Gboard for Pc – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

Do you wish to have the same typing experience on your smartphone with your Windows or Mac pc? If this is right, then you will need the Gboard for pc. You already know that this android-based keyboard app makes typing quite easy and fast. So you wonder if you can use it for your Mac or Windows pc. The response to this is positive, as you can also enjoy the features of the Gboard on your pc.

The Gboard app was not specially designed to work on Windows and Mac operating systems; utilizing an android emulator can change. Using an android emulator helps you to install and run the Gboard app on your Windows / Mac pc easily and smoothly. These android emulators are of different types, but this article focuses on only two of them: the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators.

As you read this write-up, you will understand the process of installing and running the Gboard app on your pc using the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer Emulator. Keep reading to know more.

Can You Use Gboard For Your Pc/Windows & Mac?

Currently, Windows and Mac pc users can use the Gboard app on their pc. However, there is a need to employ an android emulator for this to be possible. These android emulators function as an Android operating system on Windows and Mac OS, making it possible for the android applications and games to run on pc without any hassles. Although there are several options of these emulators from which to choose, in this article, we will be discussing the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer.

Gboard for PC


App Name Gboard
Grouping Tools
Recommended Android Emulators BlueStacks and NoxPlayer
Latest Version October 20, 2021
Developer Google LLC
APK Version 11. 0. 13. 392642368-release-arm64-v8a
Operating Systems (OS) Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac
File Name com-google-android-inputmethod-Latin-11-0-13-392642368-release-arm64-v8a_SOFTSTRIBE.apk
Size Differs with devices
Required Android Version Android 5.0

About Gboard App

Google’s Gboard is originally created for android devices (smartphones & Tablets). The virtual keyboard comes with several exciting typing features. Some of which include predictive text, glide typing, GIFs, emoji search, Google Translate, handwriting, and a lot more.

About Gboard App

The integrated features of Gboard are what create the fun in the typing experience, as it makes conversations on mobile devices easier. Moreover, it comes with some essential functions, such as a predictive typing engine and Google Search. Also, the app contains up to 900 languages from which users can select and a floating keyboard.

Over time, several different updates have emerged from expanding the Gboard’s functions. This ranges from offline voice recognition to Google Translate, glide typing, and voice dictation. Putting all these together takes out the pecking in your texting experience.

Most android phones and tablets usually come with this app pre-installed in them. However, the Gboard app can be installed as an attachment keyboard from the Google PlayStore app.

How to Download and Install Gboard for Pc

Install Gboard – The Google Keyboard on PC using BlueStacks

The Gboard for pc free download process is pretty easy, regardless of the android emulator you choose to use. Usually, it has to do with downloading and installing the android emulator and searching for the Gboard app in the emulator. The following part of this article explains this in detail.

Install Gboard – The Google Keyboard on PC using BlueStacks

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks Emulator

So, to install the Gboard app for Windows on your pc, you would have to download the exe file of the BlueStacks Android emulator. You can find this app online by searching for it or simply using the official site. Moreover, the majority of android emulator users usually recommend this application for all Mac and Windows pc downloads, which makes it easy to find.

Step 2: Install the BlueStacks Emulator and Open it

Once the initial download is done, go further and install the exe file on your pc. Usually, you can find downloaded files in the Download folder of your pc. To install this file, go through the installation instructions that appear on your pc screen.

Install the BlueStacks Emulator and Open it

Step 3: Find the Pre-installed Google PlayStore and Log in

All android emulators are supposed to come with the Google PlayStore app pre-installed in them. Find the PlayStore on the homepage of the emulator. Once that is done, select it to open its content. However, before you can access its content, you have to log in your Google Account details.

Step 4: Search for the Gboard for Pc App

After logging into your Google account, search for the Gboard from the search bar by typing out the app name. Some results will pop up, out of which, you will find the Gboard for pc. Simply click on it to install it on your pc.

