Stick Nodes For Pc (Free Download On Windows7/8/8.1/10 And Mac)

The stickman character is one popular entity known for its interesting actions and intriguing moves. We’ve all watched a stickman animation movie before and enjoyed it, some way or another. Now, you might wonder if it’s possible to create stickman animations. The answer is, it’s possible to create your own stickman animation using Stick Node software on your smartphone.

But is it possible to use the Stick Node for PC? Unfortunately, you can’t use the Stick Nodes app on your pc directly, as the app is only available on Android and iOS devices. However, you can use the Stick Nodes app on your computer with an Android emulator.

This article outlines all you need to understand about how to get the Stick Nodes download free on your computer. Also, we will show you our recommended android emulators to run the Stick Nodes for Mac and Windows. So, keep reading!

Can You Use Stick Nodes For Your Windows/Pc & Mac?

You can only use Stick Nodes on your Windows or Mac through an android emulator. An emulator is software that enables you to download, interact, and uninstall android applications and games like you’d do with an Android phone. There are thousands of android emulators available in the market today, but among the crowd, there are two that stand out peculiarly. These Android emulators include BlueStacks and Nox Player.

Stick Nodes For Pc


Application Name Stick Nodes: Stickman Animator
Developer ForTheLossGames
Updated May 17, 2021
Version 3.2.3
Downloads 5,000,000
File Size 30M
Category Entertainment
Recommended Android Emulators Nox Player and BlueStacks
Reviews 4.4/5.0
Android Requirement 4.1 and above

About Stick Nodes

First of all, what is the Stick Nodes app? Stick Nodes is a mobile app for creating and developing stickman animations. It enables you to make GIFs or short animation clips on your mobile devices. It’s worthy to note that the Stick nodes app is a very useful tool for both beginners and professionals.

Beginners can use this app to learn how to create animation videos, as the app is super easy to learn from and navigate. Also, pro animators can use the Stick Nodes app to create high-efficient animations and do so very easily. The creation process is not complex; you just browse through the various features and choose any character of your choice, then animate it and save it back to your device.

About Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is endowed with numerous creativity features that enable you to create as many animations as you wish, whenever you want. For example, you can create animations using Pokémon Go or Dragon Ball Z characters. After creating your animation scenes, you can save them in GIF or MP4 format.

Stick Nodes has some great perks; for example, you can zoom, manipulate sound effects, add and remove gradient colors, etc. In addition, you can create interesting Stickman games using the Stick Nodes app right on your mobile phones and tablets.

How Easy Is Stick Nodes To Make An Animation Video?

Creating an animation video on Stick Nodes is not complicated. Anyone can create a stick figure cartoon in a matter of seconds. Although, you might need to edit your characters’ colors, clothing and even input some sound effects in the animation. This makes the animation much more cinematic and interesting. Like we’ve earlier said, there are several famous cartoon characters which you can choose from and create your animation videos.

Not only is the app free to use, but its interface is easy to understand and navigate for users of all ages and qualifications. In addition, you can use the text and speech functionalities of the app to create dialogues of different characters. Now that we’ve mentioned all the above, you must understand that you don’t need to have prior knowledge of animation creation before heading to use Stick Nodes.

How to Download & Install Stick Nodes On

You don’t need much to download & install Stick Nodes for PC. Only ensure that you’ve downloaded and installed an Android emulator in your system before installing the Stick Nodes app on your pc. Among the thousands of android emulators available, we recommend that you use Stick Nodes on your laptop via either BlueStacks or Nox emulators. That said, let’s consider how to download and install Stick Nodes on Mac or Windows using Nox or BlueStacks emulators.

How to Download & Install Stick Nodes By BlueStacks

  • Step 1: Download BlueStacks from the official website. Then install the software on your computer.

Download & Install Stick Nodes By BlueStacks

  • Step 2: The BlueStacks emulator will create a desktop icon on your Desktop launcher. Run the emulator by double-clicking it.
  • Step 3: In the emulator environment, you will see it launch as though an android device is booting. Navigate to any Google native app and sign in to your Google Account.

Sign in to Google Accounts and install the app

  • Step 4: After that, locate Google Play Store among the list of applications and open it, then search for Stick Nodes.

stick nodes search on play store

  • Step 5: When you’ve seen the app, download and install it. It will create an icon on your emulator’s desktop. There, you can run the Stick Nodes app on your windows anytime you wish and create animations with it.

