VPN Defender For Pc – (Free Download On Windows 7/8/10/mac)

Vpn defender is a good tool that helps to protect you from hackers and ensure safe online media downloads and streaming. In addition, you can access websites and internet content that are blocked from users in specific locations. What’s more? Your IP address is secured from trackers, and your online banking and shopping are secure.

These are a whole lot contained in just one mobile app. But the idea that it is built for just smartphones is disturbing for many PC users who want the same benefits. The good news is, you can access the Vpn defender App download for PC if you want. But you will need to use emulator software.

So if you’re looking to get VPN Defender for PC, this article is here to help you with that. We will also give you a step-by-step guide to download it using two Emulator software, BlueStacks and Nox Player. Read on to discover them.

Can You Use VPN Defender for Your PC/Windows & Mac?

You can use VPN Defender for your PC/Windows and Mac even though it doesn’t have a version for them. With the use of emulator software installed on your Windows or Mac, you can use Vpn defender on them. Examples of available emulator software are BlueStacks and Nox player. They have to be installed on your PC first before downloading the app.

VPN Defender for Your PC


Preferable emulator Nox, or BlueStacks
Supported Operating System (OS) Windows (7, 8, 10), and Mac
Category Tools App
Latest version 1.3.7
Size of Android Package Kit (APK) files Varies with device
APK file name com.freevpndevender.apk
Minimum supported Android version 4.0.3
Name of Setup File and format setup.exe/setup.dmg

VPN Defender Details

While browsing the internet with an insecure connection, your phone data and security can be compromised. Such data, including personal information, can be used by hackers to your detriment. That’s why we deem it recommendable to install a Vpn defender on your browser.

Vpn defender helps you to secure personal information like your passwords, bank card details, and bank accounts stored on your device. It is designed to alter your IP address, thereby hiding your real location. This it does by directing all your mobile traffic through secure servers that encrypt it.

VPN Defender Details

So, hackers trying to access or track your information will be redirected to a false location. And you can confidently surf the internet irrespective of whatever threats there are. VPN defender also helps you to browse irrespective of your location.

Some organizations restrict their staff from accessing certain web content or sites. The same goes for countries that are banned from using certain apps and websites. Thankfully, VPN defender allows you to have access to any website or app, irrespective of your geographical region or location.

Download & Install VPN Defender For PC

In this section, we will be considering the VPN defender app download using two emulator software. The first software we will guide you on is the BlueStacks, followed by Nox Player; read on.

BlueStack Method: Download & Install VPN Defender For PC

Step 1: Download and Install emulator

You need to download Bluestacks on your Mac (or windows). If you already have BlueStacks installed, you will be required to sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have a google account, you can create it in less than 5 minutes.

Download & Install VPN Defender For PC using bluestack

Step 2: Download VPN Defender

Once you’ve installed the emulator, go to your BlueStacks home screen and click on the search bar, and type “VPN defender app for Mac.” Launch a search. In the search results, navigate to the VPN defender app of your choice, then click on it to download.

Step 3: Install VPN Defender

Once downloaded, follow the setup wizard instructions to get it installed on your PC. An icon of VPN defender on your desktop screen is an indicator of a successful installation.

Step 4: Open and Use

From there, you can click on it to open and use it as easily as you would on your Android or IOS phones.

Nox Player Method: Download & Install VPN Defender For PC

Step 1: Download and Install Nox Emulator

Just like the BlueStacks emulator, you will also need to make sure your Nox Player is downloaded and installed. That done, follow the on-screen prompt to log in to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, quickly create one, then return to your Nox player app to continue.

Nox Player Method Download & Install VPN Defender For PC

Step 2: Locate the VPN Defender

Go to your Nox Player home screen once you’re done with the Google account sign-in. On the home screen, you will find a search bar where you will type “VPN defender app for Windows” (or “VPN defender app for Mac,” depending on your device. You can then launch a search, and what for the results (will be displayed on the screen in a few seconds).

Step 3: Download and Open

You will find the Nox player among the results, simply scroll to it, then click on it to download. Once you have the APK downloaded, open it and follow the prompts to get it installed on your PC. Once you have finalized the installation process, Nox Player should be visible under “My Apps.” You can then open it and enjoy its features.

Vpn Defender Features

Here are some features of VPN defender you might want to know before proceeding to have it downloaded on your PC.

  • No in-app costs and ads;
  • You have no restrictions from bandwidths;
  • You have 24/7 all-day protection;
  • Uses App Annie’s servers to encrypt and route your data;
  • No requirements for registration or log in to the app;
  • There are no obvious red flags in its performance;
  • You don’t have to worry about annoying ads popping on your screen;
  • It ensures the safety of your data from hackers;
  • The VPN connection is fast;
  • It is compatible with IOS and Android devices and, with modifications, Mac and Windows.

Similar Apps Of VPN Defender For Pc

Tunnello VPN App

This is another VPN app that has similar benefits to the VPN defender and is said to be faster than others of its kind. In addition, it has top-notch encryption that makes it go undetected. It is supported on devices from 19 API upwards. Furthermore, it enables you to bypass censorship, unblock any web content, and safeguard your privacy. Also, you can connect to over 350 servers in over 14 countries.

Tunnello VPN App

SaferVPN App

SaferVPN has all the required features to be labeled a decent VPN. It offers a good number of great features, and also boasts of being the fastest. However, it has limited torrenting locations, technical issues, and lacks advanced features. It also has browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome. It also has 1300+ servers that work across over 50 countries. It uses the AES-255 encryption that banks and the military formerly used.

SaferVPN App

SuperVPN App

Super VPN app is one of the most popular Android VPN apps (it is supported on iPhones too. It comes with a free installation that allows you to access all its features without restrictions for the first 20 days. The only downside of the free version is that you will be open to many annoying and unsolicited ads. However, upgrading the app removes the ads and grants you a better experience with increased speed.

SuperVPN App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VPN for a PC?

ExpressVPN comes top of the list and boasts of a top-notch and user-friendly VPN. You may decide against it due to its relatively high cost when compared to other apps in its category. But the user reviews on it make it a promising purchase that’s worth the price.

How do I use VPN Defender on my Personal Computer?

Despite being originally designed for smartphones, VPN defender can be used on Windows and Mac, by extension. With the use of android emulator software like Nox Player and BlueStacks, you can get it installed on your PC. Once you have VPN defender successfully installed on the PC, open settings on the PC click on Network & internet> VPN. Select VPN defender and connect.

Is VPN 365 Unlimited?

Popular reviews have it that VPN 365 has unlimited proxy connection time


So, can you use a VPN defender for PC? Of course, you can. Gone are the days when you have to bother about certain apps being available only on mobile phones. All you need is to have an android emulator software installed on your PC. Popular and more preferable emulators include BlueStacks and Nox Player. Another emulator you may consider is the Memu emulator.

First off, you must have the emulator installed on the system. You may also need to sign in to your Google account before proceeding, sign-in. If you don’t have a Google account, go ahead and create one, then come back and continue.

This idea uses your emulator instead of your app store to install your smartphone apps on your PC. So, simply search for the VPN defender and download and install it, following the installation wizard prompt. Once you are done with its installation, proceed to open, granting it all the required permissions for your PC.

You can then proceed to use it just like you would on your mobile phone. Any other information you may need on the subject has been provided in this article. So do well to read it carefully to the end, so you can tap into all that it has to offer.

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