Luna VPN For PC – Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

Luna VPN For PC – Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

A virtual protection network or VPN protects your internet traffic. You’re also able to remain incognito when you are online when you use a VPN. A VPN server encrypts all your internet traffic. This way, no entity or person can access your online information, not even your internet provider.

Luna VPN is a free VPN app that will help keep all your data secure. This app will protect you from hackers by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address. The Luna VPN requires an Android to work, but you’ll be able to use it on your PC by downloading an Android emulator.

Does Luna VPN block ads on Android?

Luna VPN offers ad-blocking as well as VPN services. Some believe that it’s one of the best ad-blocking services out there.

APK details of Luna VPN download

Name Luna
App Version
Category Tools
App Size 16 MB
Supported Android Version 5.0 and up
Last Update September 12, 2021
License Type Free

How to download Luna VPN on your computer?

Here we’ll look at two methods to download the Luna VPN on your computer.

Method 1: Download Luna VPN on PC using Bluestacks

To download Luna VPN on your PC using Bluestacks, you’re going to use the following steps:

  1. Go here to download BluestacksHow to download Luna VPN for pc and mac using Bluestacks
  2. Click on the downloaded exe file to commence the installation.
  3. When the installation is done, then log into the Google Play Storesign in to download luna VPN for pc and mac
  4. Type Luna VPN into the search barsearch for Luna VPN
  5. Select Luna-Best VPN for Android
  6. Press Installhow to download Luna VPN for pc and mac
  7. At the end of the installation, you’ll be ready to use Luna VPN using the emulator.

Method 2: Download Luna VPN on PC using MEmu

To download Luna VPN using the MEmu emulator:

  1. Download the Memu emulator
  2. Click on the downloaded exe file to commence the installation process
  3. Click Quick Install in the installation wizard which comes up.
  4. After the installation is completed then log in to Google Play Store.
  5. Type Luna VPN in the search bar
  6. Select the Luna-Best app for Android icon
  7. Press Install
  8. After the completion of the installation then Luna will be ready to use in the MEmu emulator.

What are the features of the Luna VPN?

Some of the features which stand out in the Luna VPN app include:features of Luna VPN

It’s free

Luna VPN is a free service. You get all the benefits of this VPN without requiring a credit card when you download this app.

It will protect your data from hackers

Luna VPN will protect your internet traffic from third parties and protect your valuable information like other VPNs. Your location won’t matter when you use this VPN app. You will be able to keep your data saved anywhere you go.

It protects your location

Luna VPN hides your IP address, so your location will remain private. Governments can legally track your activity online. If you use the Luna VPN, nobody will be able to track your whereabouts when you’re online.

Access content anywhere in the world

If you’re in a location that restricts US online platforms or websites, the Luna VPN will allow you to access them. It will bypass any restrictions imposed by your particular area.

No bandwidth limitation

With Luna VPN, you’ll be able to use all of the available bandwidth. And your internet speed won’t be affected either.

Luna VPN app alternatives

As good as Luna VPN is, there are similar alternatives out there that you can download:

1. Betternet Hotspot VPN and Private Browser

Like Luna VPN, Betternet is also a free VPN service. This VPN app also gives you incognito browsing, hides your IP address, and encrypts your data. You’ll be able to access any content that is restricted safely and remains anonymous. Betternet will give you good security along with a fast connection to the internet.Betternet vpn alternative

2. Super VPN

Super VPN is a free VPN client. This app has zero speed limitations limitless bandwidth. Super VPN also encrypts your internet traffic. You will be safe from being tracked by third parties when you use this VPN client. It does come with a 20-day trial, however. After the trial is up, you will be limited to the 60-minute sessions. You also have the choice of stepping up the Super VPN pro, which is the premium version.

3. Speed VPN

Speed VPN is a free VPN proxy service. This app has no time or usage limit. Speed VPN is also one of the fastest secure VPNs out there. It comes with super-fast bandwidth and a large number of servers.

Frequently asked questions

Is Luna VPN free?

The Luna VPN app is entirely free. There are no limitations on its bandwidth or usage, and this is all at no cost whatsoever.

Is Luna VPN safe?

Luna VPN is perfectly safe to download. Download it from the Google Store app, and you shouldn’t have any problems with safety.

What kind of encryption does Luna VPN use?

Luna VPN uses a form of encryption called 256-bit AES.


Luna VPN is a secure, fast VPN with limitless bandwidth. It’s just the VPN you need to protect you from hackers and other prying eyes. Luna will also help keep your presence online anonymous. And you’ll get all of this without paying one cent.

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