Search for the Gboard for Pc App

Step 5: Launch the Gboard for PC

On completing the installation process, simply open the Gboard for Mac / Windows from the main page of the emulator to start using it.

Install Gboard – The Google Keyboard on PC using Nox Player

Install Gboard – The Google Keyboard on PC using Nox Player

Step 1: Download the NoxPlayer Emulator

The first step to this installation process is quite similar to that of the BlueStacks. So, find the Nox player emulator on your browser to download its exe file.

Step 2: Install the Downloaded Emulator

Once you are through with the download process, you will find the exe file in the Download folder of your pc. Install it by following the on-screen instructions. Launch the file when this is done.

Install the Downloaded Emulator

Step 3: Search for the Gboard for Pc

On the homepage of the NoxPlayer, search for the Gboard for pc. Type out the app name in the search bar to easily search for the app. As usual, you have to log in with your Google Account to access the app.

Step 4: Install the Gboard and run it

When you can find the app, simply install it. Wait for the installation process to complete. When the installation process is done, run the app to benefit from its functions.

Gboard Pc App Features

  • Fast and responsive
  • Google Translate
  • GIFs and emoji collection
  • Auto-correcting misspelt words
  • Voice typing
  • Spelling suggestions to prevent mistakes
  • It supports many different languages
  • Allows users to choose from the several available themes and skins. This is to change the style and look of the keyboard.

Related Apps of Gboard for Pc/Windows


The first related app of the Gboard is the AnySoftKeyboard. The features of the AnySoftKeyboard are similar to the Gboard. With the AnySoftKeyboard, users can access many language options through external packages. In addition to this, there are several skin options, word predictions, gesture typing, dark & power saving mode, and the included incognito mode. There is more to the AnySoftKeyboard, making it a good alternative to the Gboard.


Simple Keyboard

This keyboard is somewhat less of an option when compared to the Gboard and AnySoftKeyboard. However, it provides a tap-based typing feature, making typing easier to perform. Some of the caveats to this app are no next-word suggestions, no text-correction function, and no swipe-oriented function.

Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft Swiftkey

The last on the list is the Microsoft Swiftkey. This app has so many exciting features that make it a preferable keyboard app for android users. Say bye-bye to typos and slow conversation with Swiftkey as Swiftkey provides its users with a fast and precise typing experience. Are you tired of tapping your screen to generate words? Use the swipe feature of the Swiftkey for a more relaxed typing. What’s more, the keyboard learns from your typing and predicts your words in that manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gboard any good?

Gboard is considered the best keyboard for Android and other mobile devices. For some individuals, the Gboard is already awesome, already ready to go, and it is already there. The gesture control and typing here make this app outstanding. The features of the Gboard are what make it a good option for anyone.

Is Gboard safe to use?

The Gboard is entirely safe to use, given it comes from a popular and trusted developer. Also, the app corrects your spelling and eases your typing experience by remembering data. And this data is not accessible by any other Google app aside from the Gboard.

Is Gboard available for pc?

Certainly, you can use the Gboard for pc on your Windows and Mac pc. All that is required for this is an android emulator. This is essential to simulate the underlying android operating system on your Windows / Mac operating systems.

Is Gboard the same as Google keyboard?

The Gboard app and Google keyboard are the same. The difference is simply in the names. Google keyboard turned Gboard and separated itself from the known Swiftkey. The Gboard possesses more features than the Swiftkey, and it is just a brand name from Google.

How do I make Google my default keyboard?

To make Google your default keyboard, simply go to the Settings > System > Language and Input > Manage Keyboards. Then, click on the slider in front of the Gboard option to switch it on. The process may vary with different devices, but this is the most common setup for android devices.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the most effective method to use the Gboard for pc on your Windows / Mac operating systems is by downloading and installing an android emulator. You will find these android emulators online or at any stationery store. Although all android emulators perform the same function, it is essential to use the best available ones, such as we have listed in this article.

Use the guidelines provided in this piece of writing to set up the Gboard for pc on your Windows or Mac pc to benefit from its features.

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