sentences together. Depending on what you want, both are effective in their ways.

How do I add my own words to Memrise?

Check the “edit” page of your course. You’ll see a box under “add words”. Simply type in your desired word, then Memrise will search its giant dictionary for words that correlate with it.

How do I join a group on Memrise?

In Memrise, groups are private. First, you’ll have to be invited to join. The group admin may invite you through email or direct the invitation link to you.

Can you learn multiple languages on Memrise?

On Memrise, you can learn your choice number of languages. To drift to another language, simply click on the menu area.

Bottom Line

Learning different languages can be very useful for better rapport with people. Also, at some point, in businesses, it can be useful in getting the deals. To acquire a new language, you need an app that simplifies language learning for you.  Memrise for PC can do the job for you. Though the PC version isn’t out, with the Android emulators, you can install it on your PC.

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