IP Pro For PC 2022 – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac

IP Pro is a mobile surveillance application used for watching your Esee net CCTV cameras. With this app, you can monitor as well as control your CCTV cameras from your mobile phone.

The IP Pro app was created by Wu Peilin. Wu Peilin is an Android developer who has been around since 2019. He has two other apps in his current portfolio.

IP Pro requires an Android platform for it to work. However, you can download it on your computer using an Android Emulator. An Android Emulator creates a virtual Android environment on your computer to run all your Android-based apps. We will look at using two of the best Android Emulators in this article.

APK details for IP Pro download

Name IP Pro
App Version 3.14.18
Category Free Libraries & Demo
App Size 79 MB
Supported Android Version Android 5.1 and higher
Last Update September 18, 2021
License Type Free

How to install IP Pro on a PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Here we’ll look at two methods to install IP Pro on a PC:

Method 1: How to install IP Pro app for PC using MEmu

Here are the steps to install IP Pro on your PC using MEmu:

  1. Go here to download MEmuDownload and install IP Pro for PC and Mac using memu player
  2. Go to the download and click Memu-Setup.exe to bring up the installation wizard.
  3. Click Quick Install in the installation wizard to begin the installation
  4. After the installation is done the Log into the Google Play storesign with a gmail to download IP Pro For PC
  5. Type IP Pro in the search barsearch for IP Pro for pc and mac
  6. Select the IP Pro app and click on it
  7. Press Install to start the installationhow to download and install IP Pro for pc and mac
  8. After the completion of the installation, you can then use the IP Pro using MEmu.

Method 2: How to install IP Pro app for PC using Bluestacks

Here are the steps to install IP Pro on your PC using Bluestacks

  1. Go here to download Bluestacks
  2. Click on the downloaded exe file to commence the installation
  3. After completion of the installation, log into the Google Play store.
  4. Type IP Pro in the search bar.
  5. Press Install to start the installation.
  6. After the installation, you’ll be ready to use IP Pro in Bluestack.

Which features does the IP Pro have?

Here are some of the features that IP Pro possesses:features of IP Pro for pc and mac

A user-friendly interface

IP Pro is easy to navigate and utilize with its user-friend interface.

It has a motion detector

IP Pro has a sensor management feature along with motion detection.

Playback recording

With IP Pro, you have the option of playback recording from any remote location.

You can watch CCTV

One of the primary features of IP Pro is that you can watch your CCTV cameras from any remote location from your PC.

Cloud storage

Like other IP cameras, IP Pro has access to cloud storage in addition to its built-in storage. Video information is stored on the app’s built-in storage and backed up to its cloud storage.

IP Pro app alternatives

IP Pro has several alternatives which we will look at here:

1. V380 Pro

V380 Pro is another video surveillance app. Voice Talkback is one of the features of this app. Other features include motion detection alarms, cloud storage, and remote monitoring. V380 is easy to install and very affordable.  This software can monitor up to 64 cameras at the same time. Another feature of this app is high-resolution night vision.V380 Pro alternative

2. Zone Minder

Zone Minder is a free video camera app. It can be used to monitor children at home, preventing theft, and home or commercial CCTV. Zone Minder has features like remove viewing, emailed alerts, and motion detection. Monitoring and recording of video data from attached cameras are also supported.

3. iSpy

iSpy is one of the top surveillance apps in the world. It detects and records movements using microphones, USB webcams, IP cams, capture cards, desktops, and alerting devices. It has features such as video recording, sound recording, sound detection, timelapse recording, motion tracking, and multiple area monitoring, to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect to IP Pro?

To connect to IP Pro, use the following steps:

  1. Switch on the NVR
  2. Connect it to the router with a network cable.
  3. Go to system setup, then network setup
  4. Look if P2P is online. To use your PC, it has to be online
  5. Open the IP Pro app
  6. Press Local
  7. Press the + icon and pick Add Device by ID
  8. Fill in the required information
  9. Click submit at the top right to connect the device to IP Pro

Is it free?

Yes, the IP Pro app is free to download and use


IP Pro is just the security monitoring device app that you need to monitor and control your CCTV. It’s not only simple to set up and use, but you’ll be able to use it in any remote location. Not only that, but you’ll be able to use it on your PC using the information given in this article.

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