How to Download & Install Stick Nodes Using Nox

  • Step 1: Download Stick Node from the Nox Player from the official website and follow all instructions to install the emulator.
  • Step 2: After installing Nox, run the software.
  • Step 3: In the emulator, Tab search for Stick Nodes install it. Or,
  • Step 4: Locate Google Play Store and open it.
  • Step 5: In the Play Store app, search for Stick Node and install it.

All Features of Stick Nodes

  • Supports forward and backward skinning to ensure accurate animating.
  • Allows users to export MP4 or GIF videos to their YouTube channel.
  • Offers the undo and redo functions. So you do not have to bother about errors upon editing an image.
  • Provides an opportunity to create, store, export, and import created stick figures.
  • A clean, user-friendly environment that allows pinch-to-zoom function for convenience and ease.
  • You have access to many to thousands of stick figures obtainable on the site with no cost.
  • Provides gradient color options that allow you to make your stick figures cartoony or realistic.
  • The app is compatible with Pivot-created STK files, ranging from version 2.2.7 to the oldest.
  • With the Automatic Frame-tweening, you can smoothen your animation instantly.
  • The app provides a text field that allows you to input texts and dialogs easily to the animations you create.
  • You can make your animation appear like an epic movie with the sound effects provided in the app. You can do this by adding some sound effects to the frames of the animations you create.
  • Access to several different colors or scales and shapes in every segment.
  • You can make the animations appear cinematic using the movable and zoomy virtual camera.

Best Similar Apps like Stick Nodes

CapCut App

The CapCut is a free all-in-one android and iOS video editing app that allows users to create amazing videos. With the CapCut app, you can modify, cut, and reverse speed, allowing you to get an accurate edited video easily. So you get to post only your significant moments. The CapCut is free to use, just as it is with the free TikTok video editing app. Whether you are using the iOS or Android version of the CapCut app, you will observe the similarities in the features.

CapCut App

Pixaloop App

This is a free photo editing app from Lightstrick Limited. The multimedia animation application allows you to animate different kinds of objects in your pictures. However, before creating such an amazing animated photo, you need to have a quality photo. Furthermore, you can make your images stand out using the Enlight Pixaloop application. This is feasible in the new app that comes with a 3D Motion feature.

Pixaloop App

Picsart App

The last alternative on the list is the Picsart app. Many people consider Picsart the best app for editing photos and sharing applications across android devices, which is now possible in iPhones. The app offers its users a variety of photo-editing tools such as drawing functions and collages. What’s more, it also comes with a network for sharing photos.

Picsart App

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a Stick Node Game?

The Stick Nodes app is not a stick node game. It is simply a potent stickman animator tool designed for android and iOS devices. The app was the idea of the known Pivot Stickfigure Animator. It was specially designed to allow users to make their own choice of stick figure-based movies. Also, it allows them to export these files as MP4 and GIFs videos.

Can you get Stick Nodes on a PC?

Indeed, the Stick Nodes app is now available for Windows and Mac pc. Although it was specifically created for Android and iOS devices, by using an android emulator, you can easily install and run the app on a pc. Simply visit their official website to download the file.

Is the Stick Nodes app available on PC for free?

Certainly, the Stick Nodes app is obtainable on pc for free and virtually all other platforms. You can also obtain the pro version to experience the better features of the application.

How do I download Stick Nodes on iOS?

To download Stick Nodes on iOS, simply search for the app on the iOS app store and install it directly to your iPhone. Of course, it is also operational on any other iOS device, given that it is an iOS file.

Final Verdict

A lot of people enjoy using the Stick Node for PC app to create and edit their stickman figure animations and video clips. Also, since it’s a mobile app for Android or iOS, you can create animations from anywhere you are and anytime you want. In addition to being mobile, the Stick Nodes app is available for users of all stages and capacities.

So, even as a beginner, you can use the Stick Nodes app to create any kind of animation you like. Also, professionals can use the Stick Nodes app to create lightweight and professional animations with their smartphones.  You can download and install the Stick Nodes app on Windows and Mac computers using an android emulator. For the emulators you can use for Stick Nodes on your PC, we recommend BlueStacks or Nox Player.

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