5 Best USB C Cable For Android Auto in 2022

Android Auto is a mobile application created by Google that mirrors highlights of an Android device on the dashboard information and entertainment head unit of a car. After pairing an Android device with the car’s head unit, the system can display some apps on the vehicle’s display. To link a Smartphone to a car head unit, the best USB c cable for android auto is needed to mirror the phone’s features.

Looking for the best Android Auto USB-C cables includes searching for a few distinct characteristics. The cable must be fast, durable, able to resist bends, rapid removals, spillages, and capable of withstanding diverse conditions. Whether a person is new to Android Auto or not, there may be a rationale for having a new or extra cable.

Key Takeaways:

  • If Android Auto doesn’t work on the intended vehicle, update the vehicle’s system, check the manufacturer’s guide or visit local dealers.
  • The best USB C cable for android auto is the cord that comes with a phone. However, in its absence, go for a high-quality cable.
  • Before purchasing a USB C cord, things to consider are the price, sturdiness, flexibility, speed of transfer, compatibility with the phone and vehicle, and performance rating. Anything short of these is a bad idea, undeserving of purchase.

Can Android Auto Be Used Without USB?

Yes, android auto users can now use the application without a USB cable. Only recently, Google introduced an upgraded version of android auto called “Android Auto Wireless”. With Android Auto Wireless, users can connect an automobile’s system to android devices via Wi-Fi.Can Android Auto Be Used Without USB

However, this Wi-Fi is only possible with specific android devices like Pixel phones (with Android version 8.0 or higher) and Samsung Galaxy phones (with Android version 9.0 or above), and vehicles with Wi-Fi compatibility.

To use this Android Auto upgrade:

  • Connect the phone to the car’s compartment via a USB cable.
  • Obey the prompts to complete the setup process.
  • Remove the USB cable.

After this initial setup, there would be no need for a USB cord anymore. The Android Auto Wireless connects automatically and functions just like the wired version.

For devices and vehicles that are not compatible with android auto wireless, the best option would be to wait for an upgrade or get a newer model.

What Cable Do You Need For Android Auto?

USB cables, in general, can work with the android auto application. However, before deciding which USB cord will be best, there is a need to first figure out the kind of port that accompanies the android phone. If the port is micro USB, then a micro USB cable is befitting; if not, get a USB C cord. What Cable Do i Need For Android Auto

When selecting a USB cable, here are some things to note:

  • The Length. The cable should not be more than 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) long. Once it’s longer than this, the cord can easily get tangled and its life span is cut short.
  • Speed. A high-speed cord enables the quick transfer of data.
  • Cable extensions must not be in use.
  • Durability. A cable that is not long-lasting will cause a lot of frustration and more cost in the long run.
  • Flexibility. The cable must be able to withstand every twist and turn.

Best USB C Cable For Android Auto: How To Use?

Android users who only just changed phones or are looking to purchase a new cable probably wonder which USB C cable would be best. However, deciding which to get poses a significant challenge with the numerous make and brands available.Best USB C Cable For Android Auto

In a bid to make the decision easier, here are the five Best USB C cables for android auto:

1. Best for Durability: Rampow USB C Cable

Rambow has a record of quality accessories for androids under its belt, the USB C cable inclusive. This brand is famous for its durability and as research has shown the cable can survive more than10000 twists. The cable connectors are made of quality aluminum which reduces the risk of corrosion and excessive overheating.

Rampow USB C Cable for android auto

The Rambow USB C cable is available in red and space grey colors and four different sizes: 1 foot, 3.3 feet, 6.5 feet, and 10 feet. Other notable features are:

  • Life Warranty
  • A Transfer Speed of about 5GB/s.
  • Quality Aluminum-Based Connectors.
  • 3A Fast Charge Support
  • 0 USB Technology


  • High data transfer speed.
  • Lower risks of overheating due to its aluminum-based connectors.
  • Its connectors ensure steady connections and lasting support.

