Webtoon for Pc 2022- Download Windows 7/8/10/Mac

Webtoon for Pc 2022- Download Windows 7/8/10/Mac

Before now, it was still difficult to get physical non-pirated magazines from your favorite writer. Thankfully, developers found a way of bringing us our favorite comics right on our beds using our mobile devices. Webtoon is just one of the tools designed to help satisfy your comic cravings.

Webtoon is home to short stories, daily comic strips, and epic sagas. It also offers content across 23 genres. Sadly, the idea that the app is only for smartphones posed a bit of a problem for users who love it big. Luckily, this article is designed to help you enjoy Webtoon for PC windows. Read on for details.

Can You Use Webtoon For Your Pc/Windows & Mac?

Webtoon is an app that can be used across several smartphone operating systems. However, it can be used on your PC, Windows, or Mac by extension. Luckily, it only requires you to have an emulator software installed on the pc.

Can You Use Webtoon For Your Pc/Windows & Mac


Filename com-naver-linewebtoon-2-8-0_SOFTSCRIBE.apk
Best emulators Nox player and Bluestacks
Size of APK files 24 MB
Required Android version for emulator Android 4.1+
APK version 2.8.0
Date of the latest update October 26, 2021
Operating systems for emulator Mac or Windows 7, 8, & 10

What is the Webtoon PC app?

Webtoon is a smartphone app that allows users to access top comic content on the internet. However, it is also available for use on PC, using third-party emulator software for installation. Readers have 23 genres from which they can choose their desired content. Some of the available genres include romance, comedy, fantasy, action, and horror.

Webtoon for Pc

More interesting is that it features several international top reads, including Noblesse, The God of High School, Tower of God, etc. Also, you have access to comics that are constantly updated every week.

Also, the platform provides content from thousands of creators for a teeming and active audience. Moreover, writers who intend to create and publish their stories can also use the app. They are allowed to utilize a variety of tools to publish their series in their preferred genre.

In-app, the content is divided into three basic tabs. The first tab contains recommendations according to your preferences, where you can get engage with your favorite comic types. The second tab contains a calendar that allows you to track your favorite content in an organized way. In this tab, you are regularly updated with the most recent publications based on your preference.

How To Download and Install Webtoon for PC

Downloading Webtoon for PC isn’t a problem as it can be done by a few easy steps. However, make sure you have an android emulator installed on your pc. The android emulator, in this case, serves as a third-party platform to help you get Webtoon installed on pc.

BlueStack Method: Download and Install

BlueStacks is one of the earliest software available. In addition to this, it is one of the best of its kind and runs on different operating systems, including Windows and Mac. So here is a quick step-by-step guide to using it for Webtoon for PC download.

BlueStack Method: Download and Install

Step 1: Download and Install Emulator

If you don’t have Bluestacks already installed on your PC, follow this link. This link will take you to the Bluestacks official website, where you will find a green download button. Click on the green button to download Bluestacks. Once the download is completed, double-click on the Bluestack icon to start installing it. The installation process follows the same easy pattern with other computer software.

Step 2: Open Google Store on Emulator

After you’re done with the installation, open the Bluestacks software. Note that this may take some time to load since it’s the first time, so exercise some patience. Once it is done loading, the Bluestacks home screen becomes visible. Bluestacks has Google play store pre-installed on it, so search for the play store icon. Once you find it, click on it to open it. Note that you’ll have to sign up using your Google account, so get such details handy.

Open Google Store on Emulator

Step 3: Download and Install Webtoon

After signing up, log in with your details to proceed with your Webtoon download. On the Google play store page, click on the search bar and type “webtoon for windows” You will see an array of results pop up, select one of your choices and click on the install button.

Step 4: Open and Use Webtoon

To be sure of a successful installation, check ‘apps’ for the Webtoon icon. Double-click on it to open it and use it just like you would on your Android or IOS device.

Nox Player Method: Download and Install

As an alternative to Bluestacks, one can use another popular app known as Nox player to emulate Android apps on pc. Below is an easy step-by-step way guide to help you download Webtoon for mac.

Step 1: Download and Install Nox

Make sure you have the Nox Player app installed on your PC.

Download and Install Nox

Step 2: Open the emulator and download Webtoon

Open Nox Player on your PC and navigate to the search bar; click on it. In the search bar, type Webtoon for pc free download and click the enter button. In the search results, look for your desired app and double-click on it to download.

Step 3: Install Webtoon

Once you are done with the download, open the webtoon app and follow the prompts to install. After successful installation, you can open the app and read your favorite series.

WEBTOON Features

Webtoon has a lot of user-friendly features with an unending list of benefits. Some of its key features are listed below.

  • It provides entertaining content from thousands of prolific creators around the world.
  • It is completely free to use. However, there are in-app purchases that you may choose to make.
  • It provides top-notch content in about 23 different genres, including romance, horror, fantasy, and comedy. This allows readers and content creators to enjoy the platform, irrespective of their niche.
  • It is available to anyone at any location, irrespective of the time.
  • You are welcome to a community of more than 50 million users.
  • You can also create and publish your series on the platform.
  • You can purchase coins that you can use to access episodes before the regular date of release.

Related Apps Of Webtoon For Pc/Windows

WebComics App

If you are a Manga fan, then WebComics is just the right app for you. In WebComics, you are granted a huge library of all kinds of manga updated daily. An advantage of this app is that it doesn’t require third-party apps to access your favorite content. Also, the app prevents piracy by prohibiting users from taking screenshots. Webcomics is a free app that provides users with content in English.

WebComics App

Tapas App

Tapa is another reader app that allows you to read thousands of interesting stories that are updated daily. It also features a wide variety of genres one can choose from, such as romance, adventure, comedy, fantasy, etc. The app also has a feature that allows you to earn free ink to access paid episodes and also promote your favorite writers. Also, as a publisher, you can earn from the tipping and ad revenue program.

Tapas App

Webnovel App

Another great app for lovers of online comics is the Webnovel app. The app boasts a community of over 1 million authors and readers. Also, you can get to upload your content and grow your fan base with millions of readers around the globe. The app also provides stories in different genres that are constantly updated daily.

Webnovel App

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the app on PC?

Despite being originally designed for use on smartphones, you can now use the app on your pc. However, you can only do this if you have an Android emulator installed on your PC. Some apps you can use include Bluestacks and Nox Player.

How do I download Webtoon offline?

If you’re wondering about the possibility of downloading webtoon offline, it’s possible. First off, you need to open any comic of your choice, then download it. After the download, you can access it any time offline. However, note that the download expires after 30 days due to copyright reasons. Notwithstanding, you can still download the comics again after expiration.

Where can I watch Webtoon?

There are several platforms that allow you to watch webtoons. Some of the platforms are ToryComics, Spottoon, WebComics, Tappytoon, etc.

How do I change the language on my computer Webtoon?

To change your display language, simply open settings. On the settings menu, click on options and select content language. Note that your subscriptions, read history, and downloads are not retained after changing the language.

Can I download Webtoon on Mac?

You can download webtoons on your Windows or Mac PC. But since it is a smartphone app, you need to use an android emulator for its installation.


An interesting and easy way to read your comics on the go is through mobile devices. It is also cheap since it allows you to access thousands of comics on a single device. However, this could be a problem for elderly persons who find it difficult to squint at the tiny fonts of phone screens. Thus making it necessary to make versions available for PC users for a more comfortable experience.

Webtoon download for pc is no more a topic of concern. Despite being initially designed for use on smartphones, Android emulators now make it possible to install on PC.

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