Download Bandlab for Pc – Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac

You may have come across the android or iOS-based app and probably wondered how you can apply its functionalities on a Windows or Mac pc. Now that there’s a way to get BandLab for Pc, users can benefit from the functions of this app. By employing an android emulator, it is quite feasible to install and run the BandLab for pc on your Windows or Mac pc.

This article uncovers the process of installing and running this app on your pc via BlueStacks or NoxPlayer android emulator. In addition to this, you will discover the alternative apps of the BandLab and the advantages and disadvantages of the app.

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Can You Use Bandlab For Your Mac/Windows Pc?

Indeed, it is possible to use the BandLab app for Mac and Windows pc. Although the app is not designed to work on such OS, by using an android emulator, the BandLab can be operational on pc. You can employ several android emulators for this process, but the most efficient ones are the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators.

Can You Use Bandlab For Your Mac/Windows Pc


App Name BandLab
Grouping Music & Audio
Minimum Android Version 5.0 +
App Version V10.3.0
Latest Update September 2021
App Size 50MB
License Type Free
Download File Name BandLab APK

About Bandlab App

BandLab is an android or iOS-based music application. It is a social music platform where artists create and share their music creativity for free. Inside the first quarter of 2020, the app users increased by 50%. This is just to indicate the popularity of the social music app. There are over 180 million users of the BandLab app presently. This population rises from 180 countries across the world.

Bandlab for Pc

The idea behind the app is to dissolve a geographical, technical, and creative barrier between collaborators, artists, and music lovers. This is achievable through delivering limitless and complete service.

What BandLab Offers?

The BandLab makes advanced music production simple. The app has a world-class cross-platform DAW. Furthermore, it comes along with some social app features that allow users to share discoveries, messages, and videos.

Moreover, there are pre-installed loops from the large library MIDI editor. Also, in the app, you will find virtual musical instruments such as organs, pianos, strings, as well as woodwind bass, and brass. What’s more, there are drum pads, machines, and kits, as well as BandLab mastering and Cakewalk.

What BandLab Offers

How to Download Bandlab on Pc – Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac

What allows android apps and games to install and run without hitches on a Mac or Windows pc is an android emulator. Therefore, to install and run the BandLab for pc, you will need an android emulator and an effective one. There are several android emulators available online, but for this write-up, we will be dealing with the two most efficient ones: the BlueStacks and the NoxPlayer emulator.

The following is the step-by-step process to install and launch the BandLab for pc utilizing the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer android emulators:

BlueStacks Method – Step by Step Process

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks Emulator

The initial step is to download the BlueStacks Emulator. You can perform this on their official site or simply search for the app’s APK on the Google PlayStore application or your browser. Finding the BlueStacks android emulator on the internet is somewhat simple, given it is one of the most commonly recognized emulators.

Download the BlueStacks Emulator

Step 2: Install the Downloaded BlueStacks Emulator and launch it

When the downloading process is complete, the following step is to install the downloaded exe file. Locate the exe file in the Download folder and follow the on-screen instructions to finish this step. On completing the installation process, launch the app and explore its pages.

Step 3: Locate the Pre-installed Google PlayStore and Log in

Usually, the Google PlayStore comes pre-installed in the BlueStacks emulator. Locate the Google PlayStore app on the main page of the emulator. Afterward, select and launch it. However, before you can access its content, you need to enter your Google Account details.

Locate the Pre-installed Google PlayStore and Log in

Step 4: Search for the BandLab for pc

Once you are signed in, search for the BandLab for pc from the search bar. From the search results, click on the browser app to install it on your pc.

Step 5: Run the BandLab for Pc

Once the installation process is done, select the BandLab for Mac and Windows pc on the main page of the BlueStacks emulator to begin using it.

NoxPlayer Method Step by Step Process

Step 1: Download the NoxPlayer Emulator

Download the NoxPlayer Emulator

Just as it is with the BlueStacks process above, the initial step to this method is to download the NoxPlayer Emulator. Simply search for the emulator on your browser.

Step 2: Install the Downloaded Emulator

Once you are through with the download process, you will find the exe file in the Download folder of your pc. Install it by following the on-screen instructions. Open the file when this is done.

Step 3: Search for the BandLab for Pc

On the homepage of the NoxPlayer, search for the BandLab app. To easily search the app, type out the app name in the search bar. As usual, you have to log in with your Google Account to access the app.

Search for the BandLab for Pc

Step 4: Install the BandLab and run it

Once you can find the app, install it. When the installation process is done, run the app to benefit from its functions.

Pros and Cons of the Bandlab App

  • The app functions quite smoothly on the Chrome browser.
  • The BandLab is a simple app to use.
  • The app is free. This includes every content contained in the app, as well as paywalls and subscription fees.
  • It contains several different essential presets, effects, and instruments.
  • The desktop version of BandLab may run slowly on laptops if the configuration of the laptop is less than what is required.
  • Beginners may find the app a bit puzzling.

Related Apps of Bandlab App for Pc/Windows

There are a few more apps that possess similar functions as the BandLab. Some of these apps include JioSaavn, Soundtrap, GarageBand1, and AudioTool. The next part of this article explains this in detail.


The JioSaavn app is an Indian-based music app designed to stream services that share Bollywood, the Indian region, and English music. Netflix instated the app. It allows producers and independent artists to create original content via its music label. This, in turn, promotes the platform.



The Soundtrap app is created to enable teachers and students to leverage creative audio recordings in every subject that are suitable for all ability levels and ages. Some notable features of the Soundtrap include loops & presets, patterns, beat-maker, amplifier, and more. The integration of these features makes editing simpler and quicker with the Soundtrap.



Another alternative app to the BandLab is the GarageBand1. Its function is almost similar to the BandLab. In your experience with the GarageBand1, some features you will benefit from include:

  • The leverage to create your desired music projects. The app allows you to explore your musical creativity and skills, whether beginner or pro.
  • Perform global adjustments to your work.
  • Mix and put your music together.
  • Share your creativity globally.
  • Understand how to play the piano or guitar
  • Include apple loops and more



The AudioTool is a browser-based music app developed in Germany. It is a free distribution platform and production software for many music producers. With the AudioTool, users can collaborate and remix tracks in real-time. Furthermore, with Creative Commons All Rights Reserved or licenses, users can make and share their music on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bandlab completely free?

Certainly, the BandLab app is completely free for users. This includes all pre-installed content, paywalls, and subscription fees.

Is Cakewalk better than BandLab?

Although Cakewalk was coined out BandLab, it is considerably better than the BandLab. The Cakewalk is a continuation of the SONAR Platinum, and it is evolving continually through its regular updates.

How much RAM does BandLab use?

The recommended RAM size for BandLab is 4 GB. With such RAM size, you can get the app to run quite smoothly on your pc.

Is BandLab copyright-free on YouTube?

BandLab copyright is free on YouTube. This means you can use any sound of your choice, whether personally or commercially.

Can you release music from BandLab?

With the BandLab, it is possible to release your music. The professional format, complete control, access to limitless free storage, and more features of the app make this possible.


As you may already know, the BandLab app was initially intended for android and iOS devices only. However, thanks to the continuous evolution in technology, it is now possible to use the BandLab for pc on Windows or Mac OS. This is achievable by employing an android emulator. The most efficient ones on our list are the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer android emulators.

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