iDMSS Lite For PC – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, And Mac

You are reading this article because you want to know how to download iDMSS Lite for PC. There are many different ways that you can do this, but it will depend on your operating system and what type of computer you have. If your PC or Mac is not compatible with iDMSS Lite, then we recommend using an Android emulator like Bluestacks instead.

Download and install an Android emulator on your computer before using the iDMSS Lite app on your Mac or PC. Then, after that, go to the Google Play Store and look for the iDMSS Lite app. Install it on your computer by searching for the “iDMSS Lite” and downloading it. After you’ve connected your security cameras, use the program

The iDMSS Lite app has many features that you can use to your advantage. You can quickly and easily control all of the features using a simple touchscreen interface, or you can also set up different profiles for each room in your house so that it will be easy to access whichever one you need at any given moment.

How do I watch playbacks on iDMSS Lite?

You can playback videos on this app with the following steps:

  1. To access the top left corner, go to the Live View page and touch it. The home screen appears.
  2. In the Playback category, select the Home page tab.
  3. Tap the video box in the Playback screen.
  4. Select the “Choose a device” option from the menu that appears. Determine and choose the beginning time for the playback. Determine and select the end time for the playback.
  5. Select the camera. The playback will be shown by the camera.

You may also change the date and time on this screen to adjust the timeline to see what you want. You can fast forward, slow down, and go to another part of the video with the play buttons.

Free Download iDMSS Lite APK Details

Name IDMSS Lite
App Version 3.53.001
Category Tools
App Size 26M
Supported Android Version 4.0.3 and Up
Last Update September 27, 2018

How to Download and Install iDMSS Lite On The PC?

In this guide, we’ll examine several methods for using your iDMSS Lite CCTV camera on a PC. In one case, we’ll use software designed specifically for Windows PCs. We’ll also utilize an emulator to install iDMSS cameras on either a Mac PC or a Windows PC in another method.

Method 1: Install iDMSS Lite on PC using NoxPlayer

The Nox Player is an android emulator program that makes it very simple to download iDMSS. Follow these steps to use Nox Player to get iDMSS:

  1. To start, download and install the Nox Player Android Emulator on your computer.How to download iDMSS Lite for PC using nox player
  2. On the Nox Player, go to the Google Play Store and log in.sign with a gmail to download iDMSS Lite For PC
  3. On the Google Play Store, look for “iDMSS
  4. Install the program on your to download iDMSS Lite for pc mac
  5. After the installation is completed, open it from the Nox Player app library.
  6. After you’ve set it up, grant it the required permissions as you would on an Android device.

It will have the same user interface and capabilities as when utilized on a phone, even if it’s installed on a computer.

Method 2: Install iDMSS Lite on PC using MEmu

The MEmu Android Emulator is an excellent tool for downloading iDMSS for PC or Mac. Here are some of the ways you may utilize it to your advantage:

  1. On your PC or Mac, download and install the MEmu emulator.
  2. On the MEmu emulator, log in to the Google Play Store.
  3. Open the Play Store and search for “iDMSS
  4. Install the program on your computer.
  5. To launch the downloaded iDMSS app, open the app library on your MEmu emulator.
  6. On your Windows or Mac device, install and run the software. Make sure you’ve given all of the necessary permissions before using it like you would on an Android phone.

On both Windows and Mac platforms, it is the same procedure.

iDMSS Lite Features: What Are They?

The features which make iDMSS one of the best apps include the following:features of iDMSS Lite for pc

Compatible with many camera types

The iDMSS app is compatible with many different brands of security cameras including but not limited to Axis Communications, Panasonic Security Systems, Sony SNC-RZ30N/SNC-EW32N Network Cameras, Uniview IP Cameras, Dahua Technology Co Ltd (DH Security) DVRs & NVRs Series, Qvis Qxhd Network Video Recorders and StarDot Technologies IP Cameras. With this many cameras supported, you won’t have an issue finding a compatible camera type to keep your home secure.

Supports real-time streaming

This app is capable of streaming video and audio to any HTML-compatible device. This means that you can view the content being captured in real time, which is a feature not found with many other similar apps currently available for PC. Users have given this app high ratings due to its user friendly design and ability to provide quality results when it comes down to live video broadcasting.

User-friendly interface

The app also has a user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to navigate and use. The interface color is white, and images aren’t required. The main feature of the application’s user friendly design is its UI (User Interface). It uses simple colors like black or dark grey with matching elements such as buttons and text fields which make up an intuitive navigation system across all available screens in the program.

Supports many video decoding formats

iDMSS uses a hardware and software decoding mechanism that can switch between both to maximize efficiency. Supports many video formats such as H264, WMV , MPEG-t etc. This means that you will not need to install any other video codecs which can be a problem if you are using an older version of Windows that doesn’t have them already. While iDMSS is optimized for streaming, it also supports local playback with subtitles and multiple audio tracks as well as downloading videos from online sources such as YouTube .

