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Due to the economic downturn globally, the security of lives and property is no longer guaranteed. There is an increased rate of insecurity, robbery, destruction of lives and properties. There is an emerging need for an effective security network to address the problem of insecurity. Technology has made it a lot easier by coming up with amazing ideas like a surveillance camera. With this invention, insecurities in the areas where these cameras are installed have been reduced.

Surveillance cameras record events that happen in your absence, but you still need a good app to manage the recordings. IP Webcam is one of such app you can use to monitor, and control your surveillance camera anywhere you find yourself. This is the best app for well-performing IP camera management. In this write-up, you will learn the tricks you can use to download IP Webcam on your personal computers.

About IP Webcam

IP Webcam is an amazing app that turns your phone or PC into a wireless camera. Generally, most apps are made for Android devices, so also is IP Webcam. This app is a great app amongst Android users and it helps a great deal in security monitoring. Below is a table that contains IP Webcam information.

IP Webcam for Pc

VERSION (Multiarch)

Can You Use An IP Webcam For Your Pc/Windows & Mac?

IP Webcam app offers excellent results as it relates to managing high-resolution surveillance cameras. These days, most apps on Play Store are developed for mobile devices exclusively. But with third-party Android Emulators like Bluestacks, Noxplayer, MemuPlay, and the likes you can use these apps on your personal computers as well. IP Webcam app mainly has an Android version and there is no official version for PC. Hence, with the help of Android Emulators, you can also use the IP Webcam app on your PC.

Can You Use An IP Webcam For Your Pc/Windows & Mac

How To Download And Install IP Webcam For Pc?

Downloading and installing IP Webcam for PC involves some simple tricks. Although, this app is compatible with Android because there is no official PC version yet. The fact remains that IP Webcam can work perfectly on your Personal Computers with the help of a third-party Android Emulator.

Thus, to use IP Webcam on your PC; you must first download and install an Android emulator on the PC. Though there are so many Andriod Emulator, the best amongst them are BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. These two Emulators are called the best because they have lot of thrilling features beneficial to PC users. In this piece you will learn two methods you can use to install IP Webcam on your PC.

Method One: Installation of IP Webcam on PC Using BlueStacks

Bluestack is one of the best Android emulators that permits you to use the same apps you use on your mobile devices on your personal computers. It is reliable and mostly preferred by users. You can follow these installation guides for downloading steps using Bluestack.

Installation of IP Webcam on PC Using BlueStacks

  • Step 1: You can download the Bluestack Android emulator on PC from Bluestack official website. Once Bluestack is downloaded on your device, open the downloaded file and launch the applications by installing it on your PC.
  • Step 2: After installation, activate Bluestack by using your Google credentials. An icon will appear saying ‘You have successfully logged in’. You should also see a distinct Bluestack home screen different from your device’s regular home screen.
  • Step 3: After activation of Bluestack, you will find Google play store on its home screen. Click on the Play Store and open it. Then, search ‘IP Webcam’. Install this application on your PC.

IP webcma on google play

  • Step 4: Once you click on the Install button, IP Webcam will be installed automatically on Bluestack. You can locate the software application on the Bluestack App List.
  • Step 5: After installing IP Webcam, it is ready to use. The app will work effectively on PC like that of a smartphone.

Method Two: Installation of IP Webcam on PC Using NoxPlayer

In recent times, another Android emulator that is gaining reference is NoxPlayer. This Android emulator is fast, secured, super flexible, and perfect for gaming purposes. It is the best app for high-end games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, PUBG, etc. You can follow these installation guide for downloading steps using NoxPlayer.

Installation of IP Webcam on PC Using NoxPlayer

  • Step 1: You need to download NoxPlayer App. You can download the software from NoxPlayer official website. Then launch this emulator by setting it up.
  • Step 2: After Installation of the software, search out Google Play Store from NoxPlayer separate home screen. Just like Bluestack, Goggle Play Store comes pre-installed. Open the Play Store, then search for ‘IP Webcam.’
  • Step 3: Download the IP Webcam then start and launch the application. The software is then ready to use.

Features Of IP Webcam App

  • IP Webcam gives users free access, it can be downloaded at free cost.
  • Another thrilling feature of this app is that it has an excellent playback option.
  • The IP Webcam App has an in-built motion sensor which detects motion using sound trigger and tracker integration.
  • It has amazing video chat features.
  • IP Webcam supports the recording of videos in various formats.
  • IP Webcam permits videos uploads through dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and email by utilizing the Filoader plugin.

Related Apps Of IP Webcam For Pc/Windows

Related Apps Of IP Webcam For Pc/Windows

  • Alfred Security Camera App: This is another related app, that also performs great functions in monitoring security. This is a home security camera app that you can used on your smartphone. For this app, you will need two phones, one acting as the surveillance camera and the other used for monitoring the camera. It also has a fantastic feature of motion detection. This is a good app that helps you turn your old Android phone into a surveillance camera. It can be downloaded from App Store and it is compatible with Android operating system.
  • WardenCam App: This is another security app with smart features. You can monitor and control the security of your home using two devices. You can turn your old smartphone into a home surveillance camera and use another device to view it when you are away. WardenCam is a handy app that you can also download on the Google Play Store and other App Store.
  • TinyCam Pro App: This is a good Android app for remote control and surveillance. Tinycam Pro App is another amazing home security application that you can use to control and monitor the security of your home, business and all remotely. You can also download this software application from the Google Play Store or other App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an IP Webcam Safe?

Yes, IP Webcam is a completely safe app that comes in handy for monitoring the security of your home, offices, businesses and other important things. The app has an high-resolution wireless web cam and it is safe to use.

Can I download a Webcam?

This totally depends on your devices. For every of your devices you can use a webcam. On App Store, there are a compatible versions available for Andriod OS. But with the aid of Emulator you can also download various versions of webcam for your personal computer.

Does an IP Webcam work on Windows 10?

Yes, IP Webcam cam work effectively on Windows 10 by using third-party emulators like Bluestack, NoxPlayer, etc. Although, there is no official version available yet for PC.This piece explains the simple tricks you can use to download IP Webcam on you Window 10.

What is the best free Webcam app?

IP Webcam is the best free webcam app. This app is safe, free and offers premium results for security. With IP Webcam you can control and monitor your surveillance cameras anywhere you find yourself. IP Webcam is a free and beneficial app for wireless webcam.

How do I zoom in using an IP webcam app?

After configuration, you can use IP Webcam app perfectly. This app has a zoom icon, you can zoom in and out by clicking on the icon .

Wrap Up

Actually, the use of surveillance cameras has helped a great deal in minimizing the rate of insecurity. The invention of webcams like IP Webcam has also been effective in assisting users to monitor their home or business while they are away from there. IP Webcam has a user-friendly interface and can be downloaded on Android OS, Windows 7,8,10, Mac OS and PC.

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