Elvenar For Pc 2022 – How to Download & Install On PCs & Mac

Elvenar is a great game to play on PC or Mac. It is a strategy based MMO where you build up your village and train an army of elves, orcs, dwarves, etc. Once you’ve built up all the buildings in town it’s time for Elvenar PvP mode. Elvenar allows players to battle against other players from around the world in order to gain land and resources.

Elvenar has a lot more features that can be explored when downloaded onto a computer instead of one’s mobile device such as a larger screen size allowing for easier gameplay experience, significantly fewer ads popping up during app use, and an overall better performance with little noticeable lag when playing Elvenar compared with its mobile version.

You can download this app to your computer by downloading and installing an android emulator to your computer, logging into the Google Play Store then searching for the Elvenar app. Install it then play away!

How To Install Elvenar App on Windows PC & MacBook?

There are two main ways to play Elvenar on your computer and that is to install it on your computer using an android emulator or play it in a browser window.

1. Install Elvenar using BlueStacks

For this method, the steps are as follows:

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC or Mac.How to download and install Elvenar For Pc using bluestacks
  2. Go to the Google Play Store using your Google account and log in.sign with a gmail to download Elvenar For Pc
  3. Open BlueStacks and search for “Elvenar.” After that, download the program from the Play Store.search for Elvenar for pc
  4. To install the app, scroll down until you come across a button that reads ‘Install.’ Then, once you’ve downloaded it, open the Elvenar application from your home screen or applications list.how to download and install Elvenar for pc
  5. If you don’t see an icon in either area, try restarting BlueStack again before proceeding.

Start the BlueStacks emulator and search in your App Library for it when you want to use the software again.

2. Install Elvenar using Nox Player

The second approach is to utilize the Nox Player, another Android emulator, as shown below:

  1. On your PC or Mac, install the Nox Player Android Emulator.
  2. Log in with your Google account.
  3. To install Elvenar on your PC or Mac, search for the Elvenar app in the Google Play Store and then select “install.” Run the program on your PC as you please.

The BlueStacks player and Nox Player are identical applications, with the exception of a few aesthetic differences.

3. Install Elvenar with the official PC App

There is an official Elvenar game for the PC on the official website of the game. To play this software on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Elvenar website.
  2. Go to the button that says “Play It On PC.” Select it by clicking on it.
  3. The game will start up on the webpage and you can play it online as much as you like.
  4. Bookmark the page so you can return to your stage in the game whenever you’re back.

To preserve your progress in the game, remember to always check in and don’t clear cookies or browser history since they save the game’s progress.

Elvenar App Details and Requirements

Software Name: Elvenar

Software Author Name: GmbH

Version: Latest version 1.137.2

License: Freeware

Software Categories: Games

Supporting Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

OS Type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Languages: Multiple Languages

File Size: 119 MB

Elvenar features

There many great features to this game including the following:

Choose to play as a human or elf:

First, Elvenar features a great world map where the player can choose to play as either humans or elves. The game also provides players with many daily quests that will help them earn gold and experience points.

There are several different buildings in Elvenar for PC which is one of its best features because it allows you to customize your town according to your preferences as per the character you choose to play as. Another aspect of this game I enjoy is the addition of heroes who serve important roles throughout missions. For instance, they can raid dungeons on their own if left alone while playing other parts of the game.

Start to play immediately:

Once you install the game, you can start playing immediately. Start by building your own city and decide which buildings you would like to construct first, then set out into the world of Elvenar with one or several squads of soldiers.

Build up a beautiful village:

Elvenar features more than 100 different types of structures that you can build in order to create your very own idyllic elven settlement. By using the provided three-dimensional construction mode, you will be able to rotate and zoom around as you design a unique looking town only limited by your imagination.

With over 300 quests available right from the beginning of play, there is always something new for players to unlock or accomplish at any given time throughout their journey within this gorgeous fantasy realm. Building an impressive force should also not be too much of a problem, considering that there are over 70 different types of soldiers at your disposal.

Challenging resource management:

The resource management system in Elvenar for PC is easy to use and requires you to think carefully about how many resources should be allocated to each building type before it can be constructed, since every unit costs money so money is always an issue. You will have access to all kinds of new technologies as you progress through the game and these offer even more advantages than simply unlocking new buildings. Start by training up some archers or swordsmen if you want them to defend your settlement from enemy invaders, but don’t forget that, eventually, they need somewhere decent place to live when not out on missions with their squads either.

