Camscanner For Pc (Download For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Os) Free!

Camscanner For Pc (Download For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Os) Free!

A scanner is an electronic tool people can scan documents and save them in any picture format. However, you cannot carry a scanning machine because it is not portable. Also, the machine is expensive. But there are more portable and affordable alternatives for scanning machines, such as the Camscanner app.

The Camscanner app is software for smartphones that many trusts to scan their documents. So naturally, some people will love to operate this software with their systems, but unfortunately, the app is only available on smartphones.

However, with an emulator, you can use Camscanner for PC smoothly, and it works just like it does in a smartphone. Continue reading to learn more about the Camscanner app and how to use Camscanner for Mac and windows.

Can You Use The Camscanner App For Your Windows/PC & Mac?

You can use Camscanner for windows and Mac PC. With BlueStacks emulator and Nox Player, anyone can do a Camscanner download for PC. But note that the Camscanner is solely an android device. But once you download and install an emulator, you can download the app on PCs.

Camscanner For Pc


Name Camscanner
Category Productivity
Version Varies in devices
Size Varies in devices
Supported Android version Varies in devices
License type Free
Last updated June 2021

About Camscanner App

Camscanner is a mobile app for image scanning with iOS and Android devices. Users can scan documents with their smartphone if they install Camscanner on the phone. They just need to take a photo of the documents with their device’s camera and share it in JPEG or PDF format.

About Camscanner App

It is a Chinese app that they released in 2011 for the first time. You can get the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. In addition, there is a premium version of the app that offers more functions to help you enjoy it better.

How to Download And Install Camscanner for PC via BlueStacks

BlueStacks emulator is one of the best emulators you can find online. Many people trust it for downloading smartphone apps on PC. With BlueStacks, you can make a Camscanner for PC free download effortlessly.

Step 1: Install BlueStacks emulator

To download the BlueStacks, go to their official website on your PC browser. When the website opens, find the tab that says ‘Download’ and click on it to download the emulator. When the download process is complete, find the Exe file on your PC, open it, and follow the instructions.

Install BlueStacks emulator

It will lead you to install the app. After you have done this, the emulator’s icon will automatically appear on your desktop. Open it, accept the license agreement and make other required registrations. Then you can start using it to enjoy its full benefits.

Step 2: Open Google Play Store and search Camscanner

There is a pre-installed Google Play Store in the emulator. If you don’t see it on the home page, use the search bar to search for it. Then, when it shows, open it.

Open Google Play Store and search Camscanner

When it opens, you will see a search bar at the top of the page it displays. Click on it and type ‘Camscanner,’ then click on the ‘Search’ bar to search.

Step 3: Download and install the app

Once the search process is complete, Camscanner will show. Click on it to open it. When it does, you will see the ‘Download’ tab, which you have to click on and allow the game to download. The download speed depends on how fast your PC processor is. You will need to exercise patience while you are making the Camscanner for PC download.

Step 4: Open Camscanner

When the download process is complete, the game will be on your downloaded apps list. Go to ‘My Apps,’ select, and open the Camscanner. With this, you can use the app effortlessly. It works on a PC the same as on a smartphone.

You can download Camscanner through the APK download method. Although it still involves the use of the BlueStacks emulator.

Step 1: Download Camscanner APK file

Search for Camscanner on your PC browser. Select the APK file and download it. Choose a location that you can find easily on your PC to save the APK file and let it download.

Step 2: Upload the APK on BlueStacks

Open BlueStacks and the menu tab at the top. Click ‘Upload,’ select the APK file from the location you saved it in, and upload it. Then allow it to download to the emulator.

Step 3: Open Camscanner

The game will be on the list of downloaded apps in BlueStacks. Open My Apps and open the Asphalt 8 game. The game works on PCs with BlueStacks as it does on smartphones.

How to Download and Install Camscanner for PC via Nox Player

Nox App Player is another great emulator to use smartphone apps on PCs. The App Player promotes a seamless and free download of smartphone-supported apps.