Supporting many useful features

It’s got a range of nifty features, including push alarm, task wheel, video playback, window slide, figure gesture (gesture to zoom), and more. All of these technologies may make your life much simpler. These features are well-organized in the settings. You can access them at any time you like, by simply clicking on the upper right corner of your screen.

iDMSS lite alternatives

Some of the apps you can use in the place of the iDMSS app include the following:


DMSS is a DMSS lite tool that can be used to connect with DMSS. The DMPS is free for use but does not support all the features of iDMSS like auto backup and scheduling. With DMSS, you can simply connect DMPS to iDMSS via DMSP and start transferring data between the two devices. The app is available on DMPS and you can download it to use the app.

2. XMEye

XMEye is a great iDMSS alternative for PC. XMEye is also free and can be downloaded from XMEye’s official website, which you will find the link to at the bottom of this article. I don’t think iDMSS has been created as an iDMSS alternative for PC because it costs money but if you want to try out both or just use Xmeye on your computer then I would recommend trying it out. Like iDMSS, Xmeye offers live video streaming with audio support. The interface looks like most other webcams so users familiar with using one should be able to get started within minutes (which is always convenient). You can even operate multiple cameras simultaneously by adding them into separate tabs- that’s a lot in Xmeye.

3. AlfredCamera

AlfredCamera is a home security app that lets you monitor your home while away. AlfredCamera will send notifications to your smartphone so that you can see whats happening during an absence, and take action if necessary by sounding the alarm or opening a live video feed in Alfred Remote Control (Remote companion app). You also get access to all of Alfred’s features like face recognition etc. You can also use the camera on your phone as a security camera with the AlfredCamera app. This feature lacks in the other surveillance apps hence giving this app an advantage in this area.

4. Video Surveillance Ivideon

With Video Surveillance Ivideon, you will get a user-friendly interface and the ability to control your Video Surveillance system from anywhere in the world. You can also monitor video feeds on regular intervals, receive notifications about important events, or watch live streams of all IP cameras connected to Video Surveillance Ivideon via our web application.

It is completely free for up to four IP cameras! If you want more than that consider getting an iDMSS lite license (up to 20 IP cams). However even this may be unnecessary depending on what kind of Video surveillance solutions you need. If you only have one camera it’s better not having any software installed at all and just using our cloud service with Android/iOS app instead. If there are two cameras we recommend buying Video Surveillance Ivideon with Video Analytics, which is also completely free; if there are more than two cameras (up to 16 cams) Video Surveillance Ivideon Basic will be the best choice for you.

5. TrackView

TrackView is another video surveillance app which helps you manage your security system. The app is compatible with iDMSS Lite to provide real-time video surveillance streaming from the camera modules connected to IDMSS lite local network ports.

The TrackView app allows users to view live video feeds, configure cameras and motion sensors, receive alerts for detected events on their mobile device or tablet through push notifications while away from home/office location. The Track View App enables remote access of all devices in a user’s WiFi Network including USB Cameras that are part of the IDMSS Lite System regardless of where they are situated around the world at any time by using TrackView software. The app can be downloaded onto Android smartphones smart phones tablets PCs Laptops MacBooks etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iDMSS lite used for?

iDMSS and dDMSS (Android and iOS) applications allow you to view and monitor your Dahua devices from your smartphone, allowing for remote video surveillance. The new, “Plus” version with additional features is now available for both platforms without charge. They are both from the Dahua technology company and share a few features and functionality.

What is the difference between iDMSS lite and iDMSS Plus?

To date, the Lite version of DMSS was free while the Plus edition has been paid. The differences between DMSS Lite and Plus are as follows: E-Map (visual and functional installation plans), alarm management, and Push notifications. There is no longer a need to pick since Dahua has released the Plus version for free.

How do I add a device to iDMSS Lite?

Open the iDMSS/gDMSS app on the phone and select the home icon in the top left corner. To attach the recorder/camera, click the “Device” button/icon at the bottom. Select the plus sign, then “Scan” to add the gadget. Select “Wired Camera” in the options provided. Use the device’s model number to help you identify it.

Is gDMSS same as iDMSS?

The iDMSS and gDMSS Mobile Surveillance Applications by Dahua are two versions of the same product, both with the acronym “iDMSS” and “gDMSS.” All Apps are free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These are some of the key characteristics of Dahua’s iDMSS and gDMSS Mobile Surveillance Applications.

What is DMSS account?

The DMSS mobile surveillance software is a mobile surveillance app with features such as remote monitoring, video playback, push notifications, device activation, and remote configuration. Doorbells, alarm hubs, access controllers, and IPCs are among the devices that can be added.

How can I download iDMSS Plus on PC?

We need to download and install BlueStacks on our Windows & Mac in order to install iDMSS Plus for PC. At this location, we’ve already completed the draft installation instructions for BlueStacks on Windows. Now you can get the most up-to-date version of Rooted BlueStacks 2019. Alternatively, go to the official website to obtain the latest version.


You should now have a better understanding of how the iDMSS app works and how to download iDMSS lite for pc. You can use it on your Windows or Mac computer, as well as any Android emulators that you might be using. There are many ways to install this app so please take advantage of one of them today.

With the iDMSS app, you can provide security for your premises through surveillance cameras, which can be installed in different locations around your property. This app is easy to use and provides you with good quality footage; it also allows many features that will enhance the way you monitor things on site, including live streaming of what’s happening at all times.

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