Elvenar also focuses on resource management as players must choose which resources they want to focus on producing at any given moment. There are six main resources: food, wood, ore/metal/crystal (depending on what kind of mine is being used), coins from trading post or bank building, mana from elven runes or mage tower and gold for buying things quickly.

Many interesting creatures:

The game also features a wide range of creatures to interact with. Many can be enlisted in your army, while others produce resources you need for units and buildings. Many different types of creatures dwell within the forests, mountains, deserts and more that you will explore during your time playing Elvenar.

Trade with friends:

With Elvenar, you can trade with your friends provided they have a copy of the game. Trade blueprints and resources to help each other build and progress through the game. This enables you to work together and accomplish things you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. Trade with them as much as you want, whenever you want.

Trade is one of the most basic forms of interaction between friends in Elvenar. Trade blueprints or resources from your storage for a chance at receiving something better than what you give away. But, beware as your friend might not have been so generous. Trade can only happen if both players are online at the same time. This way, there’s no need to worry about trading items that were meant for a specific purpose since they’re just going back into storage until their intended use arrives.

Different difficulty levels:

Elvenar has four different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare mode. Each level gives you access to more advanced buildings which means that as you play on higher difficulties it’ll take longer for you to complete tasks in town hall quests or campaign missions but at least rewards will also be better. The harder modes are very challenging so make sure not to jump into them right away if this is your first time playing Elvenar.

Elvenar disadvantages

The game has some downsides such as the following:

Hard to upgrade buildings with diamonds:

In order to upgrade a building, you have to pay Diamonds and those are hard to gather by just playing the game. That is one of the main reasons why this strategy game for PC takes so long before becoming more interesting. This is because it requires a lot of time spent on gathering resources in order to progress further into the gameplay, which can become very tedious after some time.

The second problem that Elvenar has is related directly to how easy or how complicated upgrading your city becomes at later stages when compared with other games such as Clash Royale. It feels like once you reach certain levels, there will be no way back unless you spend all sorts of resources which can become very frustrating.

Battles can be too hard:

At times, battles in the game can be too hard. Even when you have a lot of troops, it is not enough as they often need to fight against the monsters with their own strength only. In this case, battles are more about luck than strategy or planning which makes them harder and less satisfying for many players.

Resources disappear faster on some maps:

Another disadvantage related mostly to Elvenar is that sometimes resources from your city disappear quicker if there’s a difficult map where you cannot defend all areas at once (for example water ones).

This means that either you find another spot for new buildings – but then what happens? You end up losing people who move out because they don’t have work, so in the end everything goes back to normal again or worse, your village gets attacked more often by monsters or other players.

Battles are too long and not rewarding enough for the player:

Battles which require you to attack another village can be either very quick (when there is one hero with some troops) or super long depending on how many heroes, troops and buildings they have in their city. This means that sometimes it takes longer than expected because of your opponent’s strategy. Then again, you get a reward that is similar no matter what happened. You either take everything from them or lose nothing yourself so this kind of battles feel even worse in terms of time wasted when being unsuccessful.

Battles results need improvements:

There should definitely be changes related to Elvenar results as well. Elvenar villages currently only result in an “Eliminated” or “We won!” message and this is not enough in most cases. The game should be more precise and say something like: You lost X units, they lost Y units but you got Z resources/gold/elixir which would make it feel less random. Also, the player could learn from mistakes to improve their strategy next time around.

Battles can get too repetitive after some time:

Last but definitely least (at least when it comes to difficulty), there are battles that require you to attack a village with your hero only if even possible at all because of how few troops he has by default. These kinds of battles can take forever as well. For example, when attacking another hero keeps regenerating troops and you cannot get to him because of all the traps around (which he has plenty of). Battles like these are often very frustrating but they can be fixed if there were changes related to Elvenar results or a better designed AI.

