Topbuzz For PC – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

Topbuzz For PC – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

Topbuzz is a free Android news application. When you use Topbuzz, you will get news from sources such as Bloomberg, CNN, Mashable, Youtube, and other news networks. You will get the latest breaking news, sports, videos, GIF photos, and exciting articles when you use Topbuzz.

Topbuzz is an Android app, so you will need an Android emulator to use it on your computer. An Android emulator is software that permits users to run Android-based programs on their PC. Bluestacks and MEmu are two of the top-rated emulators that you can use to download your Android apps.

Topbuzz APK free details

Name Topbuzz
App Version
Category News/magazines
App Size 46.61 MB
Supported Android Version Android 4.4 and higher
Last Update May 10, 2020
License Type Free

How do you install Topbuzz effectively on your PC?

Here we’ll look at two methods that you can use to install Topbuzz effectively on your PC.

Method 1: How to install Topbuzz for PC using Bluestacks

To install Topbuzz for PC using Bluestacks, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Bluestacks official website and download the emulatorHow to download Topbuzz for pc and mac using Bluestacks
  2. Click on the downloaded exe file to commence the installationHow to install topbuzz for PC using bluestacks
  3. Bluestacks will launch after the installation
  4. Go here to download Topbuzz.How to download Topbuzz for pc
  5. Go to the location of the download and click on the exe file to commence the installation.
  6. After the installation is done, then launch the Topbuzz app using Bluestacks.

Method 2: How to install Topbuzz for PC using MEmu Player

Go here to install Topbuzz for PC using the MEmu Player

  1. Go to MEmu play website &  download the emulator.
  2. Go to the downloaded file and click on Memu-Setup.exe to start the installation
  3. When the installation is complete, then you can launch the MEmu player.
  4. Go here to download Topbuzz.
  5. Go to the location of the installer and click on the exe file to begin the installation.
  6. When the installation is completed, launch the Topbuzz app using the MEmu Player.

Features and benefits of the Topbuzz

Some of the features of this news app include:features of Topbuzz for pc and mac

You will get all your breaking news in one place

Topbuzz delivers all your latest news, sports, GIFs, and videos in one place. No longer will it be necessary to search the internet to find your news interests.

Stay current will live events

With Topbuzz, you will be able to watch all your news or sporting events as they happen. You will also be able to watch news items from any category.

Share with your friends

You will be able to share your videos, GIFs with your friends when you use Topbuzz. You will be able to share various videos on Facebook, Instagram, and messenger with your buddies using this news app.

Recommends all your favorites

Topbuzz uses an algorithm to analyze all your favorite news, videos, and GIFs. You won’t have to scroll far to find your favorite programs. Topbuzz does this for you automatically.

Content from all the best sources

Topbuzz brings all your favorite content from top-rated sources. Some of these include Bloomberg, Youtube, CNN, Reuters, Mashable, and USA Today, to name a few.

Topbuzz apps alternative

Here are some alternative news apps to Topbuzz:

1. Buzzfeed News:

Buzzfeed News keeps you up to date with all the latest news. When you sign up with this app, you’ll be able to write, read, and share posts with others. You will also be able to keep up to date with news all over the world. The editors at Buzzfeed News make sure that you have access to the most exciting and important news around the globe.Buzzfeed News alternative

2. Reddit:

With over 540 million visitors worldwide, Reddit is one of the largest social news websites. It is a huge source of news and content on a variety of forums. With thousands of communities, Reddit has something for everyone.Reddit alternative

You not only have access to breaking news and sports, but you will also have access to large assortments of other topics. You can take part in various discussions, and you will have all your questions answered on Reddit. Even those you might have been tentative to ask elsewhere.  Reddit also has a premium version in which you have more features and no ads.

The News Republic:

The News Republic is another free alternative to Topbuzz. You will have access to the latest news, fashion, and weather with this news app. You can also share your articles with your accounts on social media. The News Republic is not free, however. You will only have access to three articles every month unless you pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

Frequently asked questions

Is Topbuzz for PC safe?

According to the review site, Topbuzz is a safe app to use. However, it must be used with caution.

Is Topbuzz free to use?

Yes, Topbuzz is 100% free to use. It doesn’t have a premium version either.

Who owns Topbuzz?

Topbuzz is owned by Bytedance, a media company in China.


If you want to keep up with all the latest content, you should consider downloading Topbuzz. You can watch all your favorite news, sports, and videos for free using this app. You will be able to enjoy very informational and entertaining content with Topbuzz.

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