Kasa Smart For PC – Easy Way to Download In 2022

Kasa Smart For PC – Easy Way to Download In 2022

Technology has changed a lot in recent times as we have moved from mechanical switches to digital forms of home control. The birth of modern home automation systems has appealed to many people because it makes their work and life easier.

Even smart devices that were enough for many have their own remote controls too. Now with apps like Kasa Smart for PC, home automation will become more flexible and comfortable. People don’t have to be in proximity to their smart device before they can use it.

While away, you can use excellent apps like Kasa Smart to control your TP-Link smart systems. These applications work well with Alexa and Google Home. Asides just being integrated with the TP-Link, you can manage all your home lights, fans, and CCTV with your kasa smart app.

While the Kasa smart app isn’t available in Windows and Mac PC, it is possible to install and download kasa smart apk for PC using several emulators available. This article will educate you on how to install and run the app via BlueStack and Nox emulator. Read on.

Can You Use Kasa Smart for Your Windows/PC & Mac?

Kasa smart app was developed for Android and ios devices to make home automation solutions easier for everyone. It has great functions and features which make it a perfect fit for many people who want to make their life easy.

Can you use Kasa Smart for your windows PC & Mac

Yes, you can use Kasa smart for your windows PC and mac systems only if you install an emulator on your system. These emulators allow you to to use android apps easily through them.

What is Kasa Smart?

Kasa smart is a reliable android application which allows you to connect your house systems to the TP-Link giving you total control of all automation systems. Officially, it wasn’t made for PC, however, thanks to android emulators you can download Kasa Smart for PC and install it.

What is Kasa Smart

These android emulators are third party softwares which are made for Windows and Mac systems to enjoy several android applications on their PC. Kasa smart app works with Windows 7 and mac OS 10 above.

Moreover, kasa smart allows you to edit, configure and manage all your connected TP home devices anywhere. With this app, you can schedule all your appliances to turn off and on anytime you want. Also, kasa smart for PC free download comes in several versions.

Also, in case of unusual motion detection, you can instruct it to give an alarm. This app comes with some unique features which makes it different from others and which give you more automation options.

Firstly, the Kasa smart app is compatible with most smart devices. Therefore, if you have smart watches, tabs or smart pens, you can connect them easily.

Furthermore, it has a wide coverage, so it can cover a long distance, making it a good choice for many people. Kasa smart is a top leading Smart home system by TP-Link which offers good home management via fast Internet service.

How to Download Kasa Smart for PC – Mac & Windows 10/8/7

We have established that you can only download and install the Kasa smart app on your PC-Mac using emulators. This is because it was developed to use only on smartphones. There are 2 ways to install this kasa smart for Windows on your PC.

Download and Install Kasa Smart Using BlueStacks

BlueStacks remain a top choice emulator for those who wish to install android apps on their systems. It has helped many people who worked remotely to install WhatsApp, telegram and other important android apps for better collaboration.

Before installing the Kasa smart application, ensure your system has the required configurations below:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 and above /Mac 10 and above.
  • Processor: Intel core 1 6ghz
  • System memory: Minimum of 2gb
  • Dedicated graphics card: Ndivea
  • Video memory: Minimum of 1gb
  • Direct X: 10 and above.

If your system passes the above configuration, here are the steps to follow when installing kasa on PC using BlueStack emulator.

  • Step 1: Download BlueStacks on your system via their website or go to third party sites with reliable BlueStack apk. Before downloading from third party sites, ensure your antivirus is active to avoid being infected by viruses.

Download Kasa Smart for PC Windows 10,8, 7 BlueStacks Emulator

  • Step 2: Press the downloaded link to immediately install the BlueStacks emulator on your Windows and mac PC. It should launch a setup screen.
  • Step 3: Kindly follow the screen instructions to complete the installation process, which should be done within 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 4: Once the installation process is completed, check on your desktop for the BlueStack icon to launch the emulator. If you can’t find the icon, check your download folder for the application.
  • Step 5: When launched, go to the home and open Google play store and search for ‘kasa smart’. When you have found it, press the install button. It should install in 10-15 seconds.

search kasa smart on play store

  • Step 6: After the installation process of the Kasa smart is complete using BlueStacks, click to start using it.

installation process of the Kasa smart

Download and Install Kasa Smart Using Noxplayer

Noxplayer is another reliable android emulator which allows you to use android apps on your PC. Noxplayer can work with kasa smart for Mac and Windows with the right configurations. Before you download this emulator, ensure your PC has the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 8 /Mac OS 9 and above
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.2 ghz.
  • Memory: 3gb
  • Video memory:1 gb
  • Direct X: 9 and above.

Here are steps to follow when installing kasa smart app using Nox emulator:

  • Step 1: You should visit Noxplayer website to download the link or use other third party sites for apk.
  • Step 2: Then, install the Noxplayer emulator on your PC (Mac/Windows). The latest  or lite offers better features and covers smaller space.