Elvenar alternatives

There are apps similar to Elvenar such as the following:

1. Forge of Empires:

Forge of Empires is a medieval strategy game where you develop your city and recruit troops to battle against other online players. Forge of Empires has very similar gameplay to Elvenar with some exceptions.alternative of elvenar game

Forge of Empire’s graphics are more detailed than Elvenar while the pace is slower, allowing for crafting items in Forge of Empires while fighting enemies takes longer time in Forge of Empires compared to Elvenar. The biggest difference between Forge of Empires and Elvenar is that there is no PvP (player-vs-player) combat. Instead, it focuses on guilds which allow up to 25 people per guild although they can be broken into smaller divisions if desired.

2. Fantasy Island Sim:

Another game is Fantasy Island Sim. Fantasy Island Sim is a city-building game where you must build your own castle and become the kingdom’s ruler. You can also create an army of elves, dwarves, humans and other fantasy creatures to defend against invaders.

The graphics are similar to Elvenar but Fantasy Island Sim offers more options for customization within buildings as well as different gameplay elements such as quests and missions that require specific resources or materials instead of just money like in Elvenar. Fantasy Island Sim is available on Facebook which means it does offer cross platform compatibility between Android/iOS. You will need to be logged in through Facebook when playing this game no matter what device you wish to use.

3. Rise of the Roman Empire:

Rise of the Roman Empire is a nice Elvenar alternative with a similar setting and gameplay. The game  is set in ancient times during the glory days of this powerful empire that left its mark on history as one of the strongest military powers ever to exist.alternative of elvenar Rise of the Roman Empire

You can choose from four campaigns: Scipii, Seleucids, Ptolemies or Parthians. Each campaign has several missions which present different challenges for you as a leader and ruler trying to conquer other nations while also protecting your own lands from enemies. You will be able to make use of more than 30 buildings available at your disposal as well as over 50 units divided into five categories namely infantry, cavalry, archers/slingers, ships and siege weapons. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

4. Empire: Edge of Knights:

With Empire: Edge of Knights, a browser-based empire strategy MMO, you build a city and raise an army to fight your enemies. The game features two different modes: Empire mode where you can develop your Empire for free or Adventure Mode that is available as a one-time bundle purchase.

In Adventure Mode, players enter into short term battles with other players of their level in real time on destructible maps filled with obstacles. Fight against the aggressive orcs, elves and goblins until they are defeated by your soldiers. Save up resources throughout each battle so that once it’s over, you will be able to upgrade units faster than before. Battle others around the world for new experience points and achievements so that more powerful units can join your ranks even faster.

5. Rise of Cultures:

Rise of Culture is another game that could be considered an alternative to Elvenar for PC. Rise of Cultures is a real-time strategy game where you must take control over your people’s culture, economy and military strategies in order to beat the opposing cultures. The game also features epic combat moments which can turn around any battle with just one well timed click.

This game is also available on Android and iOS devices. Rise of Cultures is usually compared to Clash of Clans but it has a lot more depth in terms of combat which makes it much more interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Elvenar cost?

Elvenar is completely free to download and use. Some game features, on the other hand, may be bought for real money. If you don’t want to utilize this function, you may turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Is Elvenar pay to play?

Yes. Elvenar is completely free to play. For free, you may use all the features of the game and play as much as you like. In-game currency, called Diamonds, can also be purchased for real money by players who want to advance faster in the game.

Is Elvenar really free?

Elvenar is a browser-based game that involves city development and exploration of a mystical world full of mysteries. In Elvenar, you may improve almost every structure, increasing productivity as well as the appearance of your metropolis.

How do I get free diamonds in Elvenar?

You can get free diamonds in Elvenar through Wishing Wells (600 diamonds a month for 4 wells), Quest rewards (200 diamonds each month), Recycling sign-up diamonds (600 diamonds each month with 6 worlds available), and Social Media Contests (very few diamonds).

How many players play Elvenar?

Many of Elvenar’s players have been with the game since the beginning. Players have spent over 1.7 billion sessions in-game, accounting for more than 43,186 years’ worth of playtime in the fantasy world and over 21.8 million cities created as a team.


Elvenar is a great game for those who love to go on missions building empires and other kingdoms from nothing. At the beginning of the game, you have almost nothing to work with. However, with time, you get a whole thriving kingdom of your own.

Compared to the alternatives, Elvenar is one of the best if not the best when it comes to building empires from scratch. The visuals are great and so is the gameplay. With most of the game, you get encouraging rewards which will make you want to play more and more. In the end, it’s a game I highly recommend.

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