Google Allo for PC – Install on Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

Google Allo for PC – Install on Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

The first Google Allo was a pre-installed system app for sending messages to contacts through phone numbers. When Google Allo was first launched in September 2016, it could only run on android devices and not for Windows or Mac pc. This is because the app was strictly for android devices. However, there is a way to get Google Allo for pc by employing an android emulator.

Windows and Mac PCs now have access to the Google app with this software. As you continue in this article, we will show you how you can install and run the Google Allo on your pc using Nox or BlueStacks emulator. In addition, this article also reveals the benefits of using Google Allo and some other similar apps as alternatives to Google Allo.

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Can You Use Google Allo For Your Windows / Pc & Mac?

Pc users can now use the Google Allo on their Windows & Mac PCs. Using an android emulator makes it entirely possible to install and run the Google Allo on Windows and Mac PCs. With the Google Allo for Windows and Mac, pc users can chat and send media files to friends and families.

Google Allo For Your Windows Pc , Mac

Google Allo Specifications

Name Google Allo
File Size Differs with different devices
Developer Google LLC
Grouping Messaging
Installations 10, 000,000 +

Overview Of Google Allo

Google Allo for android devices was first introduced in May 2016 at Google’s developer seminar. Four months after the introduction of Google Allo, the app was released for download. At the time, the app only operates through phone numbers, not social media or email accounts. Users could exchange messages, images, files, and voice notes through the app.

Overview Of Google Allo

Fortunately, all these functions of the android version of Google Allo are now embedded in the Google Allo for pc. The Google Allo for windows and the Google Allo for Mac work as on the Google Chrome browser. With free Google Allo download, you can access an app that allows you to do more and say more with your pc.

The app also comes with several stickers, emojis & texts, and doodles that help users express themselves better.

In your experience with the Google Allo for pc, the following are what you will observe:

  • Smart Reply
  • Incognito Mode
  • Stickers and Emojis
  • Whisper or Shout
  • Ink
  • Google Assistance
  • Answering Queries

How To Download And Install Google Allo On Pc

To use an android application on a pc or Mac, you have first to download an android emulator. There are so many android emulators available online to consider. Some of which are Andy, NoxPlayer, BlueStacks, and many others.

But we will be focusing on the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators since they have all the features necessary to simplify the process. And as such, we will recommend using the BlueStacks, given that it is one the best android emulators that enables android apps to run on both Mac and Windows OS. Also, it offers a user-friendly UI.

Google Allo download for pc is quite an easy process. First, it practically involves installing and running an android emulator on a pc. Secondly, download and install the android app you wish to use on the pc. The following part of this article explains installing and running the Google Allo on a Mac or Windows pc.

Install Google Allo By Using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download and install the emulator 

The first step is to download the newest version of the BlueStacks Android emulator, Mac or Windows supported. When the download is complete, install the emulator on the pc like every other software.

Install Google Allo by Using BlueStacks

Step 2: Download Google Allo

After downloading the emulator, launch the app player. On the main page of the emulator, search for the Google Allo app. Then, log in to your Google account to access Google Play Store and find the Google Allo app.

google allo search on play store

Step 3: Download the Google Allo

Once the Play Store opens, search for the app. Next, download the Google Allo for Windows or Google Allo for Mac, depending on your operating system. After downloading, you should see the Google Allo icon.

install google allo

Step 4: Launch

After downloading and installing the app, launch Google Allo and enjoy exploring the app on your Mac or Windows OS.

Install Google Allo App by Using NoxPlayer

To use a NoxPlayer Android emulator to run Google Allo for pc, here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Download and Install the emulator

The first step is downloading the android emulator on your Mac or Windows pc. Once the download is complete, install the exe file of the NoxPlayer emulator on the pc. You can do this by using the onscreen instructions.

Google Allo App by Using NoxPlayer

Step 2: Open the Emulator

Open the android emulator app when the installation process is done. At this point, you should see the homepage of the app. From the homepage, select the Google PlayStore app from the Google folder.

Step 3: Open your Google Accounts

Input your Google ID to signup if you do not have a Gmail ID. You can do this by clicking on New. However, if you already have a Gmail ID, just select existing. After inputting your Gmail ID, you should see an environment that is similar to the android Google PlayStore’s.

Step 4: Search and Install Google Allo for PC

To get the Google Allo app from the Google PlayStore, search it out by typing ‘Google Allo’ and hitting the search button. Once the app pops up from the results, select install, confirm and then Open.

Advantages of Google Allo

In your experience with the Google Allo for pc, here are the advantages you will get:

  • The app helps perform smart replies. In other words, you can reply to messages with a push of a button instead of typing a whole text. It does this by suggesting text, emojis, and photos.
  • You can make changes to the text ink. In addition to this, the app creates a platform to attach texts to images.
  • With Google Allo, you can adjust text sizes by simply swiping
  • Express your emotions and feelings to your friends through the sticker gallery in the app
  • You also get security for your conversations, as the app supports end-to-end encryption. This is due to the added incognito mode.
  • The Google Allo operates similarly to the Google Assistant. With it, you can get quick answers, locate nearby restaurants, chat privately or in groups, exchange videos, and do a lot more.

Some Alternatives Of Google Allo

In case you feel a need to use a different but similar app with nearly the same functions, below are some alternatives of Google Allo:

1. Talkatone App

Talkatone App

The Talkatone app is designed to enable people to communicate in real-time at a lower cost, given that you carry out this action through data plans. With the Talkatone app, you can connect with friends and family when you want, where you want, and how you want. Furthermore, you can perform all these actions without the actual cost they may require and without the difficulty that conventional phone plans may give.

2. IMO App


The Imo app enables free, fast, easy messaging and international video calls. With the Imo app, you can send video calls and messages to friends and families all over the world very easily and fast. This is even feasible in bad network conditions.

3. WhatsApp App

WhatsApp App

The main idea behind the WhatsApp app is to create a perfect substitute for normal messaging apps. With WhatsApp, users can send and receive different media, such as videos, images, documents, text, locations, and even voice calls and notes.

The app also supports end-to-end encryption to keep your most private moments secured. In a nutshell, the WhatsApp app intends to help users achieve good communication without barriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Allo?

Allo for Android smartphones is no longer functional. However, you can still use Allo on PCs by downloading the app through a suitable emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

Is Google Allo a good messaging app?

Google Allo operates considerably great as a messaging app. It provides outstanding messaging services such as sending pictures and images, sharing fun sticks, creating a platform for group chats, etc.

Why is Google Allo important?

Google Allo is important as a mobile app for instant messaging. Its inclusion of the Google Assistant gives the app outstanding leverage over most other mobile apps.

How much do you trust Google Allo?

Google Allo claims to be a trusted and secured mobile app with its incognito mode that has end-to-end encryption. So, it’s only you and your recipients that can access your messages.

Does Google Assistant and Google Allo share data?

From its technical design, Google Allo will only share personal data with your permission. However, when you make some requests from Google Assistant on the Allo app, like upcoming calendar events, Allo will display the information and ask for your permission to share.

Can I delete Allo?

Users have complete control over their data on Google Allo. Hence, they can delete their conservations singly or completely. Also, they may delete the Allo app.


Google Allo is an android mobile app that allows its users to enjoy boundless communication with friends and families and exchange different forms of media. Although the app was designed for android and iOS devices alone, pc users can now get Google Allo for pc.

By employing android emulators, such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer, you can have the Google Allo app running on your pc with no restrictions.

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