Step 1: Download Nox Player

Download Nox App Player on your PC first. Visit their official website to download the emulator directly. Click on download and allow the download process to complete. The process might take a while, depending on the processor of your PC.

Download Nox Player

Step 2: Open Nox Player

After downloading Nox App Player successfully, click on the Exe file of the App Player in the download folder on your PC. Follow the instructions and install the App Player. Fill in the details and accept the license agreement of the app. After successfully installing the App Player, the icon will display on your desktop. Open and launch the Nox App Player.

Step 3: Open Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a pre-installed app in the App Player. Open your Nox App Player and click on the Google Play Store. It will request registration. You need a Google Account ID and password. Fill in this important information and complete your registration.

Open Google Play Store

Step 4: Download Camscanner

After the Google account registration with the Play store, open the Google play store and click on the search bar. Next, search Camscanner and select the app. Finally, click on the download tab to download the app. This might take time, so do not quit before completing the download and installation process.

Step 5: Open and use Camscanner

When the download and installation process of the app is complete, you can start using the app with Nox App Player. Open the emulator and click on the ‘My Apps’ tab. It will show the list of apps you have on your App Player. Select Camscanner and use the app.

You can also download Camscanner with the APK download method. However, it still needs an emulator. Download and install Nox App Player on your PC.

Step 1: Download Camscanner APK file

After downloading and installing the Nox App Player on your PC, open your browser and search for Camscanner. Next, download the APK file of the app. Make sure you save it in a location where you can find it easily on your PC.

Step 2: Upload the APK file in Nox App Player

Open the App Player. Click on the Menu tab at the top of the App Player’s homepage and select ‘Upload.’ Upload the APK file from the location you downloaded and save it.

Step 3: Open and use Camscanner

After the upload, the game will download and save on your app list in the Nox App Player. Open the App Player and the list of apps. Select and launch the Camscanner app.

Camscanner PC App Features

  • You can add text or watermark to your image with Camscanner.
  • The app supports AirPrint.
  • You can scan receipts, invoices, certificates, whiteboard discussions, business cards, and many more with Camscanner.
  • Camscanner enhances the quality of scanned documents and enables cropping with its smart technology.
  • Camscanner allows users to sync their documents and grant them access to these documents on any device.
  • The app allows users to share documents with friends through PDF or JPEG format.

Related Apps of Camscanner for PC/windows

Adobe scan

Adobe scan

Adobe scan is a mobile app that recognizes text automatically. It allows users to create, save and arrange their hard copy documents as digital files. The interesting fact app this app is that it is free to download. Also, it is an android and iOS app.



Scanbot makes scanning of documents easy. With your smartphone, you can use the app to save your documents. It is a German B2B start-up, and it provides users with a modern scanner. Aside from documents, you can scan QR codes, barcodes, and many other things with the app.


Tapscanner allows users to scan documents with their smartphone camera. It has some similarities to Camscanner-PDF creator. You can use many filters in the app to make photos brighter and look better. It scans your documents and saves them in PDF format.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Camscanner malware?

Camscanner on its own is not malware. But, the phrase is to explain a malicious code the app has. Recently, a cyber-related organization found out that Camscanner has an advertising library that contains a malicious module.

Is Camscanner free?

Camscanner, with all its lovely features, has a free version with ads. However, it is a one-time purchase app. When you upgrade to a premium with additional features and benefits, you pay $4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly.

How do I download Camscanner on my computer?

You cannot download Camscanner on your computer because it is available on smartphones. However, you can make the download when you use an emulator. It works to use smartphone apps on computers.

Who made Camscanner?

INTSIG Information Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that made the popular scanning app, Camscanner. They first launched the app in 2011, and since then, the app has been effective. Camscanner is available in 17 languages.


Currently, everything is going digital, and documents are safer when saved in soft copies. However, if you lose your device for some apps, the documents go with it. But, for Camscanner, you can access your document anytime with any device except for a PC. This is because the app is a smartphone app. However, recent developments have made it easy to get Camscanner for PC by using an emulator.

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