How to Get Free Government iPhone (2022 Guide)

How to Get Free Government iPhone (2022 Guide)

Communication is necessary for any kind of emergency. The best way of communication in the present world is to communicate through phones. Everyone is not well enough to have a phone. The government has thought about this problem. The authorities begin a social aid program for the lower-income people. They are offering free government iPhones. We will discuss the process in this essay.

Lifeline or EBB are the two provider companies for this purpose. The government uses its services to offer free government iPhones. This opportunity is available for the poorer sections of the population in the USA. They offer Android smartphones too.

During pandemics, many families fall victim to financial problems. They can’t use the benefits of phones and the internet. The FCC started an aid facility to provide phones. It helps needy people. Now we will give a proper view of how to get a free government iPhone.

Key Points:

  • The government is donating free iPhones.
  • Lifeline or Emergency Broadband Benefits offer the phones.
  • The poor get the opportunity.
  • The user needs to be Lifeline or EBB patron.
  • Customers must submit the required documents.
  • Consumers must live in one of the states under this facility.

Does The Government Really Provide Free Iphones?

The answer is “yes.” The government is offering free iPhones. But it is not an easy process. You can’t think about it before COVID-19. You can get free iPhones from many Lifeline or EBB providers. The government is running this facility in some states of the USA. All the states are not under this offer.

Free Government Phone: Eligibility And Documentation Required

Every opportunity needs some requirements. You can’t claim it without approval. You need to be an EBB or Lifeline patron to get this free government iPhone. You must remember this. Otherwise, you or any of your family members won’t apply for this. Most of the eligibility sections are almost the same for Lifeline and EBB.

Free Government Phone Eligibility And Documentation Required

Eligibility Criteria for Emergency Broadband Benefits

You have to fulfill more than one of the requirements to pass the EBB eligibility criteria.

  • Your household income is less than the federal poverty level.
  • You or a member of your family received a federal Pell Grant award.
  • Particular federal aid programs have to be convenient for you or your family.
  • Federal aid programs include defined tribal programs, supplemental security income, and Medicaid.
  • Your family has lost enough money due to the pandemic.

Criteria for Lifeline Eligibility

You must meet the following demands to be a Lifeline qualifier!

  • Your family needs to be fit for federal help programs.
  • Federal programs include the Supplemental Nutrition Help Program, and the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit.
  • Your household income is less than the federal poverty level.

Required Documents for EBB Eligibility

You have to show proof to the EBB provider in your state. They will check before offering you the free phone. You must provide the following documents to confirm your EBB eligibility:

  • An official document is essential to prove your annual earnings.
  • An income statement or federal tax return is a must.
  • To prove your identity, you will need a government document (name, address, date of birth)
  • Proof of United States citizenship or birth certificate is necessary.
  • An official document is essential to highlight your participation in the program.

Required Documents for Lifeline Eligibility

You need to show proven documents to get the offer. You must pass the eligibility test. The following documents are relevant to confirm your Lifeline eligibility:

  • A government report is urgent to prove your identity.
  • A driving license, a federal ID, or a tribal ID are the proof.
  • Official testimony is essential to show your participation in the program.
  • An official document is mandatory to prove your annual earnings.
  • The necessary paper contains an unemployment or workers’ compensation statement.

What Do I Need To Do To Get A Free Government iPhone?

Everyone loves to get valuable things as a gift. If you get a free government iPhone, you can feel the happiness. But you must first fulfill the requirements. Then you can claim it. Here are the demands you must follow!

  • You must be a Lifeline or Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) beneficiary.
  • You must be a resident of one of the states covered by this service.

Which Companies Provide Free Government iPhone?

A few Lifeline or EBB provider companies are offering free government iPhones. Now we will tell you about the providing companies. You will get a better understanding of their services.

Which Companies Provide Free Government iPhone

Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is a famous wireless service provider. It is a registered Lifeline and EBB provider. It operates in five US states (Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, and West Virginia). Cintex’s EBB program will provide you with either a free Android smartphone or a free iPhone.

  • Cintex Wireless will give an Apple iPhone 6 (CDMA or GSM) and an Apple iPhone 6S GSM.

Wireless SFone

SFone is a popular service provider for EBB. SFone is available in six states in the United States: West Virginia, Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, and Rhode Island. Cintex and SFone offer free service to eligible customers under the EBB program.

  • You can expect to receive an Apple iPhone 6 (CDMA or GSM) and an Apple iPhone 6S GSM from SFone Wireless.

Wireless NewPhone

NewPhone Wireless is also a popular EBB and Lifeline provider company. NewPhone Wireless has very few free government iPhones to offer. If the EBB program ends, you can’t get any free phone from NewPhone Wireless.

  • You can hope to receive an Apple iPhone 6 or Apple iPhone 6S from NewPhone Wireless.

How Can I Get a Free iPhone from The Government?

You can dream of a free iPhone from the government. You already know the conditions. If you fulfill all the demands, you will get a free iPhone. The qualifications you need to do:

  • You have to be a Lifeline or EBB customer.
  • Your state needs to be under this program. You should fill these options to receive a free iPhone from the authority.


All men are not fortunate enough in the world. Some people are unable to buy even a phone. They have less money and proper support. The US government understands the problem of the poorer section. The government is handing over free iPhones. You must meet the minimum requirements and apply for a free government iPhone. We hope you will get the free iPhone. Have a nice day.

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