How to Install installing kasa smart app using Nox emulator

  • Step 3: When you are through installing the Noxplayer, you will find the icon on your desktop, open it.
  • Step 4: Go to the homepage of Google store on the Noxplayer app and search for ‘Kasa Smart’.
  • Step 5: When you locate the Kasa smart app on Google play, press the install link.
  • Step 6: After installation processes, click on the Kasa smart to start using immediately.

Benefits of Kasa Smart for PC

Using the Kasa smart app for PC comes with many advantages which we will be discussing below.

Allows easy automation and scheduling

The Kasa app makes scheduling and security management easy for many people. If you are interested in a flexible automation system where you can connect your lights, fans, doors and other home appliances to one platform, then kasa is recommended.

Allows away mode

Another good benefit of this app is the ability to use the away mode. Away mode is a feature which allows you to set up your systems to operate independently when you are away from home.

With away mode, you can enable your PC to allow background video sharing and audio recordings.

Provides runtime monitoring

Runtime monitoring is a flexible and dynamic verification feature where you can observe the internal workings of all your connected appliances from a single device. This is good because it allows you to evaluate which home appliances best satisfy your needs.

Allows group appliances operation

The Kasa smart app allows you to connect many home systems together using one single TP-Link. This is good because it gives you a flexible way to work while managing all your home appliances from one place.

Remote access from anywhere

Technology has improved, and now with kasa smart, you can control any of your home appliances anywhere you are in the world. It is a good remote management which allows seamless control of lights, bulbs and CCTV cameras easily.

Scan Smart home devices

It has its QR scan feature which permits you to scan all your smart devices easily. This allows you to connect and send videos or audio recordings which you can access later.

Do you own an IP camera or I-watch, kasa smart app can connect with them by just scanning. With IOS devices, you can use the Kasa smart for ios for your apple smart devices easily.

Allows easy sharing of devices

Another excellent benefit of using this app is that you can share any of your devices with your close ones. There is a unique feature which permits you to allow people to know how to use some of your home appliances.

Robust app

Kasa smart app, unlike other apps, is very flexible and has robust functions. You can use it with many other apps and softwares.

You can use it with Google Assistant and Alexa effortlessly. The ability of this smart app to be used with many apps makes it a perfect multitasking automation tool.


When compared with close alternatives, kasa smart is cheaper and works better than them. It’s ideal for those who are on a tight budget and want good automation solutions.

Small and compact

It doesn’t require much space, because it has an average MB. However, it is important to have large storage because of the videos and audio recordings you might wish to save on your PC. The Kasa smart for PC online works well on all compatible PCs.

Other alternative apps of Kasa Smart for PC

Kasa smart app has many close alternatives which also work perfectly for your home automation solutions.

1. Mi Home App

The Mi Home app is another remote surveillance app related to the Kasa smart app. It is suitable for home systems, surveillance and works well with an IP Camera. Using this app allows you to enjoy video-recording remote surveillance and real-time visuals.

Mi Home App

2. Tuya Smart App

The Tuya Smart App is another surveillance app similar to Kasa smart which helps operate and manage cameras, CCTV, DVRs and home systems. It also offers real-time live footage on smart devices, sends notifications and alerts when sensors are tripped.

Tuya Smart App

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kasa smart safe to use?

Yes, Kasa smart app can be used safely on any device. However you should be sure you have a working antivirus to prevent Internet trojans from your PC.

Is Kasa Smart available for free?

Yes, Kasa Smart can be downloaded for free. It is a free app which can be gotten from Google play store and other third-party websites.

Is there a Kasa Smart app for Windows PC?

No, there are no Kasa smart apps for Windows PC. Kasa smart apps are designed for android phones, however you can use them on your Windows PC via emulators like Noxplayer, BlueStack and memu emulators.

Is Kasa owned by TP-Link?

Yes, Kasa smart app is one of the products owned by TP-Link. TP-Link are reputable firm known to develop routers, modems and several home networking appliances.

Can I watch kasa camera on PC?

Yes, you can watch kasa camera on PC. To do this, you need to connect your camera using the Kasa smart app to your system.


Recent research has shown how technology has improved greatly, which has affected home automation solutions like Kasa Smart app.

How many people can control what is in their homes from anywhere they are located. You can use the Kasa smart app for PC and mac systems, however you will need android emulators like BlueStack and Noxplayer.

These emulators provide a route where you can use android applications on your systems. Kasa smart app is a good product from TP-Link which allows you to connect your bulbs, cameras and lights with smart devices.

This app comes with many juicy benefits, which include affordability, ability to use with multiple devices, away mode provided, and a good runtime monitoring.

Kasa smart app has some ideal alternatives which you could also use and they are ; Mi Home App and the Tuya smart app. Kasa smart app is a safe and free app which works on your Windows/Mac PC using reliable emulators.

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