2. Best Unique Design: Brexlink Upgraded USB C 3.0 Cable

For android auto users focused on a unique design, this cable is the best bet. It comes packaged in two 2mm cords. The Brexlink USB C guarantees a sturdy design with its 22AWG wired interior and aluminum-covered exterior, thus its durability. The cord is also capable of withstanding over 10000+ turns.  It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Plus Ultra, S8, S9, and S21 as well as MotoG7  and G8

Brexlink Upgraded USB C 3.0 Cable for android auto

This USB C cord comes in black and grey colors and provides 2.4A-3A quick charging. Some of its key features are:

  • Life Warranty
  • Nylon Braided Durable Cord
  • First-rate Aluminum Casing
  • Compatibility to virtually all Android Devices.
  • It is very compatible with android devices.
  • This cord enables a data transfer speed of up to 5 GB/s.
  • Brexlink Type C is affordable.
  • It has an adjustable design that lets it fit into tight spots.
  • It has a meager performance rating.

3. Best Transfer Speed: Anker Powerline II USB C

This cord is multifunctional and can work with virtually all Android devices. In terms of compatibility, fast charging, and speedy data transfer, this cable is one of the best in the market. It is compatible with Sony XZ, Xiaomi 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, S10, and more.

Best Transfer Speed: Anker Powerline II USB C

One thing that makes the Anker Powerline II exceptional is its ability to transfer data at a speed of up to 10GB/s. The cord also enables fast charging by delivering a current of about 3Amp to devices. Its key features include:

  • Life Warranty
  • Data Transfer at a Speed of 10GB/s.
  • Certified by USB-IF. It meets all USB standards and requirements.
  • 0 Rapid Qualcomm Charge Technology.


  • It allows the transfer of data at a speed of up to 10GB/s. Hence, transfers between Android devices and automobiles are much faster.
  • The cord is highly compatible with android devices.
  • It is cost-effective.

4. Overall Best: JSAUX USB C Cable

Although highly rated for functionality, most USB cables in the market are said to have a short lifespan. This worry is baseless with the JSAUX cable as the cord comes with exceptional support for strains and twists. This unique design safeguards and makes it damage-free even when the cable is bent or twisted often. This cord is suitable for android devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 9, & 10 and S8+, S9, S10, and S20.

JSAUX USB C Cable for android auto

The cable also has an aluminum exterior making it more durable with an increased ability to withstand pressures. Some of its features include:

  • An adjustable cable length via a fastening tape.
  • Transfer Speed of about 480mb/s.
  • High Durability.
  • 3D Aluminium-based Connectors with Beam Brandished Technology.
  • 0 USB Technology.
  • Its unique design makes it long-lasting.
  • The cord has a slow transfer speed, so it takes a longer time for data to be transferred.

5. Best for Fast Charging: Anker Powerline+ C USB Cable

Anker has an outstanding track record of producing the best android accessories, the Powerline+ C cable inclusive. Anker boasts that this cable can last 5 times longer than others. This durability is thanks to its double braided nylon casing. It is compatible with LG V2O, G5, G6, and HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S9, S10, and much more.

Anker Powerline+ C USB Cable for android auto

This cable from Anker comes in two colors―red and grey―and in two sizes―3 feet and 6 feet. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Life Warranty
  • Up to 5GB/s transfer speed.
  • Superior Double Interlaced Nylon Casing,
  • USB 3.0 Technology.


  • It enables fast charging and sync by allowing about 15 watts for phones.
  • This cord is long-lasting; hence it lowers cost.

Now that the best USB C cable for android auto has been highlighted, learning how to use these cables is next.

Before connecting the cord to the vehicle,

  • Check the vehicle’s compatibility with Android Auto.
  • Ensure the Android Auto is turned on in the car’s settings.
  • Confirm the android device’s operating system. If it is android 10.0 or above, there would be no need to download the application; if not, download it from the play store.
  • Ensure the phone permits data transfers needed for Android Auto to function.

After making sure the vehicle and the android device are in the position to support Android Auto:

  • Connect the phone to the vehicle’s system via the USB cord.
  • Check to see if Android Auto is shown on the screen.
  • Swipe down, click on the notification from the android system, then select “transfer data.”

Once all these are in place, the Android Auto application can now work for music, navigation, data transfers, and much more in the vehicle.


Owning one of the best USB C cables for android auto can make a tremendous difference between a fun ride and an awful ride. A lousy cable means difficulty in charging devices, slow transfers, poor navigation systems, inability to receive calls and respond to messages while driving, all of which lead to a frustrating ride. So, when getting a USB C cable, lookout for its ratings, performance, and durability to enjoy the best of the Android Auto application.

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